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Pokemon X and Y
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-11-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 16-06-2019 / 15:19 GMT

Pokemon X and Y Guide

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To Gym 7

Dendemill Town

Another pit stop before the next gym.

As you enter town, you’ll be stopped by Sycamore and one of his assistants. You’ll talk with him about one of the legendary Pokémon, they’ll leave and Trevor will appear. Once Trevor’s done with you, head south. You’ll see the Pokémon Center. Head on in, heal up and stock up.

Strike up a conversation with the person on the eastern side of the center to receive a Sitrus Berry . Chat with Mr. Bonding too, on the west side of the center, and he’ll give you an Accuracy Power before disappearing. Head back outside and let’s start exploring this town! Talk with the woman near the center to buy Moomoo Milk for $500 a bottle.

Moomoo Milk is a cost-effective way to replenish 100 tasty HP.

From there, if you walk south then east, you’ll reach the gate leading to Route 17. The problem is you need to ride a Mamoswine to make it through that route, and the Mamoswine is stuck in Frost Cavern for some reason. Looks like that’s going to be our next port of call, but for now we’ll finish off exploring.

Go back to the gate you entered the town by and head east. Enter the house when you reach it. Inside is a man who’s the Move Deleter and a woman who’s Madam Reminder. The Move Deleter will delete any of a Pokemon’s moves free of charge. Perfect for removing unwanted HMs !

Madam Reminder will be able to teach any of your Pokemon any moves that they previously knew or had the opportunity to learn for the price of one Heart Scale per move . Once you’re done here; walk back outside.

Tip #046: Old Moves Can Be Great Moves

Typically, the reason you forget old moves is because they sucked; end of story. However, sometimes a move you thought was useless is actually pretty awesome. Also, some Pokemon "know" moves that you can’t learn naturally. For example, many legendary Pokemon caught at high Levels have useful moves learned at lower Levels.

Head south, over the bridge and into the field. You’ll find a Big Root here. Now head back up to the last house. Move north from it, up the stairs next to it. Head along the path until you reach a house (don’t head up the stairs to your left). Enter the house.

If you have at least 70 Pokemon in your Mountain Kalos Pokedex, the man here will give you a Shell Bell . Outside, head west from that house to the next one. Enter it and talk with the people inside if you want, but there’s not a whole lot of point. Once you’re done, move south to the house there. Enter this one.

This railing is a handy shortcut back down.

Speak with the girl here. If you have the TM she asks for, she’ll reward you with a Leppa Berry . The TM can be any that you’ve previously had the opportunity to collect. Go over and talk to the kid too. He’ll crack a joke and give you TM42 - Facade for putting up with his lame humour. Head back outside.

Make your way west and when you see the path leading north, go there. It leads to Frost Cavern !

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