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Guide Name: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
Author: Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 18-08-2018 / 16:21 GMT

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Strategy Guide

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Totem Stickers

Totem Stickers

Melemele Stickers

Number Area Location
1 Iki Town South-western house behind boulders, requires Tauros
2 Hau'oli City Between the salon and apparel shop
3 Hau'oli City On the outside wall of the Pokemon Center
4 Hau'oli City Corner of the stairs leading to Ilima's house
5 Hau'oli City In the swimming pool outside Ilima's house, requires Fishing Rod
6 Hau'oli City Bottom right corner of Ilima's bedroom
7 Hau'oli City To the right of the Town Hall entrance
8 Hau'oli City Bottom left corner of the Town Hall interior
Number Area Location
9 Hau'oli City On the east facing wall of the Malasada Shop
10 Hau'oli City Top left corner of the police station parking lot
11 Hau'oli City Left of the Ferry Terminal entrance
12 Hau'oli City Bottom right corner of the Marina
13 Route 2 Left of the entrance to Guzma's house
14 Route 2 The fridge in the bottom right corner of Guzma's house
15 Berry Fields Bottom right corner of the house
16 Berry Fields Inside the house on the right wall
17 Route 2 West facing wall of the Pokemon Center