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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Wright
First Published: 31-05-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 01-04-2020 / 07:59 GMT

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Act II

Diplomatic Immunity

Quest Info Description
Objective: Infiltrate a party at the Thalmor Embassy.
Quest Giver: Delphine
Location(s): Riverwood, Solitude, Thalmor Embassy
Prerequesite: A Blade in the Dark
Next Quest: A Cornered Rat
Reward: None

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Meet Delphine in Riverwood.

  2. Meet Malborn in Solitude.

  3. Give Malborn any equipment to smuggle into the Thalmor Embassy.

  4. Meet Delphine at Katla’s Farm in Solitude.

  5. Create a distraction and get away from the party.

  6. (Optional) Retrieve the Dragonborn’s gear.

  7. Search for information about the Dragons returning.

  8. Escape the Thalmor Embassy.

  9. Talk to Delphine.

Detailed Walkthrough

After the last Main Quest, head on over to Riverwood to meet up again with Delphine. She’ll take you down to the secret room and talk to you about the Thalmor Embassy and how YOU are going to sneak inside! Huh, sounds dangerous!

Apparently that throws parties that you’re going to be invited to, we just have to travel to the town of Solitude and meet with Delphine’s contact, Malborn first. So it’s off to the Winking Skeever Inn in Solitude (which, if you didn’t know, Solitude is in the north-west section of the map, north of Dragon Bridge and good ol’ Meeko’s Shack).

Speak with Delphie in Riverwood [Left] and then head to Solitude to meet Malborn [Right].

Once you’re in Solitude, go to the Winking Skeever Inn and meet up with Malborn . Now, here’s the part where the quest gets interesting. Malborn will offer to sneak in some equipment for you, because when you go to the party you won’t have ANY of your normal gear.

Now take his advice and bring what is essential to you (for me for example, I brought a bow and arrows, a blade, and some lockpicks…). A weapon is definitely recommended (unless you’re the magic type).

After talking to Malborn and giving him the equipment, head back outside of Solitude and go meet Delphine near the stables. She will give you two pieces of party clothing and your invitation. She’ll also hold onto everything you own in the meantime. When you’re ready to go let her know.

You’ll arrive at the embassy in the wagon. Give the nearby wizard your **** invitation and head in with the other party-goer named Razelan. Once you are inside the ambassador Elenwen will engage you in conversation before being interrupted by Malborn. Talk to the people here if you wish to hear some interesting conversation, but your next objective is to cause a distraction so you can follow Malborn.

To do so; go get a drink from Malborn (or one of the servants) and go give it to Razelan. You’ll instantely become his best friend (someone has been drinking already today!). Since you’re his new best friend, you can ask him to make a distraction, which he’ll proudly do.

Get a drink from Malborn [Left] and give it to Razelan [Right].

Head over to Malborn now and he’ll lead you through the kitchen and past a nosy Khajit to the rest of the house. You can grab the gear he smuggled in by examining the chest in the pantry. Once you go into the hallway you will be locked into this portion of the house.

Be careful; in the immediate room to your left you will find two soldiers and a wizard.

Since I’m a badass, I just killed them all (I imagine some invisibility would get you through without being seen, but their armor is worth gold!).

Kil the two soliders and the wizard and then head out the door at the end of the corridor.

Loot the place now (there’s no more enemies in this section of the house) and once you’re done looting there will be two doors leading out to Skyrim. In reality they lead to a small backyard where two soldiers and another wizard await. Out here, try to fight them one on one and avoid fighting anything the wizard may summon (it’s best to kill the wizard first if you can). You should be able to divide and conquer by using the building out here. Once they are dead head into the stand-alone building.

You’ll now be in an office of sorts. There’s a single patroling guard here and an informant talking to someone in the back. I snuck around and looted stuff until the informant was done talking, then I killed him and the guard. Loot the rest of this place too (as the person who was talking to the snitch went downstairs).

Of particular note is a bunch of documents in a chest behind a desk. Thalmor Dossier’s, one on Delphine and one on Ulfric Stormcloak. You’ll also see a document called "Dragon Investigation: Current Status". Take it and read it. Seems like they know about as much as we do.

Check in the chest behind a desk for a bunch of documents.

There’s also an expert **** display case here that you can try and crack but it’s pretty damned hard unless you have some proficiency with lockpicking. Very good stuff inside though. Now our next goal is to go into the dungeon down below, and if you raided/looted properly you should have the key! Head down to the dungeon and sneak around.

Listen to what’s going on and when you’re ready kill the guard and the wizard down here (followed by more looting of course). You should find another Dossier on Esbern that will prove quite revealing. Seems like this guy is their #1 target in Riften.

Go free the prisoner now and he’ll thank you. He’ll show you a trapdoor nearby where he’s seen them dump bodies, but it’s locked!

Free the prisoner [Left] and he'll show you the location of a trapdoor [Right].

Right about now two guards should appear with Malborn in two, claiming they have you trapped and have your spy! You have to kill both of them, as they have a key for the trapdoor on their persons. You’ll now have Malborn AND the prisoner following you. Head through the trapdoor.

Down here you’ll run into another frost troll. This guy just sucks (I hate these things). Oftentimes the prisoner will just run ahead like an idiot and get himself killed. Ideally, you’ll want to shoot the troll with arrows or use magic from the ledge your on to kill it, but it’s super hard to come out of this with NPC’s that are dumb (you can always reload the auto-save if you wish).

You could also just plain run past it, as the exit to Skyrim’s world map is close by. I should really note though that there’s an Illusion Skillbook here called Before the Ages of Man to be had, so some troll killing may be in order.

Back out on the world map your companions will run away. Our next objective is to retrieve our stuff and talk to Delphine, so fast travel back to Riverwood. Tell Delphine everything you’ve learned and she’ll say that you HAVE to go to Riften to find Esbern!

Important Note : All of your gear is in the CHEST down here in the secret room!

We’ll now receive our next main quest A Cornered Rat.

Once you have completed Diplomatic Immunity and will unlock the achievement:


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