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The Last of Us
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 23-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 11-07-2020 / 20:28 GMT

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons & Ammo** **Healing Items** **Crafting/Item Upgrades**
Firefly Pendant x 2 5 Handgun Ammo Health Kit Blades x 28
No Pun Intended Nail Bomb Health Bar x 2 Rag x 11
No Pun Intended: Volume Too 2 Arrows Alcohol x 18
To Get to the Other Side Molotov Explosive x 11
Riley's Pendant
Sam's Robot
Note From Mom
Joel and Sarah Photo
Uncertainty (Comic)
Negentropy (Comic)

You'll now control Ellie, and you're hunting a deer. Open your backpack and examine the collectibles that Ellie's holding: [NO PUN INTENDED], [NO PUN INTENDED: VOLUME TOO], [TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE], [RILEY'S PENDANT], [SAM'S ROBOT], [WALKMAN], [NOTE FROM MOM], [SWITCHBLADE], and the [JOEL AND SARAH PHOTO]. Press triangle to flip these items when you're given the option. Ellie will comment on some of these items.

$$$item 3127

$$$item 3128

$$$item 3129

$$$item 3130

$$$item 3131

$$$item 3132

$$$item 3133

$$$item 3134

$$$item 3135

Follow the deer and sneak up on it; try to hit with an arrow (it doesn't matter where) so you can get it to bleed, making it easier to follow. Eventually, the trail will lead you to an abandoned house. Immediately move into the room to your left and search the desk to find the [UNCERTAINTY COMIC] and [(3/4) RAG] .

$$$item 3169

Move through the house and a scene will play.

Afterwards, search the locker inside the room for a [HEALTH KIT] , then take out any of the Infected coming through the window - do indeed make every shot count, as you don't have that much ammunition. You'll head upstairs after a while; search the corner of this room for a [HEALTH BAR] . Outside, check inside the green cabin to your left for [(1/4) BLADES] . Follow your partner until Ellie drops down.

Move to the right to find [EXPLOSIVE] plus [(3/4) RAG] . Wait for the Clicker to walk away, then follow it, but beware of the inactive Clicker at the end of this path; knife him by quietly approaching him, then drop down as soon as possible. Follow this small tunnel to the other end, but stay quiet. If any Clickers followed you, shoot them in the head with an arrow.

At the other end of this small tunnel you can find [(1/2) BLADES] and [ALCOHOL]. Look for a ladder on the left side of the area and climb up to re-unite with your partner. In this area, search the left side for [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and the right side for [(1/2) BLADES].

Have your partner boost you up at the right side, then follow the catwalk and be sure to grab a brick from the corner. A Clicker will soon appear at the other end, so throw the brick at him, then dash in his direction to knife it.

The storage room it came out of contains a [FIREFLY PENDANT (TRAVIS KRISTOFF - 283)], a [RAG] and [(3/4) ALCOHOL].

$$$item 3096

Drop the ladder down and follow your partner through the hall.

In this room, head up the small steps and search around for [EXPLOSIVE] , [(1/2) BLADES] , [(1/2) BLADES] , [5 HANDGUN AMMO] , [ALCOHOL] , [EXPLOSIVE] , a [NAIL BOMB] , [2 ARROWS] , a [MOLOTOV] , a [RAG] and [(1/2) BLADES] .

Be sure to craft some Health Kits and Nail Bombs; a large amount of Runners and Clickers will soon enter this room and you'll have to defeat every single one of them. Be sure to keep searching enemy bodies for (hunting rifle) ammo, and keep the Nail Bombs for until a Bloater shows up. After defeating all of them, talk to your partner and a few scenes will play.

When you're back in control of Ellie, ride the horse down the hill and prevent any of the hunters to climb the horse (which is truly impossible in real life). At the end, run for the cabin and hop through the window. When you reach the living room, several hunters will start to search the area. You can find [(3/4 ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) BLADES] in one of the drawers.

It's rather hard to remain stealthy, so it's advisable to just kill the hunters one by one with firearms and your bow. Search the wooden hut to the right of the cabin you were in for a [FIREFLY PENDANT (PAUL D. BRAUN - 153)].

$$$item 3097

The cabin up ahead contains a [HEALTH BAR] , [(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] . The next cabin also contains [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/2) BLADES] . The 'Sadie's' building close to the water contains a [RAG] .

Proceed through the village and more hunters show up; dispatch them with your rifle or bow. The restroom to the right side of town contains [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL]. Simply head for the destroyed walkway at the very end of the path and follow the trail; eventually you'll have to move through a pipe. Look for the [NEGENTROPY COMIC] on a bench (up the small steps) in the area beyond it.

$$$item 3170

At the gate, grab the garbage container and pull it in your direction, then head around the corner and move through the pipe; the path is cleared now. As you approach what is called 'Bear Creak Lodge', several hunters start searching the area. Take them out and move around the lodge.

Pull the two containers out of the way to reveal a small opening; hop through and search this room for a [RAG] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL] . In the restaurant, search the tables for [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and look for [(1/2) BLADES] on the floor next to them.

Move through the glass door and more hunters will soon show up; shoot the one at the window, then search the place for supplies. You can find [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) BLADES] on the counter.

As you move into the hall to the left, two more hunters will try to flank you; be sure to put them out quickly or they'll grab you. Once you've reached the exit, a scene will play.

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    23 June 2013
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    12 June 2020
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The Last of Us takes place in a bleak future, twenty years after a fungal infection has wiped out much of humanity, turning them in to mutated savages. Those who survived are not much better, with survivors huddled together in quarantined zones, struggling and scavenging for the remaining food, weapons - and anything else they can get their hands on. Joel is such a survivor, living a life of smuggling and black marketeering - and one with few morals. He's hired to transport a teenage girl named Ellie across the country, but what seems like a simple job turns into a desperate and profound journey across what remains of America.

You'll need all the help you can get as you battle your way through the mutant hordes and our guide has you covered:

Version 1.1:

  • The best way to conquer the whole game on Hard Difficulty.
  • The location of all 30 Firefly Pendants!
  • Where to find all 13 Comic Books.
  • The places to grab all 81 Artifacts.
  • How to master every weapon with all 12 Training Manuals.
  • The best way to sneak past or beat each and every enemy in the game!
  • Full Trophy list.
  • Left Behind DLC guide added (Hard Difficulty).
  • Location of every DLC collectible.
  • Where to find all DLC optional conversations.
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