Now you can either pick up your mess (a giant’s toe and a lot of wine bottles) or talk to her again and use your persuade skills to get her to tell you that Sam mentioned the city of Rorikstead (as your new goal is to find Sam and the staff he promised you).

Head on over to Rorikstead now where you’ll find a farmer named Ennis who’s mad as hell at you! Apparently, you stole his prized goat, Gleda, and SOLD her to a GIANT. Great going! In order to get ANY information from him you’ll have to get her back… or you could pass a PERSUADE, INTIMIDATE, or BRIBE (1000G) option. If you DO choose to get the goat back, you’ll have to travel up the hill to the south and kill the giant, then lead the goat back to Ennis. Pick whatever option you want, and Ennis will tell you to check with Ysolda in Whiterun.

Head over to Whiterun now and speak to Ysolda. She’ll tell you that you still owe here for the ring she sold you! Oh boy… so we got engaged too, huh? Man! She is willing to call it off if you return the ring though. At this point, we can once again pass a PERSUADE, INTIMIDATE, or BRIBE (2000G) option to continue our journey. Or we can go get the ring back. If you choose to go get the ring back, you’ll need to head over to a place called “Witchmist Grove”, just south of Kynesgrove. Head over there and a hagraven named Moira will run up to you. Apparently you were going to marry her… yeah, tell her you need the ring back and she’ll attack! Kill her off and grab the ring off of her corpse. Inside of her house you can also find a DESTRUCTION SKILLBOOK here called “Response to Bero’s Speech”. Nice. Head back to Ysolda now and give her the ring. She’ll mention your wedding was supposed to be at Morvunskar, which is our next objective.

Morvunskar is just southwest of Windhelm. Make your way there but be warned that it is guarded by all sorts of mages. Take them all out (they are probably novice level) and be sure to grab the chest before entering the keep. Once you are inside, kill the two mages in the right hand room. Be sure to scour it for a SMITHING SKILLBOOK called “Cherim’s Heart”. Now head down the stairs and follow the lengthy hallways until you reach a wide open room. Down here there will be 3-4 mages to take down, but be careful as one of them will be a MASTER mage. Now, you can go up the right stairs and reach the objective, but don’t forget to explore the rest of the place (you can find several chests and a few more enemies to take down). Once you’re done exploring, go up those stairs I mentioned and a portal will appear to take us to a “Misty Grove”.

Follow the path and you’ll find Sam at the end, along with what appears to be a party (notice how all the guests look the same!). Talk to Sam and he’ll be glad to see you again. Go through the dialog to find out that “Sam” is actually the Daedric Prince Sanguine! Bah, he was just having fun with us! We DO get the staff though: the SANGUINE ROSE, which can summon a Dremora for 60 seconds when we use it (pretty fancy)! Sanguine will send us back to the tavern as well! And once you’re back the quest will be over!


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