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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 31-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 26-05-2019 / 11:56 GMT

Saints Row IV Guide

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Trophies/Achievements Guide, Part 2

Twenty-Twenty Vision

You need a total of 20 hours spent playing the game, which might or might not be done while doing everything else in the game. If not, then it’s possible to just leave your game running, unpaused, while doing something else. Note that the three hours needed for the co-op trophy/achievement counts towards this.


Double Trouble

Co-op in Gat Out of Hell is online or LAN only, so local co-op with two controllers is not possible. You need a total of three hours to get this and you don’t really have to do anything, as long as the game is unpaused and the controller is still on.


Sloth Love Chunk

The weapon representing Sloth, Armchair-A-Geddon , is unlocked via a very short mission near the beginning of the game. The mission’s name is Take a Break, which Dane Vogel asks you to find a chair, which turns out to be a weapon. The weapon has miniguns for its primary fire and rockets for its secondary.

Since the weapon uses up quite a bit of ammo quickly, it’s best to wait until you get the infinite ammo upgrade for rifles. If you’re going for all of the challenges, then you will need to kill 100 enemies with the chair’s rockets and will need to upgrade all weapons. Fully upgraded, the chair will make short work of pretty much any enemy in the game, including Arch Dukes.


Nailed It

The Gods Hammer is available to you from near the beginning of the game and can be a good melee weapon. Its attack will smack the ground and stun enemies, as well as causing damage. It’s a good idea to upgrade it to cause more damage, as well as get its ultimate upgrade, Smite, as there’s a challenge to kill enemies with that.


Shut Your Eyes

The Essence of Wrath, the Ark of the Covenant , is unlocked upon killing Satan’s Top Agent, who will randomly replace one of the Arch Dukes upon killing 10 of them. Its primary fire is an explosive energy ball that splits into four small ones upon hitting an enemy. Its secondary fire is the ability to suck up smaller enemies (those around Gat/Kinzie’s size and smaller). There is a challenge to suck up enemies, so work on that while working on this.



In order to kill your own imps, you need to purchase the upgrade in the Arcane menu that allows you to detonate the imps after they’ve been summoned. Once you do, you can simply summon the imps and immediately detonate them. Do this again and again until you’ve reached 50 and this pops.


Extra Crispy

This is a very easy trophy/achievement and can be done as soon as you start the game. Simply find any spot with a lava pool and stand on it until you die.


Gnarly Wave

The Comet is a vehicle that looks a bit like a station wagon, that you find driving around. The catch with this one is that it will eventually start smoking and catch on fire, which will lead to it exploding. You need to jump on top of the vehicle and once you’re on top of it for a few seconds, you can initiate car surfing. While car surfing, you need to keep your balance until the car catches fire and explodes.

This is quite annoying, as sometimes, the vehicle will stop moving or you might get knocked off as well. If you have a co-op partner, then this can be done with one person driving the vehicle and the other person attempting the trophy/achievement.


Hell Buoy

Imps are small, red creatures that move quickly around and then attempt to attach themselves to your body. If this happens, you will be prompted to mash a button to shake them off. Towards the beginning of the game, when you’re learning new powers, you will have to defend Blackbeard from a bunch of imps that spawn on his ship. This is a very easy spot to earn this, as there are plenty of imps, but make sure you don’t shake them off until five have attached themselves to you.


Top Gunner

This trophy/achievement is missable. As you progress in the game, a new diversion will unlock, called Spires. These act as anti-air turrets that shoot a missile at you whenever you fly within its range. You will need at least one upgrade to your Flight power for this, which is the hover ability. What you need to do is get within range that the Spire shoots at you, then hover and shoot a Blast shot at the missile.

While it is much easier to do this with the enemy Spires, there’s only 26 of them in the game and they disappear after destroying them. It’s missable in that sense, but it’s possible to get this trophy/achievement by shooting a missile that comes from your Tower summon.


Terminal Hog

This trophy/achievement is missable. The Extraction Facility diversion has you capturing points inside of a building, while fending off enemies so they don’t recapture them. There’s only four of these in the game and you have to capture the last point while riding a motorcycle (not all of them). It’s best to clear the place of enemies first before bringing a motorcycle inside to capture the points.



Flying for 60 seconds without touching the ground or any walls might sound challenging, but it’s pretty easy later in the game when you have Flight fully upgraded. Get to a high spot and jump off, then start flying, making sure to stay away from areas populated with buildings just in case. As long as you keep level and don’t do anything crazy, then you should be able to get this easily, especially with five flaps.


Shooting Star

The easiest way to get this trophy/achievement is to look for a floating land mass and go underneath it, where you should see a little bit of lava flow dripping off it. Fly back and forth while passing through this lava to get this in no time.


Put Up Your Dukes

Arch Dukes appear in two places, either after converting all of the stones in a Marshalling Ground or by getting your Notoriety meter to its max. You should try to get this by going after one of the ones from the Marshalling Ground, as they will always appear with their health bar showing (other method sometimes does it, but not always).

It might be best to use a very strong weapon, should you not be able to see its health bar, to kill one and make note how much firepower it took. Then, on the next attempt, stop short of killing the Arch Duke and use melee to defeat it to get the trophy/achievement.


Out of the Frying Pan

Find a road that is right next to the lava, of which there are a few, such as the highway. You can use the base element for Stomp to try and knock a vehicle into the lava or you can use Sprint power with the Unstoppable upgrade.


Soft Shoe

You should be able to do this trophy/achievement straight from the beginning of the game, but if you cannot, then get a health upgrade or two, as well as some fire damage resistance. Once you do that, then standing 10 seconds on lava without dying will be a piece of cake.


Cluster Luck

This will come naturally when going for all of the Soul Clusters, as the pinkish-colored ones that split count as five clusters and you’ll most likely get them without touching walls or the ground.


Let’s Bounce

Bouncing off of 5 vehicles without touching the ground in Torment Fraud can be tricky, as you might have trouble controlling your character while in the air. One possible solution to this is to steal five vehicles and line them up, then start the Torment Fraud activity and roll over the vehicles. Of course, that can be challenging, as sometimes vehicles will explode when you hit them, launching you up in the air.

The three instances of the activity offer differ results as far as this trophy/achievement goes, as some people seem to like the Easy instance and others like the Medium or Hard version. You basically want to find a spot where a lot of vehicles might come to, such as an intersection or possibly a highway.


Are You Crazy?

Whenever you load up a saved game, you will always begin in the Ultor lobby, so open both doors on one side and go outside to try and find a Comet. Don’t stray too far away from the doors, though, as they will close on you and you don’t have too much time when driving a Comet (this is the vehicle that spontaneously combusts). Once you find one, quickly steal it and drive it into the lobby for the trophy/achievement.


Raise the Roof

Before you can go for this trophy/achievement, you need to purchase the Wall Running upgrade for your Super Sprint power (unlocks at level 4). Once you do, find any wall with a big ledge above you and keep running up it, hitting the ledge until this pops.


Barn Burner

When you fly through certain locations, you will see something pop up called Barnstorming. These are one of the game’s collectibles, but the problem is that they don’t show up on the map whenever you purchase the Collectible Finder. Luckily, there’s a total of 138 of these in the game and you only need to find 75 of them to get this trophy/achievement.

You basically want to look out for any location that has two walls on either side and a ceiling/top portion of some sort. Good locations for these include gateways, holes in buildings and bridges. You’ll likely get a good number of them when flying around collecting Soul Clusters, as some of these are located in Barnstorming spots.


Saints’ Creed

The Queen Anne’s Revenge is the ship where Blackbeard hangs out and you will be visiting it towards the beginning of the game to get one of your powers. In order to get this, all you have to do is touch the top (don’t need to stand on it as the description says) of the biggest mast to get the trophy/achievement. You can either wall run up the mast or flying to the top.


Satan Punchers

This trophy/achievement will be gotten automatically once you defeat Satan at the end of the game and upon viewing the mission results screen after the credits.


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