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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-08-2019 / 16:41 GMT

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Akala Clean-up (Part 2)

Visiting Mallow

Mallow is living in the restaurant along the west side of Konikoni City, just below Olivia’s shop. On the ground floor, there’s a punk girl by the staircase who has a present for you: a Whipped Dream and a Satchet . These items evolve Swirlix and Spritzee if they’re traded while holding the correct item.

Upstairs, you can bag yourself another present by chatting to the cook on the sofa: a Dragon Fang . This item boosts the power of Dragon-type moves when held, although the Draco Plate does the same thing. If you’re playing Ultra Moon and it’s currently day-time in the game, you can also meet Mallow inside her room.

She’ll tell you to meet up at the Lush Jungle, where you undertook her trial, before running off ahead. Exit the restaurant and navigate Charizard to the Lush Jungle’s glide spot. Inside the jungle, go over and interact with the lonely Wimpod near the entrance. Mallow will arrive and challenge you to a battle as you desired.

Captain Mallow

Pokémon Level Type
Trevenant 60 Ghost/Grass
Shiinotic 60 Grass/Fairy
Tsareena 60 Grass
Ultra Sun players already battled Mallow during Mina's trial; her team here is basically the same, but slightly stronger. The slow but powerful Trevenant can use Horn Leech and Shadow Claw for STAB, and Leech Seed to slowly steal HP. Fire, Flying, Ice and Dark-types are all great choices.

Shiinotic, which can be her second Pokémon, has good special-based stats, but pitiful Speed. For attacks, it can use Moonblast and Giga Drain for STAB, Spore to cause sleep with a 100% chance, and Ingrain to slowly restore HP. Poison-types are its bane; Fire, Flying, Ice and Steel-types should also do well.

Finally, Tsareena is a fully evolved Bounsweet and Steenee with excellent Attack, but average Speed. It can use Power Whip for STAB, Hi Jump Kick to pummel Steel-types, Zen Headbutt to punish Poison-types, and U-turn to switch out. It’s also holding Grassium Z. Fire or Flying-types are recommended.

Win against Mallow and you’ll get the inspiration for the Reverent Battle Style . Huh, it’s strange to think Kiawe and Mallow share something in common.

Visiting Lana

Akala’s remaining captain, Lana, also lives in Konikoni City. Her house is located at the corner of the crossroad to the left of the Alola Photo Club. Inside, head for the back room to bump into a pair of little girls. Bored out of their wits, they demand that you battle you them. Try to go easy on the kids if you can…

Twins Harper and Sarah

Pokémon Level Type
Luvdisc 56 Water
Corsola 56 Water/Rock
This is a Double Battle with two Water-types, neither of which are particularly threatening. Grass and Electric-types obviously have the upper hand, especially Grass-types against Corsola. But Grass-types will need to be cautious as Luvdisc is carrying Ice Beam.

Once playtime’s over, Lana will arrive. Which can only mean one thing: a battle between you and her. The battle itself takes place outside, near the harbor. If it happens to be raining outside, you should exercise caution since the rainy weather will intrude the battle and give the Water-type Lana a massive advantage.

Captain Lana

Pokémon Level Type
Lanturn 60 Water/Electric
Cloyster 60 Water/Ice
Araquanid 60 Bug/Water
If you're playing Ultra Moon, get ready for some déjà vu. Her Lanturn has a versatile Type combination, but shambolic stats. It can use Hydro Pump and Discharge for STAB, Thunder Wave to paralyze and Icy Wind to hit Grass-types. Despite this, Grass-types are recommended since Lanturn isn't that strong.

Cloyster has good Attack and crazy high Defense, but melts against special attacks. It can use Icicle Crash for Ice-type STAB, Spike Cannon to take advantage of Skill Link, Smart Strike to always hit its target, and Spikes to cause damage if you switch. Electric-types are ideal or special attackers in general.

Finally, Araquanid is specially bulky, but slow. For attacks, it has Liquidation and Leech Life for STAB, Crunch to hurt Ghosts etc., and Frost Breath to annoy Grass-types. Note that Water Bubble powers up Liquidation and it’s holding Waterium Z too. Electric or Flying-types are ideal and/or Types that resist Water.

Evaporate Lana’s team and you’ll be rewarded with a Deep Sea Tooth and a Deep Sea Scale . These items evolve Clamperl into Huntail or Gorebyss if it’s traded while holding the correct item. In addition, you’ll get the inspiration for the Girly Battle Style .

Gift from Kahili

Outside of the Pokémon League, you don’t really get a chance to see Kahili, the Flying-type expert. Well, there was that time she randomly appeared out of nowhere after obtaining Flyinium Z. Anyway, you’ll find her loitering around in the lobby of Grand Hano Resort. Speak to her to receive TM92 Trick Room .

Does it sometimes bother you that some Pokémon are slow beyond belief? If you use Trick Room, for five crucial turns, the speed priority during battles is reversed so that slower Pokémon move before faster Pokémon. This enables your slow-moving juggernauts to potentially sweep faster and often fragile foes.

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