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Saints Row IV
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 31-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 17-06-2019 / 01:28 GMT

Saints Row IV Guide

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Story Missions

A Game of Clones

Note: A Game of Clones appears in your mission list whenever you finish two of the following three missions: King Me , The Case of Mr. X and The Saints Flow .

The simulation has been overrun by clones of the various gangs from past games, making it so you’re constantly attacked while running around inside. Kinzie sends in CID to help you shut down the invasion, so follow him to the first location and you’ll have to toss him into the air with your Telekinesis power, which will have him track down the location of the first relay you have to destroy.

Get to the relay and destroy it, then do the same thing at the second location, tossing CID into the air to find the location of the relay, then going and destroy it. When you get to the third spot, you find out that the relays are protected by a shield. In order to deactivate the shields, you will have to toss CID at the shield generator, which is where all of the beams meet in the air above you.

Shields are protecting the third and fourth sets of relays, so toss CID into the generator and protect him until he brings the shields down.

While CID is removing the shields, you’ll have to protect him from the enemies that show up. Once he brings the shields down, destroy the relays and head to the last one, where you’ll have to do the same thing (note there’s only one relay here). Be especially careful here, as there will be a lot more enemies appearing than before.

Also, you will get the first appearance of the Marauder enemy, which rolls into the fight and unfolds into a tall robot. The Marauder’s only attack is a beam it fires from the front and its only weak spot is the green portion on the back. A RPG shot or two to the weak point should be more than enough to destroy it. After it’s gone, throw CID back into the generator and destroy the relay once the shield is down.

With all of the relays now gone, it’s time to track the source of the gang clones. Once you get to the location, you’ll find a portal and some more enemies show up. As Kinzie points out, you’ll have to use Telekinesis to throw the clones at the portal, which will slowly deplete its health. At one point, however, those normal clones will disappear and a clone of the "player character" from the first game will appear.

Note: If you have the Melee upgrades that you can buy with Cache, then it might be simply easier to just punch the tougher clones until you can pick them up with Telekinesis.

This clone has super powers and a lot more health than the other ones, as well as being likely to run away a bit here and there. Once you bring its health down low enough, you will be able to grab the clone with Telekinesis and can throw it at the portal like the previous ones. After that, there will be two more throwback clones (the protagonist and co-op player from Saints Row 2), where you need to do the same thing as with the previous one.

The portal will be destroyed after tossing the last clone in and a Warden will appear. This Warden is the same as previous ones, with a shield and the Telekinesis/Blast/Stomp powers. Take it down as usual and you’ll get the Buff power, which basically imbues your bullets with the element assigned to it, as well as envelop your character with the same element, passing it onto enemies/civilians whenever you pass them. Finish the training session and the mission will be over.


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