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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-08-2019 / 16:40 GMT

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Akala Island

Route 9 & Konikoni City

You're fast approaching the end of your Akala Island adventures.

Pokemon Encounters - Route 9

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Luvdisc Water Standard fishing spots (50%), bubbling fishing spots (80%)
Magikarp Water Standard fishing spots (20%), bubbling fishing spots (10%)
Gyarados Water/Flying SOS from Magikarp
Corsola Water/Rock Standard fishing spots (15%), bubbling fishing spots (5%)
Mareanie Poison/Water SOS from Corsola
Wishiwashi Water Standard fishing spots (15%), bubbling fishing spots (5%)

Coming from Diglett’s Tunnel, you’ll emerge on the main section of Route 9, which is actually very small. As you begin to walk, a man in a trench coat will come from the nearby police station. This is Looker, a recurring character who first appeared in Pokémon Platinum. Anyway, he’ll give a Thunder Stone as a meeting gift.

This stone evolves everyone’s favorite Pikachu into Raichu… Unless you’re one of those who keeps Pikachu unevolved. Well, we suppose Pikachu has its charms. It can also be used on Eevee to evolve it into the Electric-type Jolteon. By the way, you can buy these stones in Konikoni City, which is literally just around the corner.

Once Looker is gone, you should enter the police station yourself. Speak to the policeman behind the counter to trigger the start of an amusing–and equally disturbing–sidequest. Head to the back of the room and talk to the other policeman to trigger a battle with a wild Ditto . This Pokémon will transform into yours, so be careful.

Ideally, you should catch the Ditto while you have the chance. After catching or defeating the Ditto, speak to the first policeman to receive 12,000 Poké Dollars . Afterwards, you can speak to him again to investigate other incidents involving Ditto in Konikoni City. For now, leave the police station.

Just below the police station is a policeman you can battle. Or if you want to escape the law, just walk right behind him.

Police Officer Haruki

Pokémon Level Type
Herdier 24 Normal

The middle evolution of Lillipup. It has gotten slightly stronger, but your Pokémon should be stronger still. Be cautious of its Intimidate, which lowers your Pokémon’s Attack. Smack it hard with Fighting-types if you have any.

Towards the south-west, the path will branch out in multiple directions. Heading north-west, past the female sightseer will take you straight to Konikoni City, which is your next destination. Meanwhile going the opposite drection, towards the south-east, will send you to Memorial Hill, where you’re not meant to go yet.

There’s also one more path. Just below the Konikoni City entrance, head south-west down the small slope. Here, there’s a wide ledge where you can do some fishing. To the left, you can search the rock at the far end for a X Accuracy . To the right, there’s a Net Ball just lying there. Of course, you can battle the fisherman too.

Fisherman Mike

Pokémon Level Type
Chinchou 23 Water/Electric
Tentacool 23 Water/Poison

Two Water-type Pokémon that may need different approaches. Actually, as it happens, both are weak to Ground. Otherwise, Chinchou is also weak to Grass, and Tentacool is weak to Psychic.

That basically concludes this route, although you’ll need to pass by here later–multiple times if you’re doing the Ditto sidequest. While the iron’s still hot, head north-west towards glorious Konikoni City.

Pokémon Checklist

Ditto is a very special Pokémon that can use Transform to copy its opponent’s stats, moves, ability, everything. Except its HP. Its other claim to fame is that it can breed with any Pokémon that can be bred, in place of the mother or father.

Konikoni City

This city is a shopper's paradise.

Akala Island’s other city is essentially one very long market street. To avoid getting lost and confused, let’s check out the shops systematically. Starting along the west side, at the very bottom we have a Lass running an incense shop. These items have various effects when held, but nothing terribly exciting.

Just above her, there’s a Dancer who offers a therapeutic massage, for your Pokémon that is. This will raise the Happiness stat of your first Pokémon, useful for certain evolutions or increasing the damage of Return. The service is free, but limited to once per day. The next stall is the TM shop.

Of note, be sure to buy the TM for Bulldoze. This is a Ground-type move that’s like a reverse version of Flame Charge, causing OK damage and lowering the opponent’s Speed. It also hits all Pokémon in Double Battles and Battle Royals. Immediately above the TM shop is a woman who can gauge the Happiness of your Pokémon.

The building above the TM shop is a restaurant run by Mallow’s family. Inside, you can order food from the woman behind the counter near the entrance. Each meal costs 1,040 Poké Dollars and you’ll receive 2 Heart Scales as a complementary gift. Regardless, go and grab Totem Sticker #042 behind the counter.

Back on the main street, the final building on this side of the street is Olivia’s shop. Inside, you’ll be greeted by Olivia’s Probopass. You’ll learn that Olivia is waiting outside the Ruins of Life, accessible via Memorial Hill. To give you encouragement for the battle ahead, you’ll be be handed a Max Potion .

Afterwards, you should take a gander around Olivia’s shop. The woman in red to the left of the counter sells common evolution stones. If playing as a female, the Beauty to the right sells unique hair accessories. Finally, the woman at the back has a bunch of rare fossils. The type of fossils depends on the game you’re playing.

Pokémon Ultra Sun Pokémon Ultra Moon
Skull: Cranidos (Rock) Plume: Archen (Rock/Flying)
Cover: Tirtouga (Rock/Water) Armor: Shieldon (Rock/Steel)
Helix: Omanyte (Rock/Water) Dome: Kabuto (Rock/Water)
Claw: Anorith (Rock/Bug) Root: Lileep (Rock/Grass)
Jaw: Tyrunt (Rock/Dragon) Sail: Amaura (Rock/Ice)

Fossil Hunter

If you need duplicate fossils or you’re pining for a fossil obtained in the other version, there’s a chance of acquiring all fossils via Poké Pelago. For a better chance, choose the Path for Rare-Treasure Hunting. With luck, your Pokémon could return with a fossil or two!

As the woman asserts, you can only buy one of each type of fossil. So you could buy all 5 fossils if you wanted to. Fossils bought from this shop (or obtained elsewhere) can be taken to the Fossil Restoration Center on Route 8, where they can be instantly resurrected. Does this remind you of Jurassic Park?

Towards the north-west, there’s a collector who would die to see the Mythical Pokémon Diancie. If you have one in your party, he’ll be so happy he’ll give you Diancite . This lets it Mega Evolve, but only after you receive the Key Stone. When you’re finished shopping, head up the staircase to the right of the counter.

It's fine to splurge, but be sure to set a budget!

Upstairs, you can check out Olivia’s room and see how the kahuna of Akala Island likes to decorate. With lots of Stufful toys it seems… Head for the south-west corner of the room, near the TV and sofa. Just below the TV cabinet is Totem Sticker #043 ready to be removed. North from here, there’s a real Stufful to play with.

Next, let’s check out the shops on the east side. Starting from the bottom again, the first building is the salon–remember this. Above the salon is the apparel shop, if you need to update your wardrobe. Finally, at the corner is Konikoni City’s Pokémon Center; obviously you’ll want to go in there.

Inside, there’s an Aether Foundation employee towards the east who wants to see Hoothoot’s Pokédex entry. This owl Pokémon can be found in the Lush Jungle during the night. Satisfy his request to earn 5,000 Poké Dollars . Otherwise, the right Poké Mart clerk sells Battle Items if you need a helping hand with the Grand Trial.

Back outside, there’s a crossroad up ahead. To the east is another branch of the Alola Photo Club. Standing in front of the building is a hiker selling herb items. These have strong effects, but lowers a Pokémon’s Happiness. If you accepted the Ditto sidequest, speaking to him will trigger another battle with a wild Ditto.

Amazing Ditto Five

For the purpose of the sidequest, it doesn’t matter if you catch or defeat the wild Dittos. However, if you’re a competitive player or thinking about it, we strongly recommend catching all 5. Each Ditto has a very specific makeup, geared for breeding competitive Pokémon.

For one, the Dittos have very commonly used Natures: Adamant, Modest, Timid, Jolly and Bold. Furthermore, between the 5, they have multiple stats with 30 or 31 for IVs, useful for Hidden Power manipulation. Plus 0 Attack for Special Attackers and 0 Speed for Trick Room.

Meanwhile to the west of the crossroad is a house that belongs to Lana’s family. Inside, there’s nothing to do right now, but you can nosy around if you’d like. Further west is a wooden pier. Standing between the pier and Lana’s house is a young man who really needs your help. Make sure to have at least one Z-Crystal equipped.

Office Worker Dugal

Pokémon Level Type
Clamperl 23 Water

To satisfy Dugal’s request, you must use a Z-Move during this battle. Obviously, the best one in this situation would be Bloom Doom, the Grass-type Z-Move. But any will do. Succeed and you’ll receive a rare Max Revive . By the way, if you fail to use a Z-Move, you’ll have to come again the next day.

After that little episode, head down to the pier and pick up Totem Sticker #044 at the end of the eastern path. Moving on, return to the crossroad and go directly north, past the giant, ornate gate. You’ll come to a scenic plaza overlooking the sea. To the north-east is a Lass who’s begging to see an Alola Dugtrio.

You can catch a Diglett from Diglett’s Tunnel, Verdant Cavern etc. and get it to Level 26 to make it evolve. Or you can catch a Dugtrio later on. Show her the wonders of an Alolan Dugtrio and you’ll receive a Dire Hit . Afterwards, if you come back later, she’ll need some more help, except the solution isn’t very obvious.

What you need to do is visit the salon (there’s one near the entrance of this city) a dye your hair "Honey Blond". You’ll receive Soft Sand for making the effort. Finally, go around the bench behind the lass to find an Eviolite . This item raises the defensive stats of Pokémon that can still evolve (Mega Evolution doesn’t count).

That wraps up the tour of Konikoni City. To proceed, exit back to Route 9, then follow the path south-east towards Memorial Hill. Although if you have some spare time, you may want to report back to the police station and finish off the Ditto Five sidequest.

Ditto Five Detour

Besides the rewards, you can catch yourself a rare Ditto... or five.

Assuming you’ve followed our instructions, you should have found two of the Ditto Five members already. But for reference, here are the locations of all five members. You must encounter them in order and report back to the policeman at the front after apprehending a member (by defeating or catching them).

Member Location Reward
1 Policeman inside the police station, at the back. 12,000
2 Herb seller in front of the Alola Photo Club. 16,000
3 Chef working in Mallow's restaurant, at the back. 20,000
4 Woman giving massages near the entrance of the city. 24,000
5 Olivia standing at the city's northern cape, by the sea. 28,000

Each time you report back, you’ll receive a respectable sum of money. After reporting the fifth and final member, you’ll receive a Focus Band . This held item provides a 10% chance to survive any attack that would otherwise reduce the Pokémon to 0 HP. It is thus very unreliable, but a life-saver if it actually works when you need it.

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