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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Author(s): Greg Wright
First Published: 31-05-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 26-01-2020 / 14:10 GMT

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

The Dark Brotherhood Main Quests

Bound until Death

The poor bride in this wedding is a girl named Vittoria Vici, who is marrying one Asgeir Snow-Shod. Since one is an Imperial and the other is a Stormcloak this union WAS supposed to hopefully calm hostilities between the two. But then you came along…

Note: The wedding is a PUBLIC reception, which you should take note of. Also, we have been promised a bonus if we kill Vici as she addresses the crowd!

Head on over to the city of Solitude. The reception is in an open-air area JUST past the guards training area! Grah! Don’t worry, there’s some tricks to this place. First of all the bride and groom are sitting down below for now, but if you wait awhile they’ll get up and move into a door on the left which makes them appear on a balcony up above. This is when the bride will start her speech.

Now there’s several ways we can do this. If you don’t care about a bounty you can always just kill her outright in whatever manner you wish. That’s a little crude though. There’s ALSO a very strong gift set in place for you: in the back by the beggar is a door that leads to another balcony across the way.

On the balcony however is a magic bow names Firiniel’s End, along with an Elixir of True Shot and some arrows. SOMEONE wants you to use a bow, no? You COULD use it, but you’ll still be getting a bounty and will have to escape.

What I personally did was to go INTO the church nearby (the big doors by the beggar, I also looted the bow by the way, you may as well!) and once inside the church stick to the right hand wall until you get to a door leading to Solitude (outside). This leads you ABOVE the balcony that the bride will be on. Out here there’s a GARGOYLE that is LOOSE , so sneak here and MAKE SURE YOU ARE HIDDEN , then once you hear her start to talk, push the gargoyle statue over.

This will kill her, but best of all you are HIDDEN . Now; guards will start to look for you but stay still. They can’t get to you where you’re at, and after a little bit you’ll be able to FAST TRAVEL back to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary! Be sure to fast travel as soon as you can!

Head back to Astrid and receive your reward: a unique spell called " Summon Spectral Assassin ", which summons Lucien Lachance (from Oblivion) to fight by your side! Cool! Also, if you killed Vici when she was speaking you’ll gain 1000 gold! Sweet. Astrid will now complete the current quest and tell you to talk to Gabriella to start your next quest: " Breaching Security ".

Note: If you do get spotted at any time, VEEZARA will show up to help you out. He will get the crowds attention by initiating combat which will help you escape.


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