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Super Mario 3D World
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 27-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 25-04-2019 / 22:33 GMT

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World Castle

World Castle-7: Simmering Lava Lake

In this level you’ll have to avoid the rising lava. Areas that are green are above the lava level and are safe so when the lava does rise make your way to a green platform.

Start off by climbing up the large pillar to a Super Mushroom then jump down for a Boomerang Flower . Wait for the lava to fall then dash around the corner to a safe location, do this twice to reach a large platform where Green Star #1 is sticking out over the lava. Toss a Boomerang out to grab it then make your way right while avoiding the Splorches as you make your way to the far side of the level. Touch the Green Star Ring after dodging a Splorch then dash along the green platforms collecting the coins to obtain Green Star #2 then enter the Clear Pipe.

hit the Star off the platform to the right with a boomerang (left). Hop through the green Star Ring and grab all the green coins for another Star (right).

At the Checkpoint Flag you can see the third Green Star across the way, don’t forget where it’s at. Head to the backside of the floor, moving when the lava recedes to a Boomerang Flower on the green safe platforms. Wait for the lava to recede again then jump down under the grates for the Stamp , making your way back up before the lava rises. Cross onto the next platform then turn your camera so you can see the grates leading to Green Star #3 , an item overlooked if you don’t turn the camera.

The Stamp (left) can be found on a lower platform when the lava goes down. The final Star is on a platform off the main area (right).

From here it’s a dash past Charvaarghs leaping on the bridges that are safe all the way to the Goal Pole.

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