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Saints Row IV
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 31-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 27-05-2019 / 14:13 GMT

Saints Row IV Guide

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Trophy/Achievement Guide, Part 2

Fist Meet Ground

You gain the Death From Above power later on in the game, after finishing Welcome Back, which enables you to jump into the air and aim at the ground, slamming into it similar to the Stomp power, with Death From Above doing more damage the higher you are. You will need to kill 100 aliens with this attack, but the usual Fight Club trick will also work here.


Experimental Tech

There are various weapons you can get that are much more powerful than your normal ones, which will unlock as you do various story and side missions. You have to make sure you get 25 kills with each one of the weapons on aliens. The best course of action is to use them right away when you unlock them, get the 25 kills on aliens (which should trigger the Experiment Tech progress bar popping up), then move onto the next one.

This makes it so you don’t get confused and have to constantly guess which weapons you need to use next. Note that the Singularity Gun (Black Hole) won’t unlock until you complete Gat’s first side mission, so it won’t be possible to get this trophy/achievement until then.


Maximum Stopping Power

Each weapon in the game allows you to upgrade it at a Friendly Fire store using your Cache and has a few things that can be upgraded, depending on the weapon itself. There is no one set weapon that is considerably cheaper than others, so pick one you might use a lot and make sure you upgrade all the nodes/circles on it.


Where’s My Cape?

First of all, this trophy/achievement is glitched and it’s possible you might not get it when you get all of the upgrades for your powers. Note that this only counts the ones that require you to use the Clusters and you will have 190 left over, so you will need to collect a total of 1065 Clusters to purchase all powers.

The problem comes from the fact that you will need to reach the maximum of level 50 to unlock all of the upgrades for the powers, as well as reach a certain story mission. For some odd reason, though, the trophy will sometimes not unlock for the player, and it isn’t quite known why. Follow the steps below to ensure this doesn’t happen to you:

  • Progress through the story until you reach The Kinzie Gambit, which is right after you do the training for the Death From Above power
  • Now, do every side mission in the game and collect the amount of Clusters needed to upgrade all powers
  • Save the game in a new slot, in case something goes wrong
  • Do All Hands On Deck and maybe one or two more story missions, then purchase all of the powers and hope it unlocks
  • If not, load the one save you did and try again

I Am Become Death

For this trophy/achievement, you simply need to kill a total of 1,000 enemies using your super powers. It doesn’t matter which power it is, but as long as your power delivers the killing blow on the enemy, then it will count towards this. The best place to do this is the hard instance of the Fight Club.

When you do this, the second round is a King of Hill, where you need to stand in a green circle to fill the meter to finish the round. The catch, though, is that the enemies here die in one hit and will keep spawning indefinitely. Just make sure that once the timer reaches a certain point (maybe two minutes or so the first time), you finish the Fight Club like you normally did, as letting the timer run out or purposefully failing the mission doesn’t seem to save the progress.


The Challenge King

There’s a total of 66 challenges in the game, with the last one unlocking when you complete the other 65. These require you to do such things as get gold on every single activity, kill a certain number of enemies with weapons and powers, as well as do some collectibles. Most are self-explanatory, but some might need a little more detail.

  • Superpowered Beatdown - Sprint at an enemy and then press the melee button to do this
  • Aliens Taunted - You hold down left on the directional pad (consoles) to do your taunt. A good place to get this easily is in the hard instance of the Fight Club activity.
  • Alien Vehicle - Near the beginning of the game, you should unlock the Void ship from doing one of the activities for Keith David. Use the phone to call it in and fly around whenever you need to go long distances.
  • Activities - Getting gold on some can be challenging, but setting it to Casual difficulty makes it a lot easier.

The Whole Story

Audio Logs are one of the game’s collectibles and appear in the simulation as some sort of wavy pattern. There’s a total of 39 and each character represented by them has three, which give some backstory if you’re not familiar with the characters.

It’s best to wait until you’ve rescued Matt during Matt’s Back , then do his first side mission ( The Pledge ) to get the Collectible Finder. This will put the location of every single Audio Log on the map, where they appear as the character’s face (except for Zinyak).


Better This Way

Each weapon in the game has additional skins that can assigned to them that change their appearance. You will have to wait until you unlocked a weapon for each slot on your radial menu, which includes a melee weapon, pistol, SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, rocket launcher and special weapon. Once you have, simply go to any Friendly Fire and choose to Customize a weapon in each slot’s appearance.


Back in the Day

As you play through story missions, as well as side ones, you will unlock the ability to call in your Homies to join you in the simulation. You will need to call in past Saints Row characters to join you when you’re not doing missions. This includes the likes of Shaundi, Kinzie, Gat, and Ben King, just to name a few. Just make sure you’re not doing any missions when hanging out with them and after two hours, you’ll get this.


Switch Hitter

At the beginning of the game, you get to choose between a male and female gender for your protagonist. After playing for two hours as the one, you should see a popup saying "Switch Hitter 120/240." Once you see that, go to any Image As Designed store (face with surgeon’s mask on it) and pay for the operation, then switch your gender to the opposite one and play for another two hours as that gender.


First of Many

When you go to the game’s menu, where you can choose to view the map and missions, there’s another option called Upgrades. These upgrades will better your character, as well as do other things, like make your Homies stronger, and will cost you Cache. All you have to do is purchase a single upgrade from here in order to get this trophy/achievement.


Zoo Keeper

Wardens are strong enemies that you will encounter throughout the story, which have super powers of their own. You will only run into around 10-15 Wardens in the story and side missions, so you will have to farm the rest of them via causing enough havoc to fill the Notoriety meter.

Now, the Wardens after the first few will have a shield that will require you to use a power on them before you can actually damage them. If you wait until later in the game, you get the Buff power which surrounds your character with flames (the default element). Use this to easily keep the Warden’s shield down while you blast it with your other weapons.

Once you bring the Warden’s health down, you have to press a button to start a button-mashing mini-game. The longer it takes, the harder it is to complete this, so if you don’t get it on your first try, back off and defeat the Warden again (reduced health). Subsequent mini-games are easier.


You Chose… Poorly

This trophy/achievement is only one of two missable ones in the game. During the Miller-Space story mission, Zinyak will offer you a choice between a red door and a blue one. Choosing the blue one will continue the mission, while the red one will cut to the credits, but it really makes you fail the mission (can start from previous checkpoint). You need to choose the red one to get this.


Ooo A Piece of Candy! & A Real Cluster…

Data Clusters are one of the game’s collectibles and are needed if you want to purchase upgrades to your powers. They come in two varieties, ones which are in the open (yields one cluster) and those that are hidden (yields three clusters) and requires the use of your powers to reveal them. Those that need Blast are on the sides of buildings, those that require Stomp are in the ground and those that need Telekinesis are trapped inside of spheres.

It’s best to wait until after rescuing Matt Miller in Matt’s Back , as his first side mission ( The Pledge ) will reward you with the Collectible Finder. This puts the location of every single collectible on the map, which makes it a lot easier to hunt down all of the Clusters. Note that you will need the Blast, Telekinesis and Stomp powers to get all of the Clusters.



Each one of your powers has three elements (five with DLC) that can be acquired by doing side missions for your Homies. All you have to do is make sure you have an extra element for each power and switch the element for them. This can be done by pressing the directional pad (consoles) or by going into the Powers menu.


Epic Jump Quest

You need to jump from the roof of 3 Count casino to the rooftop of the Nuke Plant, without touching the ground or the rooftops. The 3 Count Casino is located in the southwest corner of the map and is easily distinguishable by its lights and two smokestacks, while the Nuke Plant is in the northwest corner of the map. It can be done either way, despite the description given in the trophy/achievement.

Remember you can’t touch the ground or any rooftops, but you can run up the side of buildings. It’s best to upgrade anything related to Super Jump, especially the gliding upgrades and height increases. However, the easiest way to do this is by jumping up from either rooftop, then using the phone to call in the Xor vehicle and flying to the other building. The reason for not using the Void is because getting out of it sometimes puts you on its wing, which will negate the trophy/achievement.


Fourth and Forty

Doing everything in the base game will likely take you around 25-30 hours, so you’re going to need to grind out the last ten hours to get this trophy/achievement. You can fool around or just set your character in a spot and go away for it. Of course, if you have the DLC for the game, you can do those missions as well. Note that the overall play time carries over between playthroughs, so if you don’t want to stand around and do nothing, you can always start a new game.



When you first create your character, you will see an option to to upload that character (PS3/Xbox 360) to the servers. Do that and this trophy/achievement is yours, but the servers for those versions of the game have been shut down recently. However, it has been proven just attempting to upload the character on the PS3 version will grant the trophy, but it isn’t known if it still works on 360.

The Re-Elected version of the game doesn’t have you uploading the character to a server, but instead chooses to save the character locally. So, on PS4 and Xbox One, all you have to do is pick to save your character and the trophy/achievement will pop.


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