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The Last of Us
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 23-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 07-06-2020 / 09:41 GMT

The Last of Us Guide

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Bills Town

The Woods

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons and Ammo** **Healing Items** **Crafting/Upgrade Items**
Firefly Pendant x1 Bow Health Bar 55 Skill Pills
Pill's Note Lead Pipe x2 Alcohol x11
Perimeter Note Baseball Bat Blades x14
Note to Rachel 2 Handgun Ammo Binding x6
3 Rifle Ammo Rag x16
3 Arrows 73 Parts
16 Revolver Ammo

After the scene you'll be in the woods. Take the right path and you'll come across some [5 SKILL PILLS] . There's some [(1/2) ALCOHOL] near the sewage pipe to the far right as well. Continue until you reach a closed fence; go around to find a wooden plank and place it against the small building close by, which can be climbed.

Grab the plank again and use it as a bridge to reach the other building, crossing over the fence. Certainly grab the [LEAD PIPE] ; you can upgrade melee weapons from this point on.

Drop down on the other side and search the stacked barrels to find [(1/4) BLADES] (as well as a brick, if you haven't got one already). Drop down the next area and head down the small steps near the cabin - QUIETLY! There's a Clicker hiding inside this cabin, so grab out a brick and slowly approach it to dispatch it.

A second Clicker will come investigate, so retreat and grab the brick near the barricaded door (or near the cabin, if you wish) and hurl it at the creature, then use your new lead pipe (with upgrade) to finish it off. The cabin contains a [(1/2) RAG] .

Enter the larger building and search the hall for [5 PARTS] and [5 SKILL PILLS] . The office contains [(1/4) BLADES] , [2 PARTS] and [2 HANDGUN AMMO]. You can also find the [PILLS NOTE] on the floor.

$$$item 3056

Head back outside and drop down near the building's stairs. There's a closed door here which requires a Shiv to open; inside you can find [ALCOHOL] , [10 + 5 SKILL PILLS] , [10 PARTS] and [3 RIFLE AMMO] .

When you're done exploring, boost Ellie up to access the main street (the fence was blocked with a [LEAD PIPE] which you can now pick up, if it's better than what you currently have). Head down the left and explore the area behind the fence (with the gnomes) to find [10 SKILL POINTS], [(1/2) BLADES], [(1/2) BINDING] and [5 + 1 + 1 + 1 PARTS] .

Back in the main street, approach the police cars and head up the emergency stairs of the nearby building; at the top you'll find [5 + 1 + 1 + 1 PARTS]. You can find a further [5 PARTS] near the rubbish on the ground floor, nearby the blue container. Enter the house and trigger an optional dialogue by talking to Ellie when she's standing near the arcade videogame 'The Turning'. Search the kitchen for [(1/2) BLADE].

Head further down the street and take note of the safe near the red pickup for later. Climb up the long camper to find another [FIREFLY PENDANT: HUI WANG] .

$$$item 3059

At the end of the road, the [NOTE TO BOB] is attached to the barbed wire; it contains the safe's code, so head back and open it up. Inside are [50 PARTS] , [10 SKILL PILLS] and [3 RIFLE AMMO] .

$$$item 3058

Continue down the street and enter the record store near the end. Inside you can find a [(1/4) RAG] inside the cabinet behind the counter, [(3/4) BINDING] and a [PERIMETER NOTE] in the room behind this, and [10 PARTS] inside the restroom.

$$$item 3057

Head back outside and move through the alley.. Up ahead, look for [(1/4) RAG] near the blue container. There's another closed door nearby, at the small steps.

The storage room behind it contains [(1/2) BLADES] , [25 PARTS] [(3/4) ALCOHOL] , and [5 + 10 SKILL PILLS] . Further down the street you'll find [2 ARROWS] sticking out a dead Runner. Grab the nearby ladder and place it against the truck, on which you'll find the [BOW] plus another [ARROW] .

Move over the wooden plank and grab it after Ellie's crossed it as well, then place it against the building, climb up, grab the plank and place it as a bridge to reach the next building.

There's an inactive Clicker standing on the lower level; a well-aimed arrow at its head will do the trick, and you can re-collect the arrow. Move over the next two roofs and drop down, then move underneath the wire.

Enter through the door to your left and go upstairs; the bedroom contains [(1/2) RAG] . Equip a brick as you enter the next room, as you'll be attacked by a Runner. After wasting it, search the room for a [NOTE TO RACHEL] and grab [5 SKILL PILLS] from the toilet.

$$$item 3060

Back outside, grab a bottle and hurl it at the double-trap stuck to the fence. Move through and pick up the [8 REVOLVER AMMO ]. Head back to grab another bottle and hurl it at the low-placed trap up ahead, then collect the brick and move around the corner.

Inside the building you'll find [8 REVOLVER AMMO] in the desk's drawer (how generous; hmm, suspicious, no?). Head through the door and.. Well, you're in trouble!

Joel will need to shoot any incoming Runners (and Clickers) as Ellie tries to free him. Should one of them reach Joel, tapping square will give you another shot. In the second phase of this scene, protect Ellie from various Runners and Clickers until she finally manages to get you loose.

Follow the man, then head inside the building, deal with the Clicker and Runners. There's a [HEALTH BAR] near the seats, and [(1/4) ALCOHOL] plus [(3/4) RAG] in the cabinet room. Near the exit you can find a [BASEBALL BAT] , which makes for a decent temporary replacement (if your lead pipe is beginning to wear out). Do not upgrade it though, you'll soon find something better.

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