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Saints Row IV
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 31-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 21-05-2019 / 07:38 GMT

Saints Row IV Guide

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Christmas Trophy/Achievement

…A Saint Gets a Gun

During the first mission of the DLC, you will have to ring the bells in the town to start restoring the holiday cheer. At one point, you get the option to either shoot the rest of the bells or ring one last one by going up to a bell and pressing the button to ring it. Choose to shoot the rest of the bells to get this.


Minty Fresh!

During the second mission of the DLC, you will get the option to either lick through the candy cane barrier on the front door to the factory or head to the reindeer stables. Choose the first one to stay and lick through the barrier, which will take a while. It will actually take a few minutes of pressing the button to finally lick your way through the entire barrier.


Get That Kid to a Psychologist

In the second mission of the DLC, you are trying to get into Santa’s Workshop. Throughout the tiny village are snowmen that you can find that will say something when you get close to them. There’s a total of six that you must find in order to get this.

  • From where you initially start, go east to find this snowman on a little island in the middle of a frozen lake.
  • On the southern edge of the houses, slightly north of the previous snowman, you will see some on the ground, one of which has a megaphone. Jump on the roof right above those to see one attempting to jump off the roof, which is the one you need.
  • Go north from the one jumping off the roof until you see a patio. The snowman closest to the table (not the one sitting down with a bottle sticking out of its head) will give you the line.
  • This one is located really close to the patio. Step off the south side of the patio and go west on the map to spot a small alcove with a snowman lifting weights.
  • Go to the northeast corner and find a house there, where you'll find a snowman that has two heads on the eastern side of the house.
  • From where the patio is located, go to the far west end of the map and you'll spot a big alcove, where there will be some snowmen on the ground, sort of connected to each other.

He’s Still on the Naughty List

You will be taking on the role of Santa during the third and last DLC mission, where you will be flying a sled around, shooting presents at the nice and coal at the naughty. Although the mission doesn’t take you there, fly to the large Zinyak statue located on the star-shaped island to the south and fire presents on his hand/head until this trophy/achievement pops.



You simply need to complete all three DLC missions, which really shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. After doing so, you will be able to replay them from the quest menu at any time.


Our Gift to You

In the middle of the square in the first mission of the DLC, you will see a tree with a big present underneath it. It’s rather easy to spot because it is glowing a bit and all you have to do is move over it to pick it up.


Dear Santa

Throughout all three DLC missions, you will find letters (marked on your map if you got the Collectible Finder from the main game) hidden that you can collect. There’s a total of 10 letters, with 5 being in the first mission, 3 in the second, 1 in the third and the last one received after completing all DLC missions. Check the Letters to Santa section (under Collectibles) for their location.


A World Without Christmas

Throughout all of the DLC missions, you will find little computers with green screens that can be collected. These are text adventures (similar to the ones from the main game) and there’s a total of 8 of them, with 4 being in the first mission, 2 in the second, 1 in the third and the last one being obtained for finishing the DLC. They show up on your map with the Collectible Finder from the main game and all locations are detailed in the Christmas Text Adventures section under Collectibles.

After collecting them all, you have to go to the ship and read through them. There’s a computer in the middle room on the lower level where you can read through the text adventures. There’s nothing really complicated about it, as wrong answers will just send you back to the previous question, so they’re easy to get through. Once you’ve read through all eight, you’ll get this trophy/achievement.


A Very Genki Holiday

If you have the DLC installed, it seems like this activity is unlocked after first getting Telekinesis in the main game. Genki Holiday is a variation of the Mind Over Murder activity from the main game, but instead of tossing people, vehicles and Genki heads, you will toss people (green), trees (red) and menorahs (blue). Also, the rings will be moving and there’s a lot more of them. All you have to do is complete them with a Bronze to get this.


Make a List, Check It Twice

After completing all DLC missions, you will unlock the Naughty and Nice activity in the main simulation. As in the last DLC mission, you will need to shoot presents at the nice buildings (blue) and coal at the naughty (red). There’s only three instances of the activity, with the others unlocking after completing the previous one. It doesn’t matter how you fare on the activity, as you only need to finish it with a Bronze.


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