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Tales of Xillia 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 07-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-03-2018 / 19:58 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 21-09-2018 / 22:31 GMT

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11


Skits Checklist
Milla's Secret

Head to Spirius Corp. and talk to Vera in the lobby and the party will automatically be transported up to the 40F, so enter Bisley’s office for more information. After Milla leads head to Trigleph Port for a solution to getting the other Milla back.

Gaius will inform you that Exodus is planning a big attack and it’s your job to stop them.

Question: Whaddya say?

  • L1 - I'm coming too. (Jude Affinity +250)
  • R1 - We'll lend a hand. (Milla Affinity +150)

Looks like Rideaux has been eavesdropping, as his sneaky selfishness would do, and has some plans of his own to move the plot forward. Before you leave Trigleph watch the skit Milla’s Secret and then teleport to Marksburg.