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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 24-08-2019 / 05:39 GMT

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Poni & Aether Clean-up

For the final stretch, we’ll be searching the first half of Poni Island, as well as Aether Paradise.

Shiny Preview

It's sh-shi-shiny!

Shiny Pokémon are the gold dust of the Pokémon series; via normal gameplay, the chances of encountering one are shockingly slim: 1 in 4096 by default. In case you’ve never had the fortune of seeing a Shiny Pokémon, there’s a tourist in the Seafolk Village Pokémon Center, near the café, who can fix this for ya.

He’ll battle you with a Level 55 Shiny Exeggcute. Afterwards, you won’t receive his Exeggcute (who would give away their Shiny Pokémon for free?!), but instead you’ll be rewarded with 6 Nuggets . If you want to get a Shiny Pokémon for yourself, you’ll need to get really, really lucky–or work really, really hard!

Hidden Maidens

In regions other than Alola, Ride Pokémon aren’t a thing and, instead, trainers use Hidden Machines (HMs) to travel around or deal with obstacles. Despite their clunkiness, some HMs were useful for teaching powerful moves to Pokémon–most notably Surf and Waterfall. Fortunately, there’s a way to learn these particular moves.

When it’s convenient, travel towards the eastern exit of Poni Breaker Coast, ideally by flying to the Ruins of Hope and heading west. Near the exit, you should spot a pair of swimmer girls who weren’t there before. Speak to them and, after sharing their life story, they will request a battle.

Swimmer Girls Kylie and Ashlyn

Pokémon Level Type
Lumineon 48 Water
Lanturn 48 Water/Electric
This is a Double Battle with two fairly average Water-types. Lumineon can only use Surf, which hits all targets, including Lanturn. Meanwhile, Lanturn can only use Waterfall, which may cause a flinch, and has Water Absorb to heal HP from Surf. Grass-types are highly recommended.

Entertain the ladies and you’ll receive their precious TM98 Waterfall and TM94 Surf . Water-type physical attackers will love Waterfall, although they may be able to learn Liquidation from the Battle Tree Move Tutor. Meanwhile Surf can be useful during Double Battles, whereas Scald is the better defensive option.

Present from Wicke

After Episode RR, the kind Wicke will be waiting near the left of the elevator at the ground floor of Aether Paradise. If you strategically declined to receive Type: Null outside Poni Grove, this is your chance to get it, as well as the memory drives for Silvally. Regardless, you’ll receive 2 Big Malasadas for speaking to her.

Educating the Intern

Following his fall from grace at the end of Episode RR, Faba will be hanging near the northern exit at the ground floor. Say "hello" and Faba will humbly (or as humbly as he can) request a battle.

Aether Foundation Faba

Pokémon Level Type
Claydol 63 Ground/Psychic
Bruxish 63 Water/Psychic
Raichu (Alolan) 63 Electric/Psychic
Alakazam 63 Psychic
Hypno 63 Psychic
It's been some time since you fought Faba one-on-one. His first Pokémon, Claydol, is slow and bulky. For attacks, it can use Earth Power and Extrasensory for STAB, Ancient Power to damage Ice-types, Grass Knot to trip up Water-types. Dark-types are ideal; Bug and Ghost-types are also fine choices.

Bruxish has reasonable Attack and Speed, but below average bulk. Faba’s has the Strong Jaw Ability, which powers up biting moves. It can use Psychic Fangs for STAB and to shatter Reflect etc., Aqua Jet to go first, Crunch to hit Ghosts, and Screech to lower Defense. Dark-types are strongly recommended.

The Alolan Raichu is a speedy special attacker, as you ought to know by now. This one can use Thunderbolt and Psychic for STAB, Quick Attack to finish off weakened foes, and Nuzzle to deal damage and cause paralysis with a 100% chance. Ground-types are preferable, to avoid Thunderbolt and Nuzzle.

Alakazam you may have fought in Dexio and Blue’s teams. This crafty blighter can use Psychic and Psyshock for STAB (each targeting a different defensive stat), Dazzling Gleam to blind Dark-types, and Disable to stop your Pokémon using a move. Bug or Ghost-types are recommended, or Steel to resist.

Finally, Faba isn’t complete without his trusty Hypno. Attack-wise, it can use Psychic for STAB, Hypnosis to send your Pokémon to sleep, Dream Eater to steal HP from sleeping Pokémon, and Focus Blast to damage Dark and Steel-types. Bug or Ghost-types are the way to go, and don’t forget to cure sleep ASAP.

Teach Faba that he still has a long way to go and he’ll give you a Dubious Disc . This item can be used to evolve Porygon2 into Porygon-Z if it’s traded while holding onto it. Along with the Porygon and Up-Grade gotten from the Aether House, you have everything you need, besides a trade partner of course.

Elusive Power-ups

To wrap up your tour of Aether Paradise, head to Secret Lab A in the Lab area. Secret Lab A is the first lab along the corridor, which Gladion was investigating during the story. Inside, you should find a female employee in the nearby corner. If she’s not there, you may need to speak with Wicke and/or finish Episode RR.

Say "hi" to the employee and she’ll unload a bunch of items that power up Legendary or Mythical Pokémon: DNA Splicers for Kyurem, Prison Bottle for Hoopa and Soul Dew for Latios and Latias. With the exception of Hoopa, it’s possible to find these Pokémon via Ultra Warp Ride.

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