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Tales of Xillia
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 15-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-05-2019 / 07:52 GMT

Tales of Xillia Guide

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Act 4 - Milla's Path

New Memories + Their Plans

Kijara Seafalls

Apple Gel x3, Blue Rosemary, French Toast (Large), Paladin's Cape, Sharp Pincers x11, Giant Fish Fin x6, Jet Black Feather x5

Talk to each of the spirits twice and then try and leave to the west for a scene.

Note: Note that all enemies in the spirit realm are their own Enemy Data entry, so make sure you kill everything.

We want to head toward Nia Khera first, so head climb the vines and zone to the West Beach. Follow the path and climb up the rocks and then hop off to the south to get a chest with Jet Black Feather x5 .

Although you can zone west to Nia Khera , the path is blocked with an invisible barrier, so instead head north and east along the path to a chest with Sharp Pincers x11 . Backtrack now and head east.

Check the hole in the north wall for a French Toast (Large) and then climb the ledges up. At the top; head west along a cliff walkway to a chest with Giant Fish Fin x6 and then head east and hop down. Before zoning, head south into a small cave for Apple Gel x3 .

Hop up the cliffs and head right along the path to a chest with a Blue Rosemary and then jump down and continue northeast. Grab the Paladin’s Cape from the beach and then zone to Galia Trail .

Galia Trail

Lemon Gel x2, 4000 Gald, Fruit n' Cheese (Large), Land Crab x22

Head west along the south wall to a chest with 4000 Gald and then head north and west to a corner with Fruit n’ Cheese (Large) . You can now zone east after checking for random treasure.

Hug the south wall to a chest with Land Crab x22 and then head east to the other offshoot south and check the southwest corner for Lemon Gel x2. Now zone into Hamil.


Pineapple Gel, Apple Gel, Lemon Gel, Bizarre Clump x2, Black Egg x3
In Dreams (Part 1)

Enter Elize’s house for a scene and then check the basement for Bizarre Clump x2 and then follow Efreet east for another scene and a fight. Rest at Elize’s house if you need to and then head to the village.

Check the first house for Black Egg x3 and enter the Mayor’s House for another scene to complete the sub-event In Dreams (Part 1) . Check the cabinet of the bedroom for a Pineapple Gel and then check the other bedroom for an Apple Gel before you head downstairs to find a Lemon Gel . Now exit toward Aladhi Trail .

Aladhi Trail

Melange Gel x3, Melange Gel x3, Panacea Bottle x3, Miracle Gel, Blue Lavender, Veggie Sticks (Large), Miracle Bangle, Dingy Puffball x3, **Jet Black Feather x6**

Head south along the east wall to a chest with Melange Gel x3 and then continue south to another chest with Jet Black Feather x6 . Cut directly west to the opposite side of the area to spot another chest with Melange Gel x3 and then zone south.

Hug the east wall as you head south to get a Miracle Bangle and then head directly west past the zone to the south and get the Panacea Bottle x3 by a tree. Ignore the Aladhi Seahaven zone and head northwest and check the small offshoot in the northeast for a Miracle Gel before you zone.

Follow the north wall west to a chest with Blue Lavender and then head back east and south a bit to a chest with Dingy Puffball x3 . Continue all the way south to where we once fought the bandits and grab the Veggie Sticks (Large) and then backtrack and enter Aladhi Seahaven .

Aladhi Seahaven

In Dreams (Part 2)

Head to the center of town for a scene and then go to the Inn and talk to the woman. Afterwards, sleep at the Inn for the sub-event In Dreams (Part 2) and then head for the Seahaven exit for a scene. You can now warp to Nia Khera.

Nia Khera

1000 Gald
In Dreams (Part 3)

After the scene, head to the Inn for the sub-event In Dreams (Part 3) and then check the only other house open for 1000 Gald . Although we are suppose to head for Milla’s Shrine, let’s stop in the Floodmeadow for some items and the unique Enemy Data .

Xagut Floodmeadow

Blue Jasmine, Red Verbena, Savory

Head east as you enter and grab the Blue Jasmine from behind the small rock and then continue northeast to a chest with Red Verbena . Zone north and check the north side of the area for a Savory and then head back to Nia Khera and exit to the Spiritway .

Nia Khera Spiritway

All-Divide, Lemon Gel x2, Elixir, Blue Chamomile, Fruit Salad (Large), **Jet Black Feather x7**

Follow the north wall west to an All-Divide and then head to the southeast corner by the cliff-side for Lemon Gel x2 . Head west to the south offshoot and check the west wall for Jet Black Feather x7 before heading north and zoning west.

Head southwest and climb the first ledge to get the Fruit Salad (Large) and then continue to the northwest corner and climb the ledge for an Elixir . Hop off and head north toward the zone, but instead of zoning follow the north wall east to a Blue Chamomile . Make sure to save and then zone west.

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