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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-08-2019 / 16:42 GMT

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Melemele Island

Sidequests - Ten Carat Hill

Although you can depart for the next island, Akala Island, there’s still a lot of things you can do on this island, especially now that you’ve been officially acknowledged by the kahuna. These next few sections are dedicated to optional sidequests and areas found in Melemele. If you’re leaving now though, skip ahead to the Leaving Melemele page.

Route 1

More areas become accessible when you get new Ride Pokémon.

Pokémon Encounters - Past the Boulders

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Bonsly Rock Behind the boulders (30%)
Sudowoodo Rock SOS from Bonsly
Happiny Normal SOS from Happiny
Rockruff Rock Behind the boulders (20%)
Pikipek Normal/Flying Behind the boulders (20%)
Yungoos Normal [Day] Behind the boulders (20%)
Rattata* Dark/Normal [Night] Behind the boulders (20%)
Munchlax Normal Behind the boulders (10%)
Snorlax Normal SOS from Munchlax

From the entrance to Iki Town, head south-east back towards the junction with the playful Rockruff. If you haven’t already, summon Tauros with the Ride Pager. Directly south from Rockruff are a pile of cracked boulders–charge into them with Tauros to clear the path. On the other side, there’s a side path leading east.

Navigate your way to the south-west corner first, past the tall grass. At the far end, there’s a Nest Ball waiting to be found. Return east and wade through the tall grass along the upper path. Leap over the ledge to the right, then head towards the trainer tips sign. Afterwards, pick up the Nugget to the right of the sign.

Next, jump over the ledge below, as well as the ledge immediately to the right. Nearby is a patch of tall grass; either go around it or push through it. Finally, leap over the remaining two ledges to the right. You’ll end up near the beginning of Route 1, along its west branch. From here, you can easily return home to report to Mom.

Pokémon Checklist

A couple of new Pokémon are found in the path only accessible via Tauros Charge. Bonsly and Rockruff are both Rock-types. Of the two, Rockruff is probably the most interesting–and useful. This cute canine can evolve into one of two different forms depending on which game version you’re playing.

Munchlax is the baby version of the hefty Snorlax. Normal-types aren’t that useful to have since they’re not super-effective against anything. But you may want to catch a Munchlax for its Leftovers hold item, which gradually restores HP as the battle goes on. There’s also Happiny, which can appear when Bonsly calls for friends.

Ten Carat Hill

A place few go to because of the boulders blocking the entrance.

Pokémon Encounters - Ten Carat Hill

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Mawile Steel/Fairy Everywhere in the cave (30%)
Zubat Poison/Flying Everywhere in the cave (30%)
Roggenrola Rock Everywhere in the cave (20%)
Carbink Rock/Fairy Everywhere in the cave (20%)
Psyduck Water Everywhere in the cave (10%)
Sableye Ghost/Dark SOS from Carbink

At this point, it makes sense to visit Ten Carat Hill, which is located nearby to the south, south-west from Kukui’s Lab. You’ll know you’ve reached the right place when you find an entrance surrounded by breakable boulders past a patch of tall grass. Without further ado, clear the way with your good chum, Tauros.

Inside the cave, pick up the X Attack a few paces north. Next, charge with Tauros in a south-westerly direction, smashing through the pile of rocks in the way. Immediately after the first pile of rocks, dismount from Tauros, then squeeze through the narrow path to the west. On the other side, grab the Super Potion below.

After this, head south-west while following the ledge, but being careful not to jump over it just yet. At the far end is an Ultra Ball for the taking. Now you may jump over the ledge. Upon landing, continue south-west while riding Tauros. Break through the next set of rocks, then keep going west through some more rocks, ignoring the path going north.

You should come across a slope going up. Follow it west, then east after the corner. You will need to dismount from Tauros to squeeze around. This route will take you outside, to a scenic ledge with a Z-Crystal pedestal directly in front of you. Inspect the pedestal to obtain Flyinium Z , the Flying-type Z-Crystal.

Pokémon Encounters - Farthest Hollow

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Spinda Normal In the grass (30%)
Machop Fighting In the grass (30%)
Rockruff Rock In the grass (20%)
Carbink Rock/Fairy In the grass (10%)
Roggenrola Rock In the grass (10%)

Huh, so not all Z-Crystals are obtained from trials. Regardless, return to the cave and follow the path leading north that you passed by earlier. You’ll emerge in the main part of the Farthest Hollow, a gigantic clearing that few trainers set foot in. From the entrance, slowly head north, while keeping your eyes to the left side of the path.

Pick up the Hard Stone hiding to the west, then dash to the very center and scoop up the Nugget in plain sight. At this point, you can head in a variety of directions. Going north-west is the most boring, as all you’ll find is tall grass. To the south-west is more tall grass, but also a Great Ball in the corner.

Next, there’s nothing to the north-east, besides a lonely Burn Heal . Finally, the south-east path is the most exciting. If you go through the tall grass, you’ll find a path that snake arounds to the southern part of the hollow, directly above the entrance. Waiting here, before the next patch of tall grass, is TM23 Smack Down.

That’s all for this area. In your own time, retrace your steps to exit. We’ll be waiting for you by the entrance to Hau’oli City, by the Trainer’s School!

Pokémon Checklist

If you like slow and sturdy Pokémon, Roggenrola is a good choice. This pebble-like Pokémon can eventually evolve into Gigalith from Boldore, although you’ll need a trade partner like with Abra and Gastly. Roggenrola with Weak Armor are recommended, as this changes to Sand Stream upon evolution to Gigalith.

Carbink is a good support Pokémon with excellent defenses, but shoddy everything else. It will occasionally summon Sableye–this critter has a great typing but is very middle of the road, until it can Mega Evolve. Finally Machop is a slow but steady Fighting-type that again needs trading to reach its full potential.

Hauoli City

The shopping mall was easily missed in Sun and Moon.

Assuming you came from Ten Carat Hill, make your way to the front of the shopping mall by cutting through the Beachfront. You’re looking for the big building below the Pokémon Center (to its right, if looking directly head on) that was closed earlier in the game. Inside, turn right for the sophisticated clothing store "Gracidea".

The clothes in here are fancy alright, but the price tag might make your head spin. Best you come back after you’ve hit it big… Before leaving though, speak to the top clerk to receive a no purchase required free gift, a Gracidea flower. If you use this on Shaymin during the day, it’ll change to its Grass/Flying Sky Forme.

Moving on, head north from Gracidea via the path to the right. The first stall on the left is "Antiquities of the Ages", which sells arcane items to be wielded by oppressively powerful Legendary Pokémon: Groudon, Kyogre, Palkia, Dialga and Giratina. After becoming Champion, you can pick up the Mythical Pokémon Magaerna here.

Left from here is a pair of Move Tutors who can teach powerful or combo moves for your starter Pokémon. The lady on the right will teach a "Pledge" move to any starter Pokémon from all 7 Pokémon generations. During a Double or Multi-Battle, if two Pokémon each use a Pledge move of a different Type, this will result in a more powerful move.

Meanwhile the guy on the left will teach an extremely powerful move that requires recharging on the 2nd turn to any fully evolved starter Pokémon from all 7 generations. For most purposes, these Move Tutors aren’t terribly useful, although if you’re lacking a strong STAB move for your starter, a Pledge move could fill in the gap for a while.

The trainers in the Battle Buffet get stronger after clearing the story.

To the left of the Move Tutors and directly opposite the mall entrance is the weird and wonderful "Battle Buffet". Here, you can pay money to fight other Pokémon trainers for food. We couldn’t make this up, even if we tried! You’ll get 10 battle turns to beat as many trainers as possible. The better you do, the better the rewards.

Last, but not least, to the left of the Battle Buffet is a stage area with seats. If it’s the day, you can watch the Alola Ride Show and receive 5 Great Balls for watching until the very end. Meanwhile, during the night, you can trigger a hilarious sidequest involving Grimer, where you can get TM48 Round .

That’s the shopping mall covered, for the time being. Back outside, make your way to the town hall, directly south from the entrance of the Pokémon Center (when looking at the map). Inside, a family-to-be is causing a spectacle in front of the reception. Try to step in and you’ll be forced to fix the problem with a battle.

Gentleman Reginald

Pokémon Level Type
Dunsparce 14 Normal

This pitiful Normal-type Pokémon hardly stands a chance against somebody who just beat the island kahuna. That said, you should be mindful that it knows Pursuit just in case you try to send out a Ghost-type. As usual, send it pummeling with a Fighting-type if you have one.

Triumph and you’ll receive a nugget of wisdom, as well as an actual Nugget . If you feel like helping out some more, return to the main road, then proceed all the way towards the Marina at the far end of the city. Inside the Ferry Terminal, building, approach the woman standing near the vending machine in the top-right corner.

After seeing your Rotomdex, she’ll ask for Rotom’s help to repair the vending machine. Your reward for lending Rotom is a can of Fresh Water and a working vendine machine. There’s nothing else to do, so return towards the direction of the Pokémon Center, then continue along the road towards the exit to Route 2.

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