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Tales of Graces F
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 19-03-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-03-2018 / 15:47 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 20-10-2018 / 07:30 GMT

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Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)

Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)

East Lhant Highroad - Lhant

Items Checklist
Milk x3 | Feather | Throwing Knives | Blouse | Ribbon | Decaying Fang | Bread x3 | 540 Gald | Iron Scabbard | All-Divide | **Best Princess Stories** | **Noko Plushie** | Pork x2 | **Magic Carta No. 29**
Skits Checklist
An Unseasonable Chill
Titles Checklist
Cheria: Sickly Child | Cheria: Un-believable Child | Cheria: An Old Friend, Matured | Cheria: Radiant Healer

Everything on the Highroad has been restocked, so grab the Milk x3 from the Windor Cow and the Feather in the chest nearby. When you reach the cottage you’ll be forced into a fight with an interesting outcome that results in a new combat member.

After being forced into a battle and learn that you're not the only one with new powers.

Head into the cottage to grab the Decaying Fang , Bread x3 and watch the An Unseasonable Chill skit at the save and then continue toward Lhant. On the way to town, grab the 540 Gald by the bridge and Iron Scabbard by the riverbed and then enter town.

After the scene, check out the shops and then head to Lhant Manor and talk to the maid to learn more about Requests. Check Aston’s room to enter the code Aston in the chest for an All-Divide and then check the bookcases for the Best Princess Stories .

Head toward the windmill to grab the easy-to-see treasure with a Noko Plushie and then enter the nearby house. There is a Pork x2 from inside the closet that you should grab and then climb the windmill for the Magic Carta No. 29 . While you can finally enter Cheria’s house, there is nothing inside.

Make sure to get the plushie and the magic carta before leaving town.