This page offers a walkthrough on the Frosty Cosmic Mario Race Power Star in the Freezeflame Galaxy.

Cosmic Mario Appears

As you start the level and take a few steps, Cosmic Mario will appear to challenge you to a race. You have to beat Cosmic Mario to the Power Star at the end of the pathway of ice platforms.

The ice platforms pathways are layed out in the same position as they were in the Hot and Cold Collide level. Meaning gravity will flip as you reach the end of one path.

Mario and Cosmic Mario at the winter games.

If Cosmic Mario wins the race and gets to the Power Star before you, you will lose a life and have to try again. When racing Cosmic Mario, you both will have similair stats in terms of speed and agility. It’s therefore important to try and skip tiles when you can.

Jumping on Cosmic Mario gives you Star Bits!

As you are racing on ice platforms, the quickest way to travel would be to skate. You can start skating by using your spin attack, which will make Mario skate.

To give yourself small boosts of speed, press Y again. With a level that is focused on you being fast you can’t afford not to use that techique. Be sure to utilize it during the long stretch of platforms, due to the fact that as you skate and get a small boost, Mario can be a little harder to control.

It’s best to give yourself a speed boost during the long stretch of platforms!

You will most likely be ahead of Cosmic Mario by this point, so just take care not to fall off the platforms as you skate. You should be able to see the Power Star at the end of the third path. All you have to do is touch the star before Cosmic Mario and it will be yours!

(1 of 2) Don’t be afraid to make a leap of faith

Don’t be afraid to make a leap of faith (left), that high risk could yield a high reward! (right)

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