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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:09 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 14-12-2019 / 11:08 GMT

Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon Guide

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Poni Island

Pokémon League - Elite Four

This is the final stop of your island challenge. Like in previous Pokémon games, you must defeat four of the region’s best trainers, rightfully dubbed the "Elite Four". The members of the Elite Four can be battled in any order. After beating all four, you will be eligible to challenge the current Pokémon League Champion to claim the title for yourself.

Upon entering, there will be four pathways stretching out from the center, each leading to a chamber where one of the Elite Four resides.

  • **West** : Molayne the Steel-type user
  • **North-west** : Olivia the Rock-type user
  • **North-east** : Acerola the Ghost-type user
  • **East** : Kahili the Flying-type user

After defeating an Elite Four, you can use the teleporter at the back of their chamber to return to the main area. When all four have been defeated, the central teleporter will activate, allowing you to reach the Champion’s area. Remember, you cannot leave the league until you’ve become the Champion, or lose–but that shouldn’t happen!

Elite Four Molayne

Pokémon Level Type
Klefki 56 Steel/Fairy
Bisharp 56 Dark/Steel
Magnezone 56 Electric/Steel
Metagross 56 Steel/Psychic
Dugtrio (Alolan) 57 Ground/Steel

Note : Molayne has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Molayne’s first Pokémon, Klefki, is a setup Pokémon–and a general nuisance. It can use Spikes to damage switch-ins, Reflect to boost its team’s Defense, Thunder Wave to cause paralysis, and Flash Cannon for STAB. Thanks to Prankster, it can use status moves before your Pokémon can act. Fire and Ground-types are recommended.

Bisharp is a slow, but hard hitting Pokémon. This one can use Night Slash and Iron Head for STAB damage, Aerial Ace to hurt Fighting-types, and Metal Sound to lower Special Defense so Magnezone has an easier time. Fighting-types are ideal unless Reflect is up, but they should be able to survive Aerial Ace. Otherwise go with Fire or Ground-types.

Magnezone is a potent special attacker, with poor Speed. It can use Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon to deal STAB damage, Tri Attack for other targets, and Screech to lower Defense so its teammates do more damage. Ground-types are ideal, since they do 4x damage, while Fire and Fighting-types are also solid choices.

Metagross is a fully evolved Beldum and Metang that’s strong and physically bulky, but not very fast. Molayne’s can use Meteor Mash and Zen Headbutt to deal STAB damage, Hammer Arm to hurt Dark-types, and Bullet Punch to go first. Fire, Ground and Ghost-types are recommended, and special attackers in general.

Finally, Molayne’s Dugtrio is fast and hits hard, but very frail. It can use Earthquake and Iron Head for STAB, Sucker Punch to go first if you’re attacking, and Fissure to score a OHKO if you’re unlucky. It also has Groundium Z. Water and Fighting-types are preferred. If you think a Z-Move is coming, you could switch in a Flying-type.

Elite Four Olivia

Pokémon Level Type
Armaldo 56 Rock/Bug
Cradily 56 Rock/Grass
Gigalith 56 Rock
Probopass 56 Rock/Steel
Lycanroc (Midnight) 57 Rock

Note : Olivia has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Olivia’s first Pokémon, Armaldo, is an evolved Anorith with high Attack and Defense, but is slow like most Rock-types. It can use Rock Blast and X-Scissor to deal STAB damage, and Crush Claw to handle Pokémon that resist its STAB moves. Water, Rock and Steel-types are ideal for squashing this bug.

Cradily is an evolved Lileep that has fairly well balanced stats, sans the typical low Speed. Olivia’s Cradily can use Energy Ball for Grass-type STAB, Rock Tomb for Rock-type STAB and slowing its opponent, and Stealth Rock to damage Pokémon switching in. Fighting and Steel-types are recommended.

Gigalith boasts exceptional Attack and Defense, but terrible Speed. It can use Stone Edge to deal devastating STAB damage, Bulldoze to damage and slow down foes, and Iron Head just in case. It also causes a sandstorm when it enters battle, which slightly boosts its team’s Special Defense. Grass, Water and Ground-types are ideal.

Probopass is an evolved Nosepass with spectacular defenses, but otherwise lackluster stats. Olivia’s can use Rock Gem to deal STAB damage, Earth Power to hurt Fire-types etc., Thunder Wave to cause paralysis, and Sandstorm to whip up a sandstorm. Ground and Fighting-types are ideal, and Water-types are also good.

Finally, Midnight form Lycanroc has high Attack and generally solid stats. Hers can use Stone Edge to deal massive STAB damage, Rock Climb to potentally confuse, Crunch to hurt Ghosts etc., and Counter to reflect physical damage. It also has Rockium Z. Ground, Fighting and Steel-types are advised, but be mindful of Counter.

Elite Four Acerola

Pokémon Level Type
Banette 56 Ghost
Drifblim 56 Ghost/Flying
Dhelmise 56 Ghost/Grass
Froslass 56 Ice/Ghost
Palossand 57 Ghost/Ground

Note : Acerola has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Acerola’s first Pokémon, Banette has high Attack, but otherwise middling stats. Hers can use Shadow Claw to deal STAB damage, Feint Attack to hurt Psychics, Infestation to slowly deal damage, and Screech to greatly lower Defense. Obviously, Dark-types are ideal–or Normal-types if they have Ghost or Dark attacks.

Drifblim boasts stellar HP, but poor defenses, resulting in modest bulk. It can use Ominous Wind to deal weak STAB damage–but with a small chance to raise all stats, Focus Energy to up its critical hit ratio, Amnesia to raise Special Defense, and Baton Pass to give its stat boosts to an ally. Hit it with Electric, Rock, Ice and Dark-types.

Dhelmise has high Attack and generally solid stats, besides its awful speed. This one can use Shadow Ball and Energy Ball to deal STAB damage, Slam to handle resistant targets, and Whirlpool to slowly deal damage. Against this possessed piece of seaweed, Fire, Ice, Flying and Dark-types are all fine choices.

Froslass is a female-only Snorunt evolution with high Speed and generally decent stats. For attacks, it can use Blizzard and Shadow Ball to deal STAB damage, Confuse Ray to confuse and annoy, and Ice Shard to go first and finish off weakened foes. Fire, Rock, Dark and Steel-types are recommended, especially Fire and Steel.

Finally, Palossand is an evolved Sandygast with high Defense and Special Attack, but poor Speed. It can use Shadow Ball and Earth Power to deal STAB damage, Giga Drain to hurt Water-types, and Iron Defense to boost Defense. It also gains Defense if hit by Water. Dark-types are ideal–and Normal-types to negate its Z-Move.

Elite Four Kahili

Pokémon Level Type
Braviary 56 Normal/Flying
Hawlucha 56 Fighting/Flying
Oricorio (Baille) 56 Fire/Flying
Mandibuzz 56 Dark/Flying
Toucannon 57 Normal/Flying

Note : Kahili has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Kahili’s first Pokémon is Braviary, an evolved Rufflet with astounding Attack and overall decent stats. It can use Brave Bird for powerful Flying-type STAB, Crush Claw for Normal-type STAB, Air Slash to potentially flinch, and Scary Face to lower Speed. Electric and Rock-types are strongly recommended.

Hawlucha is a strong and nimble Fighting and Flying-type. This one can use Flying Press to deal Fighting and Flying-type damage, Throat Chop to hurt Psychics, Poison Jab to hurt Fairies, and Dual Chop to surprise Dragons. Electric or Flying-types are recommended, while Ghosts are useful for avoiding Flying Press.

The Baille Style Oricorio has respectable Special Attack and Speed. Kahili’s can use Revelation Dance for Fire-type STAB, Air Slash for Flying-type STAB and to potentially cause flinch, Teeter Dance to confuse and Feather Dance to lower Attack. Rock-types are ideal, while Water and Electric-types are also good.

Mandibuzz is an evolved Vullaby that boasts formidable physical and special bulk, but has poor offensive capabilities. It can use Brave Bird for Flying-type STAB, Punishment to deal more damage if its foe has stat boosts, Bone Rush to hinder Electric and Rock-types, and Flatter to cause confusion. Fairies are the safest choice.

Finally, Toucannon possesses high Attack, but fairly low Speed. This one can use Beak Blast, which goes last and inflicts a burn if the foe makes contact, Bullet Seed to hurt Rock-types, Rock Blast to hurt Ice-types and Screech, which lowers Defense. It also has Flyinium Z. Electric-types are ideal for dispatching this hot-headed toucan.

The Champions Seat

In the final area, accessed via the central teleporter, approach the empty seat at the far end. Normally that’s where the Champion is waiting, but as luck would have it, Alola doesn’t have a Champion yet. Therefore making you the Champion by default. But things are never that easy, as you’re quickly interrupted by one final challenger.

Pokémon Trainer Hau

Pokémon Level Type
Raichu (Alolan) 59 Electric/Psychic
Flareon (if you picked Rowlet) 58 Fire
Vaporeon (if you picked Litten) 58 Water
Leafeon (if you picked Popplio) 58 Grass
Tauros 58 Normal
Noivern 58 Flying/Dragon
Crabominable 59 Fighting/Ice
Primarina (if you picked Rowlet) 60 Water/Fairy
Decidueye (if you picked Litten) 60 Grass/Ghost
Incineroar (if you picked Popplio) 60 Fire/Dark

Note : Your buddy has Full Restores and Full Heals.

This is it: the final battle! First up is Hau’s Alolan Raichu, which has high Special Attack and Speed, but poor physical bulk. It can use Thunderbolt and Psychic for STAB damage, Focus Blast to punish Dark-types, and Quick Attack to attack first. Ground, Bug and Ghost-types are strongly recommended.

Hau also has an Eevee evolution that’s strong against your starter Pokémon. It will have a powerful STAB move of its Type, Quick Attack to go first, Charm to greatly lower Attack, and Baby-Doll Eyes to preemtpively lower Attack. Because it’s a mono-type, picking a counter should be easy for a Champion-to-be.

Tauros is a deceptively strong and fast Pokémon with decent physical bulk. It can use Double Edge to deal heavy STAB damage, Earthquake to hurt Rock and Steel-types, Zen Headbutt to punish Fighting-types, and Iron Head for other purposes. Fighting-types are ideal, although they should be wary of Zen Headbutt.

Noivern is an evolved Noibat with outstanding Speed and high Special Attack. It can use Dragon Pulse and Air Slash to deal STAB damage, Dark Pulse to hurt Psychics and Ghosts, and Super Fang to halve the HP of formidable foes. Ice-types are ideal, because they do 4x damage, and Fairy-types are also a great choice.

Crabominable has terrifying Attack and decent HP, but poor Speed. This one can use Ice Hammer to for Ice-type STAB, Power Up Punch for Fighting-type STAB and to boost its Attack, Dizzy Punch to damage and potentially confuse, and Stone Edge to wreck Fire-types. Pummel it with Fighting, Psychic or Fairy-types.

Finally, Hau has a fully evolved starter Pokémon that’s weak to yours. It will have a STAB move for each of its two Types, plus a third attacking move for coverage. Additionally, it will be holding the Z-Crystal of its primary Type. Needless to say, your own starter Pokémon is the perfect counter. Show him no mercy!

Emerge victorious against Hau and nobody else will dare stand between you and the title of Champion! After your team has been entered into the Hall of Fame, you’ll be taken back to Iki Town, where everyone is holding a congratulations party on your behalf. Once the festivities are over, sit back and enjoy the credits roll.


You are officially Alola’s very first Pokémon League Champion! However, that doesn’t mean your adventures in Alola are over. Far from that! The story continues in the postgame–and even after that, for some, the Pokémon journey never ends!

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