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Resident Evil 6
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Steve Huijboom
First Published: 01-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 25-04-2019 / 22:40 GMT

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Playing Tips

Playing Tips

Tempting as it may be to dive right into the game, reading the following tips takes very little time and may greatly improve your in-game skills.

  • Use your ammunition wisely. If you're up against a single weak enemy such as a (non-mutated) Zombie or J'avo, consider defeating it with melee attacks to save ammo.
  • Aim for enemies their heads. It's self-explanatory, but don't forget it. More importantly, if you've shot an enemy in the head, move in for the kill by performing a melee attack on it. While it's difficult to pull off instant death head shots, following up with a physical attack works fine as well.
  • Relax! Your stamina gauge heals faster when you stand still, but it heals *ULTRA* fast if you drop down on the ground and lay completely still. Your entire bar will heal up within just 5 seconds, completely refreshing you for the next fight.
  • Learn to use the quick shot command! Especially in Leon's campaign - but also in the other ones - it will prove a lifesaver. Simply press both trigger buttons at once to perform this move. It costs one slot of your stamina bar.
  • Learn how to dodge! Dodging and rolling are important moves in RE6. Not only against bosses will you find these moves helpful, so try and master them ASAP.
  • Mix green and red herbs first. If you have two green herbs and still some inventory slots available, wait with mixing them and see if you can find a red herb some time soon.
  • Groups of enemies in small areas can be dangerous. If you can manage to get some distance between you and the group, toss a grenade into the crowd and mop up any survivors.
  • Save the big guns for the big guys. Magnums and grenade launchers; they're great weapons but their ammo is fairly scarce. Save it for tougher enemies and bosses.
  • Don't bother shooting an enemy while their in the mutation process. They are completely invulnerable during this time. As soon as they're done, fire away!
  • You can recover more quickly after falling down by pressing and holding the action button. You can also do a backwards barrel roll while falling down by tapping the action button before hitting the ground.
  • If you're playing solo on a higher difficulty, purchasing the Field Medic skill can literally save your hide. This skill allows your A.I. partner to give you one or two health tablets when they rescue you from the dying status. That means you don't necessarily have to use a health tablet any longer. Normally you'd be in the danger status where one hit from any enemy is fatal.
  • Other good skills to purchase early on are defense and firepower upgrades. Some enemies have a resistance to specific types of ammunition. Follow the tips in the walkthrough to learn what to use and what to avoid.

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