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Tales of Xillia
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 15-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-05-2019 / 07:57 GMT

Tales of Xillia Guide

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Act 1 - Scholar of Rieze Maxia

New Town New Faces

Sapstrath Highroad

Item Checklist
Panacea Bottle x2 | Holy Bottle | Melange Gel | **Jet Black Feather x5** | Warrior Emblem | **Mysterious Jewel** | Basil | Orange Gel | Elixir | 1500 Gald | 2000 Gald
Skits Checklist
Smokeshrooms | The Secret Arte of Monster Control | A Treasure Like Elize | A Nice Juicy Mana Lobe | The Joy of Smokeshrooms

Watch the skits Smokeshrooms and The Secret Arte of Monster Control before you jump down and get the Panacea Bottle x2 from the chest by the rock. Drop off to the west and follow the wall to find a Holy Bottle near the zone, but do not zone.

Instead head back east and climb the vines, possibly getting the skits A Treasure Like Elize , A Nice Juicy Mana Lobe and The Joy of Smokeshrooms , and grab the Melange Gel treasure chest before you exit north.

Hug the west wall and jump off and follow it to a chest with Jet Black Feather x5 and then climb the vines nearby. On the left is a small tunnel you can crawl through to reach the Warrior Emblem and an Aifread’s Treasure with a Mysterious Jewel is in the trees.

Check the north branch for the valuable Jet Black Feathers and Aifreads Treasure.

Jump off and follow the northern wall to a tunnel that hides a Basil and then take either set of vines to reach the eastern upper level. The northeast corner of this upper level has a tunnel to an Orange Gel , while the southern tip has a tunnel with an Elixir on the other side. Jump off the upper level and grab the 1500 Gald by the trees in the south and then leave the zone the same way you came in.

If you zone to the northeast you can access a tunnel with 2000 Gald , but the caravan still blocks they path and you won’t be able to go much further. Instead, head to the west zoneline to leave the Highroad.


Item Checklist
Echore | Sunglasses | 2600 Gald | Elixir x2 | Emo Glasses | 3000 Gald | **Mysterious Jewel** | **Lucky Charm** | **Item Sphere Plus**
Skits Checklist
(Traces of the Toy Peddler) | (The Peddler's Destination) | Milla's Friends | (Making Friends) | The Loyal Butler | Eye of the Beholder
Sub Events Checklist
The Sad Salesman | The Runaways | The Clouds of Battle Begin to Stir | A Life in Shackles | Travel Protection | Pretty in Pink

After the scene, watch the skit (Traces of the Toy Peddler) and then talk to the girl by the Item Shop to updated the Teppo’s sub event.

The vendor on the opposite side of the street from the Item Shop is the Ice Pop vendor, where you can buy Ice Pops to try and get Win Sticks or Lose Sticks. The man on the west side of the street is the Jet Black Feather Trader, where you can trade in your feathers for unique items.

Talk to the girl to learn about some dolls similar to Teppo and then talk to the Jet Black Feather merchant.

Reward Cost Reward Cost Reward Cost
Blue Sage 25 Blue Basil 15 Unicorn Horn 20
Blue Savory 25 Blue Saffron 15 Pheasant Tail 20
Blue Rosemary 25 Blue Jasmine 15 Aquatic Jelly 20
Blue Lavender 15 Omega Elixir 25 Fragrant Silver Scales 20
Blue Verbena 15 Libavius Ore 20 Stronge Core 50
Blue Chamomile 15 Great Tree's Fruit 20 Iolite Ore 50

Note that while the basic rewards might not sound great, he gives additional rewards for the cumulative amount you hand over.

Spent Reward
100 Artes Sphere & 10000 Gald
200 Hat & 20000 Gald (you can also get the Hat Style items)
300 Blue Saphira & 30000 Gald
400 Classy Lady Garb (Milla), Casual Outfit (Alvin) & 40000 Gald
459 Accel & 50000 Gald
1000 300 Grade Points

Note: If you warp over to Aladhi Seahaven you will get the skit (The Peddler’s Destination) and then head toward the merchants to find the peddler, finish the sub event, and gain an Echore material.

Back in Sharilton, head to the next area and turn right to accept the sub event The Sad Salesman and then talk to the Boy nearby for the start of the sub event The Runaways . Return after running away and follow the street west for a sub event, The Clouds of Battle Begin to Stir , and then head into the inn and had over the "delivery" to the Innkeeper by the fire for Sunglasses and 2600 Gald .

Note: If you pop back to Elize’s house in Hamil, you can get a sub event with her in the basement called A Life in Shackles .

Additionally, you should take a second to head back to Sapstrath Highroad for the skit Milla’s Friends and then head for the Sapstrath Deepwood, to the area we were forced through and couldn’t access, can be investigated for the Aifread’s Treasure with a Elixir x2 inside.

Note: To complete the monster hunt sub event, head to the North zone in Sapstrath Highroad and climb the vines in the northwest corner, where the Aifread’s Treasure was. Finishing this and turning it in to the sad Merchant will get you the Emo Glasses and 3000 Gald .

When you are done with everything else, head to the south exit to the Lord’s Manor for a scene. When you have control again check the dresser to the right of the girls location for a Mysterious Jewel and talk to everyone and then leave to proceed with the story.

Grab the Mysterious Jewel in the Sharil house and then head outside and make sure to talk to the Pro-Pinkists.

After the scene, exit the mansion and watch the (Making Friends) skit and then head to the plaza just outside of the manor and talk to the twins who want a Peachberry Blossom as part of the Pretty in Pink event line. Also, the nearby young girl asks you to deliver and item to her father as part of the sub event Travel Protection , which will get you the Lucky Charm .

Head back to the shopping area, by exiting north, for a scene.

Note: You can warp to Aladhi Seahaven and talk to the Father at the docks to turn in the good luck charm for the Item Sphere Plus .

After the events, Rowen will join the party and you can watch the skits The Loyal Butler and Eye of the Beholder .

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