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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Author(s): Greg Wright
First Published: 31-05-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 29-05-2020 / 15:37 GMT

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

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Act II

The Throat of the World

Quest Info Description
Objective: Receive a lesson from Paarthurnax.
Quest Giver: Arngeir
Location(s): High Hrothgar, Throat of the World
Prerequesite: Alduin's Wall
Next Quest: Elder Knowledge
Reward: On word of Fire Breath shout & the whole Clear Skies shout

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Paarthurnax.

  2. Learn the Word of Power from Paarthurnax.

  3. Use your "Fire Breath" shout on Paarthurnax.

  4. Talk to Paarthurnax.

Detailed Walkthrough

Well, to start this quest we want to fast travel to **** High Hrothgar so we can go talk to Arngeir. Once you talk to him and explain what it is that you want, he will get rather mad at you for working with the blades! Someone else (Paarthurnax) will remind Arngeir of his place. However, Arngeir doesn't know the shout Dragonrend and says that only Paarthurnax may know it.

Speak with Arngeir and then follow him to learn a new Shout.

Follow Arngeir to the courtyard and he will teach you a new shout, Clear Skies. He'll teach you all three words: Sky, Spring, and Summer. Using this Thu'um, it is possible to clear away inclement weather, which you'll need to do to open the way to the summit.

Equip the Clear Skies shout and try it out to get rid of the damaging mist plaguing the path ahead (head to the top of the stairs first and be sure to re-use it as needed). Once you clear the way, our objective will change to Talk to Paarthurnax so start trekking up the mountain some more. You'll face several Ice Wraiths along the way. They're not a real threat, but you have to examine the chunks of ice they leave behind for any kind of reward...

At the top of the mountain you will finally discover The Throat of the World and meet Paarthurnax (who is totally a dragon!). Ask him what you need and he will contemplate it. First he will speak onto the dragon wall nearby, which displays the first word for an entirely new shout: Fire - Fire Breath .

Go up and learn it and then equip it, as you need to actually use it on Paarthurnax to continue.

He will be happy once you torch him as he hasn't talked to "his own kind" in quite awhile. Once again, ask him to teach you the Dragonrend Shout (I though we made that clear a second ago!?). This will lead to a rather lengthy talk between him and you about Alduin and the last time he was defeated.

In the end; Paarthurnax doesn't know the shout Dragonrend, as it was the very first Thu'um created by Dragonborn alone. He will tell you exactly what happened to Alduin so very long ago though, which involves a familiar relic to the series: the Elder Scroll.

The Elder Scroll was used in conjunction with Dragonrend to push Alduin forward into time, and the only people that could possibly teach you the shout Dragonrend would be the ancient heroes that used it in the beginning. Paarthurnax reasons that if you had the Elder Scroll, you could go back in time and learn the shout from those heros yourself.

When asked what Dragonrend actually does, Paarthurnax says it forces the dragon to have a concept of mortality... a concept that is so foreign to the immortal creatures that it weakens them. This ends the quest The Throat of the World and starts the next main quest: Elder Knowledge.

Note: You can meditate on the Words of Power now by talking to Paarthurnax. He will essentially ask you what word you wish to meditate on. Here are the words and what bonuses they give:

  • **FUS:** Force Without Effort: You stagger 25% less and foes stagger 25% more.
  • **FEIM:** Eternal Spirit: You gain a 25% bonus health regeneration rate after using Ethereal shout.
  • **YOL:** The Fire Within: Fire Breath shout deals 25% more damage.

Guide Information

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