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Tales of Xillia
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 15-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-05-2019 / 07:54 GMT

Tales of Xillia Guide

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Act 4: The Final Journey

New Possibilities

Torbalan Highroad

Specific Plus, Hourglass, Red Rosemary, Pineapple Gel, 11400 Gald, 5000 Gald, Fruit Yakisoba (Small), Monocle, Hunter's Monocle, Monocle, Mystery Mask, Fine Wood x8, Black Egg x9, **Jet Black Feather x6** , **Mysterious Jewel** (Fight)
Aifread's Legacy

Head west to a chest with a Specific Plus and then check the tree a little east for a Aifread’s Treasure containing a Monocle .

Note : Around this time (or slightly earlier), you should also get the Aifread’s Legacy skit and the trophy for finding 50 of his 61 treasures.


Head to the southeast corner of the map now and enter the tunnel to reach Fine Wood x8 and then defeat the Shadow Stalkers. You can now head to the next area through the north zone.

Note: If you return to Trigleph and turn this in at the port you will get a Mystery Mask and 11400 Gald.

Head along the east wall and in the southeast corner enter the tunnel to find Black Egg x9 . Continue east to the northeast corner and enter the tunnel there for an Hourglass before you continue along the east wall to a Fruit Yakisoba (Small) .

Now head west from the chest to a tunnel on the opposite wall with a Red Rosemary and zone to the next area.

Head west to a Pineapple Gel and then follow the west wall to a tunnel with 5000 Gald . Now head northeast and follow the north wall west to a tunnel with Jet Black Feather x6 , an Aifread’s Treasure containing a Hunter’s Monocle in the tree outside, and a chest to the west of that with a Monocle .

You can now head for Helioborg Fortress.

Helioborg Fortress

Pineapple Gel, Miracle Gel, Heavy Treat, Specific Plus, Syrup Bottle, Life Bottle, Red Chamomile, Elixir, 5000 Gald, 7000 Gald, Croquette Bun (Medium), Hero's Hat, Resistance Symbol, Harold Mask, Giant Fish Fin x3, Giant Fish Fin x2, Black Pearl x6, Griffon Claw x7, Strange Core, **Spyrix Casting** , **Skill Tome: "Widened Limits"** , **Jet Black Feather x7** , **Mysterious Jewel**
Teaching by Bad Example

After the scene you will gain the Spyrix Casting and can now enter the facility. Open the chest with 5000 Gald and then enter the first door on the left for a Pineapple Gel and Giant Fish Fin x3 . Continue down the hall and exit through the door for a scene.

Afterwards, head south and open the chest for a Hero’s Hat and then exit to the north. Grab the chest with the Miracle Gel and then continue north through another door. Instead of heading toward the door with the save, which leads to the Rusalle Highroad , head west and check the dead end for a Heavy Treat .

Head back to the room with the save and go south and then west to a new area and check the northern dead end for an Aifread’s Treasure containing the Harold Mask . Ignore the door to here and head south to another area that has a Resistance Symbol . You can now head back and enter the Military Research Wing .

Head all the way to the dead end for a Specific Plus and then backtrack and take the first door on the left. You can move the box here to reach the chest, which contains 7000 Gald , and then exit and enter the second door, selecting 10F .

Enter the eastern door and check the area for Giant Fish Fin x2 and a Croquette Bun (Medium) and then exit and check the dead end for an Aifread’s Treasure containing the Skill Tome: "Widened Limits" .

Now head west for a scene and then open the chest nearby for a Syrup Bottle before you exit the room for another scene.

Head west and go up the stairs to the next level and open the chest for a Life Bottle . Continue around the corner and enter the only powered doorway and move the box out of the way to reveal a passage to a Red Chamomile . Exit and head up the stairs to the next floor and enter the room across from the elevator.

Inside, grab the Elixir and Black Pearl x6 and then ascend to the next floor. Ignore all the doors on this floor for a bit and head toward the stairs, getting the Jet Black Feather x7 , and then take the stairs up.

Enter the only door here and use the lower moveable box to first pull out the other moveable box on the second level and then push it to either side so you can access the Mysterious Jewel behind it.

Return downstairs and enter the door across from the elevator and check the area for Griffon Claw x7 and a Strange Core. Now save your game and enter the only new door available for a scene.

Boss: Volt

Volt is a real push over even on Hard. His most dangerous attack is his AOE Lightning attack, but this doesn’t do enough damage to cause any serious injuries. Rowen is a great ally in this battle, especially if you turn off most of his Wind and Water abilities to allow his TP to be used on Earth spells, which Volt is weak to.


After the event, watch the skit Teaching by Bad Example and then head north and east to reach Rusalle Highroad.

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