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Sunset Overdrive
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 24-10-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 26-11-2018 / 07:19 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 18-01-2019 / 22:55 GMT

Sunset Overdrive Guide Guide info

Campaign Missions

A New Friend

After accepting the quest, you’ll want to head north to the Crown Blades Factory, which is conveniently highlighted by an objective marker for you. Enter the open gate here for a short scene.

Afterwards make your way to the far side of the area and hop out to the platform in the water. Follow the path across the platforms here until you reach the mainland again on the other side of the central building. Here we will see the fellow from the scene we witnessed earlier running away from OD. Follow him around the central building, clear the area of hostiles and then interact with the highlighted door.

Enter the gate ot the Crown Blades Factory (left) and track down and protect the stranger inside (right).

Following the scene, you’ll be introduced to a new type of OD – the Blower. These guys are a ranged variant of the OD faction and are a little tougher than the average enemy. When facing one, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for red circles on the ground. This is where their projectiles are scheduled to land, so don’t be standing there when they do!

Kill the three Blowers directly in front of you and work your way back around the central building to the left, protecting Sam as you go. Around the far side of the building, more Blowers will appear on the freight crates on the far side of the area. Eliminate these guys and the regular OD that come to attack your friend before proceeding up the stairs near the water.

Fight off the OD in here and when you reach the dead end, drop down to the ground below. Clear all of the OD in the area and approach Sam near the gate for a scene.

Once again, clear all of the enemies in the area before continuing through the now open tunnel and returning to the area with the shipping containers once more. Run over to the objective marker and open the chest here for a new weapon the – TNTeddy and get ready for some more fighting.

As soon as you pick up the weapon, you will be attacked by Poppers and regular OD from the waterfront and soon after by a large group of Blowers on the cargo containers mixed with some regular OD to keep things interesting before gradually introducing more and more regulars and Poppers. We essentially need to keep killing enemies for around 2-3 minutes until an objective marker appears above the train.

Defend the train against waves of OD (left) before riding the train out of the area (right).

Once the marker appears, jump onto the train and ride it for a short distance. Once it stops, follow Sam until a scene plays to end the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
1,000 x Overcharge Fast Travel: Crown Blades Factory
Weapon: TNTeddy Fast Travel: Oxford's Base
Clothing: Blazer Open Challenge: Traversal Challenge #4
Challenge: Weapon - TNTeddy

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