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Author(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 30-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-04-2019 / 10:49 GMT

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Level 3 Developments

Great Era

Finish an Era with 3500 Prosperity

It’s recommended that you beat all of the level 1 and level 2 developments before attempting any level 3 development. Doing this will make sure you have as many advanced resources available to you as possible. All this does is make things easier for you!

The best amount of villages to have around the world is five. Five into 3500 asks for an average village output of 700 prosperity.

Believe it or not, this sort of total isn’t too hard to attain, particularly with resources like Great Iron combined with dangerous animals. It’s not rare for one of these spots to be producing more than 100 resources on its own.

The important thing is to have a game plan. Know what sort of resources and terrain you want to focus on and let this inform your initial construction and support. If you’re planning some Orange Trees, for example, then of course this lets you know that your Forest giant will need 3 Forest Ambassadors and 1 chap from any. It also lets you know you’ll need to 'activate' at least 13 ambassadors. This leads us to what you should do…

Changing Biome - it’s absolutely possible to change a village and its biome even after it has built up. Simply have the Forest Giant lay his Forest over a swamp and the whole village changes, while a rock giant can raise an Ocean into a mountain to transform the surrounding area into a desert.

We want to focus on finishing projects. Goal one is to exhaust basic projects of their ambassadors. Once this is done the focus is to complete upgraded projects and then, with this done, concentrations can then turn to Great Projects.

So you’ll want to build a few villages, and grow each one to project completion and then move onto the next village. Seriously, move on.

Your aim is to service five villages. Finish every villages basic project before even considering returning to your first village to help them with their upgrade project. Once all of their upgrade projects are completed, then turn to their 'great' projects. By this point you’ll be able to easily place 'great' or perhaps even better resources straight onto your planet, and apply potent or better buffs.

By using superior symbiosis (Great Iron on a high danger patch, multiple Great Pear Trees, ) it’s possible to generate a serious amount of prosperity per village. In this way, 700 is quite a manageable target if you focus on one town, then the next, then the next, ensuring you work your way round with each completed Project.

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