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Ratchet & Clank
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 21-04-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 29-03-2020 / 08:33 GMT

Ratchet & Clank Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Main Walkthrough

Planet Kalebo III

A new weapon will be available at the vendor upon landing on this planet, the wonderful Sheepinator (for the low cost of 40K bolts). Take the only path you can, for now, defeating the enemies that are in your way. You will encounter mostly Blarg and Warbots, so there’s nothing new to surprise you. Note that using something like the Plasma Striker is great here, as you have a clear line of sight to most of the enemies from where you ship is located, which is nice because they can’t retaliate. Eventually, you’ll come to a split in the road, with a Thruster Lock putting you on the main objective and the elevator leading to an optional grindrail. Turn the Thruster Lock and follow the path to a small room, where you’ll be trapped within and have to deal with yellow bots with flamethrowers.

The "death trials" have weird controls that you're likely not used to, so it might take a bit to become accustomed to them.

Note: These "death trials" have weird control schemes, as they operate on a twin-stick shooter control scheme, rather than the one you’re already used to in the game.

Continue fighting your way to another elevator, where you’ll face off against a bunch of Blargs with jetpacks and then have to shoot a switch to disable a barrier to get to the next spot. The room beyond that will be another "death trial," with the same kinds of enemies. Once you get back outside, there will be more enemies, including more helicopters than should be allowed. Swingshot into the little encased building, take out the enemies there, then use the Thruster Lock to spin it until it locks in place. You may see a Gold Bolt off to the right, but you can get to it by jumping to the ledge from the elevator behind the enemies.

Anyway, now take the elevator and the short grindrail to the next section, where there will be another death trial…or not, as nothing but sheep come out of it. Upon stepping outside again, you’ll face your greatest challenge, as there will be loads of enemies, including two dropships and even a helicopter. You will want to be extremely careful here and use the cover provided whenever you can. Also, sitting still will do you more harm than good, but if you think enemies can’t hit you from far away, try to use the Plasma Striker to thin out the herd a little bit. Once you’ve finally managed to win, there’s one last trial to overcome…a bunch of those yellow flamethrower robots!

Weapons such as the Proton Drum or even the Groovitron will help immensely here (as well as the Pixelizer), as you deal with the horde of robots. After dismantling them all, head into the office, where you’ll find the CEO of Gadgetron, who agrees to let you race in the hoverboard competition once you drain the course using the Hydrodisplacer. Unlike the previous one, you are required to finish at least the Bronze Cup to get the Hologuise , which is a necessary gadget for the upcoming plan to invade the Deplanetizer. There’s not much that can be said about the course, other than the fact that a shortcut opens up if you go through the three rings. As with the case with the former race, the Silver and Gold Cups will simply add explosive crates in the way and have the exact same track layout.


Ride the Grindrail

Return back to the split in the path and take the elevator up to find a grindrail. This is a long and dangerous set of tracks, with similar obstacles to the previous one you did on Batalia. The only real new obstacle will be train cars that move toward you, requiring you to move to another rail to avoid them. If you get hit once by these trains, then you’ll have to start the grindrail section from the very beginning. There is a Gold Bolt that can be found on the track, but it requires you to hit four switches in order to disable a forcefield. The first switch will be along the first set of rails, near the end of the three-track section.

The switches on the grindrail need to be hit with the wrench (left). The final one is right before the barrier that will lead you to the Gold Bolt (right).

You will find two more switches on the isolated portion of track not far after the above; it will be before the tunnel with all of the train cars, so if you’re in the tunnel, you’re too far. The final switch will be right after the tunnel, right in front of the forcefield that will be activated, with the track leading straight to the Gold Bolt. With that diversion out of the way, reach the end of the track to be rewarded with the Map-o-Matic , a gadget that will pinpoint all of the collectibles on your map! There’s one last thing to do here before returning to your ship via the taxi, which is taking the teleporter in the same area as the Map-o-Matic to a room that houses a Holocard .

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