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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-08-2019 / 16:42 GMT

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Akala Island

Route 4 & Pikachu Valley

Your first opportunity to catch Pokémon on Akala Island!

Pokemon Encounters - Route 4

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Igglybuff Normal/Fairy [Day] All grass patches (20%)
Jigglypuff Normal/Fairy [Day] SOS from Igglybuff
Happiny Normal [Day] SOS from Igglybuff
Mudbray Ground All grass patches (20%)
Lillipup Normal [Day] All grass patches (20%), [Night] All grass patches (30%)
Pikipek Nomal/Flying [Day] All grass patches (15%), [Night] All grass patches (25%)
Yungoos Normal [Day] All grass patches (10%)
Rattata (Alolan) Dark/Normal [Night] All grass patches (10%)
Grubbin Bug All grass patches (10%)
Eevee Normal All grass patches (5%)
Espeon Psychic [Day] SOS from Eevee
Umbreon Dark [Night] SOS from Eevee

It’s time to hit the road and explore the wilderness once more! Your next destination is Paniola Town, situated towards the north-east. From the Heahea City entrance, there will be a route sign and a patch of tall grass to the right. Enter the tall grass, then head directly east, while keeping close to the south.

On the other side, grab the Great Ball lying on the floor. Next, wade through the tall grass to the north, back onto the main path. Doing this also allows you to the skip the trainer waiting at the end of the first patch of tall grass. Although you may want to go west from here to fight him anyway.

Bellhop Jody

Pokémon Level Type
Fomantis 14 Grass

A pure Grass-type that you can catch starting from the next route. Water, Rock and Ground-types should stay away, while Fire, Flying, Ice and Bug-types will have a field day.

From the trainer tips sign, start to follow the dirt trail north. Before the slope leading up, there will be a narrow path going east. Squeeze along the path and search the rock at the end for a hidden Tiny Mushroom . Return to the main path and ascend the slope. At the top, there’s an idle Pokémon Breeder staring into space.

Go south from her position and search the outcrop besides the slope for another hidden item–a Super Potion . Moving on, follow the path west towards the tall grass. On the other side of the grass is a Pokémon trainer eager to surprise you. If you want to avoid a battle, wade through the tall grass along its north side.

Collector Bryan

Pokémon Level Type
Munchlax 14 Normal
Bagon 14 Dragon

Two rare Pokémon native to Mememele Island. Munchlax is the baby version of Snorlax, found on Route 1 along the boulder path. It’s a Normal-type so you can beat it up with a Fighting-type. Bagon is a rare find along the southern half of Route 3 and an uncommon find in Kala’e Bay. Ice or Fairy-types are ideal for this lil dragon.

Behind Bryan is a juicy Revive . After you’ve safely stashed it away, go back through the grass. North from here, past the small slope, is a pair of tourists patrolling a thin, grassy hill. The first trainer walks in a semi-circle along the south-west side of the hill.

Sightseer Scotty

Pokémon Level Type
Rattata 14 Normal

It’s an old-skool Rattata rather than the Normal/Dark-type one found in Alola! That means it’s only weak to Fighting-types, but it’s a pretty weak Pokémon in general, so practically any half-decent Pokémon will get the job done.

Meanwile, the second trainer does the same along the north-east.

Sightseer Perdita

Pokémon Level Type
Meowth 14 Normal

Look, it’s the same Meowth that your Mom has! Similar to Scotty’s Rattata, this plain old Meowth is not a Dark-type and a Normal-type instead. Therefore, you can deal with it in the exact same way as with Rattata, by relying on your Fighting-types.

North-west from the hill, between the two trainers, is an entrance to a new area–Pikachu Valley–via a zigzag-shaped path. Before entering, search the small corner along the north-west side of the thin hill for a hidden Dire Hit . After visiting the valley, travel east from the top of the hill to return to the main path.

Before following the dirt trail east, go south through the nearby tall grass, to find an Adrenaline Orb at the end. By the way, if you want to avoid the pair of trainers, the easiest way is to run towards the east side of the hill, while Scotty is looking to the west, then leap over the south-east ledge.

From there, you can go north through the tall grass to return to the main path. To explore Pikachu Valley though, you’ll instead need to dash north from the small slope once Scotty has started walking to the right. After visiting the valley, you can bide your time until Perdita starts walking east, then run east above her.

Pikachu Valley

You'll find more Pikachu here than you can shake a stick at.

This Pikachu paradise is perfect for fans of the electric rodent. Upon entering, the caretaker will give you a special Pikachu frame for decorating photos taken at the Alola Photo Club. Once you’re free to roam, you’ll find a whole bunch of Pikachu that you can interact and play with, similar to the Rockruff on Route 1.

For more substantial rewards though, head all the way west. Between the hill and the Pikachu camper van, there’s a Magnet you can give to Pikachu or another Electric-type to hold. Trying to enter the camper van itself will cause a potentially limitless amount of Pikachus to spring forth. What is this? A Pikachu TARDIS?!

Next, stroll east from the camper van. Up ahead is a mesmerizing view, whether you’re a Pikachu fan or not. If you stand near the water’s edge, around halfway between the camper van and the hill to the east, you’ll find a Photo Spot for some Poké Finder action. The other thing you can try is the Pikachu quiz, by speaking to the lady by the north-east corner.

If in doubt, the answers in order are: "Tail", "Electric sacs", "Use a Thunder Stone", "Its coloring is darker" and "Professor Elm". Get the quiz right and you’ll receive a Pikachu Shirt and Pikachu Cap . Last, but not least, if you scan the special QR Code from the Pokémon: I Choose You! Movie, you can receive your special Pikachu here.

Here's a Pika for you!

Using the Special QR Code

To use the QR code from the movie, you simply scan it with the QR Scanner, accessible via the X button menu, just like any other QR code. Note that there is a separate QR code for the North America/European version of the game and the Japanese version. For reference, everyone has the same QR code.

Talk to the deliveryman standing to the right of the camper van, with the orange and blue uniform, to pick up your Pikachu. Note that if you are already in Pikachu Valley when scanning the code, you need to exit and re-enter. This Pikachu is wearing Ash’s cap from the movie and knows the powerful Thunderbolt and Thunder moves.

Furthermore, if you speak to the female Pikachu below the quiz lady with this Pikachu–or any Pikachu wearing Ash’s cap–in your party, you will receive a Pikashunium Z . Have a Pikachu wearing Ash’s Cap hold onto this unique Z-Crystal and you can transform their Thunderbolt into a powerful Z-Move.

Route 4 (Continued)

It's very common to find items off the beaten track.

After that shocking little detour, follow the remainder of the path east, then south-east down the gentle slope. At the base of the slope is a small patch of tall grass–trudge east through it. On the other side is the entrance to Paniola Town straight ahead to the north. Before waltzing in, head directly south, into some more tall grass.

At the end of this grassy path is an Energy Root . To finish off, return to the dirt path and follow it east. At the far end is a berry stack, but the path to it is being guarded by a trainer frantically looking left and right. If you’re feeling super sneaky, you can actually sneak by without a fight.

You need to stand directly south-west from the trainer, in the space between the dirt path and the tall grass. Immediately once he’s looking left, run east while hugging the wall as close as possible, aiming to reach the right side of the berry stack. After harvesting, simply run back when he starts looking left again.

Cook Ernie

Pokémon Level Type
Cutiefly 14 Bug/Fairy

This shouldn’t be your first time encountering this cutesy bug. The best way to handle it is with Fire, Rock, Poison or Steel-types. That’s a lot of options, but if you have none of those, anything that’s not Grass, Fighting, Psychic, Dragon or Dark ought to do fine.

That’s Route 4 done and dusted. For a change, you won’t ever need to come back here again, except to catch any Pokémon you’ve missed, etc. Once you’re ready to proceed, head on into Paniola Town. By the way, there’s a trainer battle immediately ahead, so feel free to do any last minute training.

Pokémon Checklist

Eevee, the evolution Pokémon, is the jewel of this route. Depending on what item you use or the circumstances, it can evolve into one of 7 possible Pokémon, each with their own Type. If you happen to have a gap in your team, we highly recommend an Eevee.

Mudbray is a slow but steady Ground-type–ones with the Stamina ability are the most useful, as they gain Defense when hit by physical moves. Lillipup has the same problems that plague Normal-types and Igglybuff is hard to recommend because it’s a bag of hot air and not much else.

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