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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Author(s): Greg Wright
First Published: 31-05-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 03-04-2020 / 04:53 GMT

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Random World Quests and Encounters

Destroy the Draugr in Angarvunde

You can start this quest by first traveling to and entering Angarvunde, which is southeast of Ivarstead and directly south of the Atronach Standing Stone. Inside the ruins, you’ll meet a woman named Medresi Dran, who will tell you that her hired workers fled upon seeing Draugr. Talk with here and you can enter into a deal where you work with her to find the treasure in this place to start this miscellaneous quest.

Of course "work with her" means "do all the work". Go forward to the first big room and kill the three Draugr in there, then go back and report to Medresi. She’ll run to the big room, look at the large barred gate, and will give you a key to access the doors on the SIDE of this room. To the left are the catacombs. To the right are the ruins. Let’s go through the catacombs first.

Our objective now is "find a way to open the gates". This ENTIRE romp through the catacombs is LINEAR as all get out. You’ll be fighting a LOT of Draugr, and since it’s in a catacombs area be sure to watch out for Draugr that are "sleeping". There are two chests along the way, the first of which is trapped. Also, watch out for floor plates while you climb stairways, as they like to put traps there. Continue until the end where you will be back in a different section of the first big room and can hit a lever (and open a chest). The lever you just hit opens ONE of TWO gates blocking our forward progress, so yep, you guessed it, we have to go through the RUINS now.

Head down the path here and watch out for floor plates until you reach the first Draugr. Dispatch him and check for an ILLUSION SKILLBOOK named "Before the Ages of Man" on the table, and for a chest behind that. Head onwards and kill the two Draugr in the next room.

Note: There is a STATUE PRESSURE PLATE up on the upper level in here, which you can PUT things on to depress. As far as I know it has no use.

After killing the Draugr, make your way around the halls (killing one more) to the inaccesible gated room from before. You can hit a lever here to open all the gates and continue. You’ll come to one last BIG room with several Draugr in it. Kill them off and be sure to grab the potions from the table on the left as well as a chest on the right then head UP two levels. Keep going and soon you’ll be back in that hub room. Like before, hit the lever and grab the chest.

You’ll be told to go back to Medresi, but as you do she will run ahead and claim the treasure is all hers. Don’t worry, she gets what’s coming to her. Follow the path downwards to discover a DRAGON WALL with the word PACK - ANIMAL ALLEGIANCE on it. That, and the chest here, are the treasure of this place. Quest complete.

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