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Resident Evil 6
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Steve Huijboom
First Published: 01-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-04-2019 / 01:11 GMT

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Chris\' Campaign

Chapter 4: The Tanker

Chater 4: The Tanker

Chris and Piers fall from one chase into another. Ada Wong is now their top priority. The lengthy chase continues on a large seacraft.


  • J'avo
  • Napad
  • Meset
  • Gnezdo
  • Rasklapanje
  • Ogroman


#13. Enter the Chinook at the start of the level and look for this emblem in the cockpit.

#14. After moving to the outside of the tanker, equip your sniper rifle and look past the boat with lights on the left. It is sitting on another boat, further out.

#15. After turning a valve to go up a floor in the tanker, search underneath the next staircase for this one.

#16. PIERS ONLY: At the end of the chapter, blow the first container and jump over the boxes, the look for the emblem inside a tire, to your right.

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 55+
B 60-69% 4 75-90 Minutes 45-54
C 50-59% 7 90-120 Minutes 35-44
C 7+ >120 Minutes 0-34

TIP: Serpent Emlem #16 can ONLY be collect by PIERS! Just a heads-up!

As the chapter starts, immediately (as Chris) grab your gun and shoot the head of the Neo-Umbrella J’avo attacking Piers. Afterwards run to the nearest room and grab the [ SEMI-AUTO SNIPER RIFLE ] from the table, along with [ 7.62MM NATO AMMO x3 ] in the suitcase, then kill the nearby critter. There’s also a [ WOODEN BOX ] on the workbench in the back.

Go upstairs and smash the [ WOODEN CRATE ], then move into the control room. You will want to get rid of at least some of the snipers up ahead, or otherwise things are going to get way too complicated. Position yourself against the railing of the catwalk and kill the three or four snipers on the far end of the area. Be sure to have target sighting on, so you can see their laser sightings, allowing you to locate their positions more easily (which is tricky enough). It’s worth your while to equip the Lock On skill beforehand, giving you a little steadier aim. After dispatching the snipers, loot the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] at the end of the walkway.

Drop down at the ladder and kick the other ladder down; proceed to the ground level. Proceed onwards to spawn more enemies. As these mutate large shells, quickly step away. If they kneel down it means they’re going to blow up! Hitting them in the legs is an effective way of dealing with them. They are called Ruka-Bedem. You’ll also encounter crab-like mutated Neo-Umbrella J’avo who are called Glava-Smech. Enter the Chinook chopper to find [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ].


If you try to proceed, a new wave of enemies will spawn once again. Fall back and dispatch them one by one. There’s also a new sniper (up on the left side of the catwalk in the far distance, near the red light) you might want to exterminate before continuing. Head up the stairs on the far left and climb the ladder at the end of the walkway to reach the upper catwalk area. Walk to the middle of the catwalk and a few more enemies spawn down below. It’s not a bad idea to take care of them first. When you’re ready, boost Piers to the other side and you’ll be split.

Chris Gameplay

Chris will be up against quite a few enemies, including a Napad (eventually). Piers helps you from a distance, but you’ll definitely need to defend yourself as well. A grenade works well if all enemies are packed together, and the grenade launcher always works wonders on Napads. After some crowd control, move over to the other side of the catwalk and let mr. muscle do the talking as you grab the pole. Quickly tap the button to make your way to the other side. Before inspecting the rocket you might want to deal with the enemies first, including a Napad.

Drop down the ladder and wait with dropping down to the ground floor; more enemies spawn, and this is a decent vantage point for taking out at least some of them. Deal with the remaining ones on the ground level and be on your way. Making your way to the gate isn’t hard, but there are a lot of enemies in the area, including a new sniper who transforms into a Napad. If you head for the gate and thin out the enemies, one of them will transform into a giant bird called Meset. Pull out your Grenade Launcher to swiftly defeat it.

Before proceeding through the double doors, kick in the small door left of the gate. Inside the control room there’s an enemy who’ll transform into a Napad; nothing a Grenade Launcher can’t handle though. Move onward and you’ll reach the area behind the fence. To the left you can find a [ WOODEN BOX ] in the cabinets. Other than that there’s not much else to do here, so proceed through the double doors.

Out here we can find one of the trickiest and hardest-to-get Serpent Emblem yet! See below to nab this elusive fellow:


Head upstairs and break the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] here, then drop down and move to the other side. Head all the way upstairs and loot the contents of the [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] before climbing the ladder. Make your way to the end of the walkway, open the doors and pull the lever, then kick down the ladder. Hop down and you’ll be back in the large area where you started. New enemies spawn (naturally), so head downstairs and prepare yourself for more fighting.

One of the enemies even board the aircraft and starts shooting at you. That’s particularly dangerous, so definitely move to the side of it and destroy the pilot with two well placed grenades from your grenade launcher. There are many more enemies so it’s up to you to decide if you want to thin them out or not.

Move into the control room at the far end of the area (kick in the door if you hadn’t already, and defeat the Napad if you hadn’t already too), then fight more enemies. It helps to lure several into the control room and toss a grenade at them. One of them turns into another bird. In any case, make your way upstairs and finally enter through the destroyed gate; kick in the door to progress. Watch the scene, then proceed to the next area.

There’s a [ FLASH GRENADE ] in the cabinet around the corner. Call the elevator and ride it up. Head through the door and you’ll bump into a Neo-Umbrella J’avo. In the next room quite a lot of them spawn so if you have any grenades, now is an excellent time to use them. Otherwise stay in the first room and attack from here. Several spiders enter the area as well; the shotgun and machinegun are quite effective here.

Move into the next hall and inspect the showers to find a … showering Neo- Umbrella J’avo indeed. Waste him and collect the [ GREEN HERB ] at the far end. Waste the J’avo in the next room and look for [ 9MM AMMO ] in the cabinet and some nice [ 40MM ACID ROUNDS ] to the right.

Tip: If you didn’t know already, you can swap ammunition from the grenade launcher by equipping the weapon and pressing Y (XBOX) or triangle (PS3).

Head upstairs and waste three more Neo-Umbrella J’avo. Before going through the door, move to the end of the walkway outside to find [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ]. Move through what appears to be an improvised shooting range and open the suitcase on top of the container in the second part of the room to find [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ].

The next room will have a few rather aggressive enemies rush in (who are called Glava-Begunats) which you might want to dispatch with a few acid round from afar (otherwise the acid could hit you as well). Equip your shotgun and move through the next hall (if you still have any grenades left, that’d be even better). Enemies will smash through the windows; eliminate them with your shotgun and be sure to collect the [ GREEN HERB ] from the corner.

Go upstairs and head through the room. There’s a Neo-Umbrella J’avo standing with his back (sort of) towards you in the room to the left, so waste him and loot the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATES x4 ] in this room storage room. Move through the double doors at the end of the hall to enter the next area.

You’ll be attacked by three J’avo spiders, but fortunately for you there’s a [ HAND GRENADE ] lying to your immediate left (inside the cabinet) that you can hurl at them. Mop up any survivors and move into the control room. A Gnezdo (bee swarm B.O.W.) spawns in the adjacent room to the right, so move in and kill the mother bee with (for example) a few shotgun blasts. Move through the window and go upstairs to find [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. Go through the double doors to enter the next area.

Waste the two J’avo and smash the [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] to your left, then head inside the next control room. There’s a valve in the back, but you’ll want to defeat the J’avo that spawn first. As Piers turns the valve, several J’avo spiders enter the area. Keep them busy; afterwards climb the ladder and open the briefcase to your immediate right to find [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ].


Head all the way upstairs and climb the ladder. Search the room for a [ GREEN HERB ], [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ]. Go through the door and watch the scene. Afterwards, move to the intersection and head left first to find a [ WOODEN BOX ]. Inspect the panel up ahead to find out you’ll need three passwords for it. There’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] around the corner and the [ PASSCODE A ] can be found next to the dead Neo-Umbrella J’avo.

Tip: Be sure to check out the map below. The entire upcoming area is displayed on it, allowing you to explore it more efficiently.

Unfortunately there are two Rasklapanje’s behind the next door, dramatically complicating matters. It’s advisable to (temporarily) waste them so you can at least explore the area for approximately two minutes. This is quickly done with a the grenade launcher. They’ll split in half first; be sure to destroy their upper (and lower, if it’s still alive) half too after that. Having done so, it’s only a matter of mere minutes before they come back alive, so do all exploring as fast as you can.

Tip: The handgun is in fact surprisingly effective against Rasklapanjes. Avoid using Acid Rounds with the grenade launcher. The creatures are highly resilient against it, and they (their lower part, at least) even have an acidic attack themselves.

Ignore the walkway to your immediate right; it’s blocked by steam. Head through the door and move to the other side. The doors will shut and a third Rasklapanje spawns. Two well-placed grenades from the grenade launcher ought to down (temporarily) down it; one for blasting it in half, the other for the still mobile upper half. The room itself contains [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] for you to loot. When the shutters open back up, kick in the door together with your partner.

In this room, ignore the door to the right (it leads to a walkway that is blocked by steam on the one side, and on the other a locked door (which can only be opened from the other side). Instead, open the door to your immediate left and unlock the door right behind it. Go through and turn left. Walk through the hall and enter the first door to your right. Inside this luxurious room, quickly loot the suitcase on the table to find [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ]. You can also find a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] in the restroom, but don’t stick around too long. Head back into the hall and continue in the same direction you were headed.

At the intersection, go right and walk past the blue vending machines. Go around the corner and unlock the door. Move straight ahead downstairs to a flooded walkway and follow it all the way through. Head up the little steps. You can inspect the small chambers to each side of the area here, but only the second to your right is a mandatory visit; it contains the [ PASSCODE C ] and a [ WOODEN BOX ]. The first room to the left contains [ 40MM ACID ROUNDS ] but also spawns another Rasklapanje do you’ll have to judge for yourself if that’s worth the trouble.

To find the [ PASSCODE B ], head back through the flooded walkway and turn left. Head inside the room on the left (use the map to easily find it) and move into the second chamber. A Rasklapanje spawns and Chris is separated from Piers. Quickly move out of the way and blast it several times, giving you some time to explore the room, which contains a [ WOODEN BOX ] and the aforementioned passcode B.

You can return to the locked door now, but you can also explore one last room. From the large room (which contains, by the way, [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ], head through the lower left doorway and move through the hallway. The luxurious room on your right contains a suitcase with [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ] and the restroom houses [ 40MM EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS ] plus a [ HAND GRENADE ].

TRIVIA: IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS! If you destroy a Rasklapanje nearby the restroom, it’s actually possible to pick up one of its hands and flush it through the toilet.

After collecting all passcodes and any items of your interest (most notably the skill points), head back to the locked door and head through the room. Another Rasklapanje spawns; either waste it or run past it. Don’t miss the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] before heading through the double doors. As you proceed over the walkway, a Rasklapanje jumps out of an air vent. The gameplay slows down and you’ll need to shoot all its parts in time. Doing so successfully kills the thing (adding it to your kill-list). Go to the next room and smash the [ WOODEN CRATE ], then exit the area.

Chris Gameplay

After the scene you’ll need to destroy all anti-aircraft guns on the carrier. The game automatically locates them for you with a green square indicating their positions. Three hostile choppers will fire rockets at you which you’ll want to dodge with LB/R2. Shoot the guns and turn around whenever necessary. After destroying them, Piers hops onto the plane to prevent the launch, which naturally means your paths will be split.

Several Neo-Umbrella J’avo appear, so prevent them from hurting Piers by wasting them all. It helps having a fighter jet, huh?! An Ogroman will also enter the scene. Just make sure you keep staggering him so Piers can do his job. Finally, when all is set, repeatedly shoot the Ogroman until he moves (a little) out of the way, then (when the target indicator says so) shoot the rocket behind him.

And of course we haven’t forgotten about our buddy Piers:

Piers Gameplay

Inside the jet you will be controlling the missiles. You can use LT/L1 to zoom in, RT/R1 to fire, and the right stick to look around. Your goal is the same as Chris’ is: destroy all anti-aircraft guns. The game targets them all with red squares, showing you where they are and how far away they are. Zoom over each one and lock on (you lock on automatically once you keep them in your sights for a short amount of time). After you have them locked on… FIRE!

Destroy all of the guns with Chris and he’ll hover over the carrier, dropping you down! Our goal is to now stop the missile, and we’re being timed! We’ll have to fight our way there, but thankfully Chris is nearby in the jet with fire support.

Head forward and you’ll see the path blocked. Head up to the container and use the action button. Piers will be setting charges now, which requires you to press some on-screen (and timed!) button prompts. First one time, then twice, then three times! Not hard and soon the path will be clear!

Head forward and you’ll have to hop over a row of boxes to proceed. I know that we are in a hurry, but the 16th Serpent Emlem is nearby, so be sure to grab it:


With the emblem gained keep going and you’ll have to blow a second barricade. This one is exactly like the first, but with added pressure by a sniper (hopefully Chris has your back). Blow it and watch the scene. After that keep going forward and you’ll end up crawling under a pipe and jumping into a trailer. Interact with the command console for more button-presses. FOUR this time! Hit them all to stop the missle.

After that, run to the crane and climb up, the run to the end of it. Jump back to the jet. Afterwards, target Ogroman and fire missiles at him, then at the rocket once he moves.

Watch the cutscenes as the chapter ends.

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