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The Last of Us
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 23-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 06-06-2020 / 16:42 GMT

The Last of Us Guide

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Lakeside Resort

Cabin Resort

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons & Ammo** **Healing Items** **Crafting/Item Upgrades**
Lake Resort Map 2 Revolver Ammo Health Kit x 5 10 Skill Pills
Smoke: Shaping (Training Manual) Binding x 4
Ellie's Backpack Explosive x 3
Meat Ledger 50 Parts

Look for [2 REVOLVER AMMO] in the room you wake up in, and search the garage upstairs for a [RAG]. Go outside and kill the hunters in the distance; it's best to hide behind the van on the left side, then move on-wards.

Once you curve around the cabin, a scene will play. You get the [LAKE RESORT MAP] automatically after this scene; access it via the menu when you gain control of Joel later.

$$$item 3136

Move through the alley and go around the corner (the other door is blocked) to enter the building. Inside, crawl behind the cabinets to find a [HEALTH KIT] , then pull the cart away from the doorway to continue. Move through the abandoned store, cross the alley by hopping through the window to the left, then in the next building, turn left and search the drawers for a [HEALTH KIT] .

Drop down the window in the restroom and hide in the alley; after the hunter up ahead is gone, cross the street and move past the burning barrels. Here, curve around the left side of the area (or go through the hole in the wall past the vehicles to head upstairs.

There are more hunters here; wait until the coast is clear and proceed down the street until you can move through a destroyed fence. A little further down the road, enter the back alley on the left and head through the hole in the house at the end. Wait for the guys to move to the back, then hop through the window to the immediate left.

Cross the street and hide behind the car, then head in the direction of the burning barrel and move down the street. Head into the alley to the far left side, moving past several vehicles; at the end, hop onto a container and drop down into the building.

The nearby cabinet contains a [HEALTH KIT], and there's another [HEALTH KIT] in the kitchen. One more [HEALTH KIT] can be found on top of some crates with a lantern on top of them, at the (inaccessible) restroom entrances. When you try to exit through the door at the other side of the restaurant, David shows up.

A cat and mouse game begins; you'll have to sneak up on him a total of three times to hit him with your knife. You'll want to avoid moving over and broken plates, or he'll hear you. The first time is easiest, but during the second phase he'll grab out his blade so you'll want to sprint away and hide again.

In the third phase, David will crouch and sneak through the area, making it more difficult to spot him. After hitting him a third time, a short scene plays after which you're back in control of Joel.

Enter the store to your right and waste the hunters. Search the place for [(3/4) BINDING] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Move across the street and enter the house near pickup; move all the way around the back and check the alley to find a locked door that requires a Shiv to open.

Inside this shack you'll find [10 SKILL PILLS], the [SMOKE: SHAPING (TRAINING MANUAL)] (which makes the smoke last a total of 20 seconds longer - combined with the other smoke bomb manual), [50 PARTS] and [EXPLOSIVE].

$$$item 3159

Back in the main street, head underneath the barricade after killing the hunters on top of it, then move around the corner while defeating three more hunters. Move through the alley with the burning barrel at the end and go through the open door at the end. Inside you'll find [ELLIE'S BACKPACK] .

$$$item 3137

And the [MEAT LEDGER] note.

$$$item 3138

Move through the building and a scene will play. As Ellie, the only thing you'll have to do is crawl forward and a scene will play.

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    Action-adventure, Survival Horror
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    23 June 2013
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