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The Last of Us
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 23-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 06-06-2020 / 12:20 GMT

The Last of Us Guide

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Alone and Forsaken

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons and Ammo** **Healing Items** **Crafting/Item Upgrades**
Firefly Pendant x 1 4 Revolver Ammo Health Bar x 2 50 Skill Pills
Note From Frank Wooden Stick Health Can Blades x 20
Siphon Hose Smoke Bomb Rag x 9
Tourist Manifest 10 Handgun Ammo Alcohol x 8
Medical Manual Volume 1 4 Arrows Explosive x 5
Ambush Map Lead Pipe 163 Parts
Termination Shock 3 Rifle Ammo Tools (Level 2)
Lost Hill Note Sugar x5
Traitor's Flyer
Applicant Checklist
Abandon Zone Note
Lost Areas Map
Mother's Letter
Stash Note

After the scenes, save yourself, followed by Ellie, and prepare for a shootout. Stay low and take out the Marauders one by one. A group of three Marauders will inspect the area soon enough, so take those out as well.

Search the shop for some [ALCOHOL] in the corner, a [HEALTH BAR] from one of the racks and a [HEALTH CAN] in one of the cupboards underneath the soda machine next to the entrance. Lastly, [2 REVOLVER AMMO] can be found in the bar's drawer, under the cash register. There should be plenty of [WOODEN STICKS] laying around as well.

Search the building across the street for [(1/4) BLADES] (inside a drawer in the larger room), [3 PARTS], [5 PARTS] and [(1/4) BINDING] . Open the garage door to enter the next room.

Inside you can find [TOOLS (LEVEL 2)], a [SMOKE BOMB], [(1/4) BLADES], [(1/2) RAG] and the [TOURIST MANIFEST].

$$$item 3071

One of the lockers also contains [6 PARTS] , [(1/2) BINDING] , and [(1/4 ALCOHOL] . Head upstairs and inspect the room to your right for [5 SKILL PILLS] , [MEDICAL MANUAL VOLUME 1 (HEALTH KIT UPGRADE +33%)] , [5 HANDGUN AMMO] and [(1/2) BLADES] . The blue door at the end of the hall leads to a small storage room with [5 PARTS] , [2 ARROWS] , an [AMBUSH MAP] and a Workbench.

$$$item 3152

$$$item 3176

Head outside, go upstairs and drop down until you reach the main street. You can find [7 PARTS] in the corner to your left and [3 PARTS] in the other corner. [5 SKILL PILLS] are laying close to the red car, and the bus up ahead contains [TERMINATION SHOCK], a comic for Ellie.

$$$item 3070

[(1/4) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) RAG] can be found in an opened suitcase near one of the cars past the bus. Stand close to the car to the right (with a skeleton hanging out) to have an optional conversation with Ellie.

Continue down the road until you head a shot, then hide behind the car to the left of a rusty van. When the Marauders continue, sneak past the car by its left side to proceed unnoticed. At the end of the road, Ellie will crack some jokes; climb the bus afterwards.

At the checkpoint, inspect the right booth for the [LOST HILL NOTE] and [5 PARTS] .

$$$item 3072

You can also have a short optional conversation with Ellie here. As you proceed into the 'abandoned' quarantine zone, several hunters will be spotted by Ellie and Joel in the distance.

One of the will start patrolling the left side of the area and can be taken out as he moves past the bus. The other two can also be taken out stealthily by hiding behind cars or other objects.

As you head in the alley to the initial right, near the checkpoint, a conversation between three hunters can be overheard. One of them can be taken out; this is best done when he's on the left side near the iron cabinets. There is a second guy patrolling the other side of the area; try to sneak up on him as well by going via the street side.

There's a third marauder near the staircase on the far left side. Once you've killed these three men, search the place (but beware; the other area still has more enemies).

You can find a [TRAITORS FLYER] hanging on the wall of the checkpoint maze you came out of; the wall is close to and directly opposite of the tent where the three hunters were first having a discussion.

$$$item 3074

There's a [FIREFLY PENDANT (MAZDEN RISK)] in the alley to the right.

$$$item 3073

you can find [(1/2) BLADES] , [5 PARTS] and [(1/2) RAG] in one of the cupboards near the street side (under the cash registers), and the [APPLICANT CHECKLIST] underneath the staircase on the right side (closest to the street side).

$$$item 3076

The office on the far right side is patrolled by one of the marauders; dispatch him and collect the [ABANDON ZONE NOTE] from the desk.

$$$item 3075

There's a [(1/4) BINDING] inside the locker. The storage room beyond this contains [4 PARTS] (from a locker), [(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/4) SUGAR] .

Head past the burning barrel and go upstairs. There are four more marauders in this area; the one with a shotgun is closest to you - immediately to your right next to a burning barrel. It's wise to kill him with an arrow headshot.

From here, move to the right side of the area and kill the marauder. Move to the back to waste the third, then curve around the area to finish the fourth, all the while staying behind bookcases and other hiding places.

One of the bookcases near the last marauder contains a [HEALTH BAR] and you can find [(1/2) BINDING] and [SUGAR] at the cafeteria's cupboards (close to the stairs you used).

There's also a locked storage room next to it; use a Shiv to unlock it. Inside you'll find [5 HANDGUN BULLETS], [EXPLOSIVE], [50 PARTS] , a [LEAD PIPE], the [LOST AREAS MAP], [(1/4) BLADES], [5 SKILL PILLS] and some [ALCOHOL] . Ellie will also crack some more jokes (if you let her).

$$$item 3077

Head past the burning barrel (where the guy with the shotgun was standing) and head downstairs. You can find [(1/2) ALCOHOL] laying next to the blue container close to the stairs. Follow the street, head up the stairs and drop back down on the other side. There's some [5 SKILL PILLS] next to the container that you might want to grab before continuing.

Follow the alley until you reach a large street. Head to the right and look for a poster with a relatively anorexic girl on it to trigger an optional conversation. Ellie will also crack some more jokes soon enough.

Check out the door with the red cross next to the blue truck; it's locked and can be opened with a shiv as usual. Inside you'll find [2 ARROWS] , the [MOTHER'S LETTER] , a [RAG], [15 SKILL PILLS], [(3/4) BINDING], [3 RIFLE AMMO], [50 PARTS] and [2 REVOLVER AMMO] . There's also [5 SKILL PILLS] close to a blue container (near the 'Death is Freedom' wall writing).

$$$item 3078

You'll also find a semantic inconsistency; Joel could've easily destroyed the window with a brick. The lower part should've at least been barricaded.

At the end of the main street, swim over to the raft and dive to find [10 PARTS] at the bottom, then swim over to Ellie and have her climb up the bus. Move through the nearby container and swim to the stairs to reach the second floor.

Near the mattress you can find the [STASH NOTE] (concerning a stash you have already found).

$$$item 3079

The bookcase contains [(1/4) BINDING] , [5 SKILL PILLS] , and [(1/2) BLADES] .

Drop down to the first floor to learn that Joel was a stoner back in his day (weren't we all at some point? - it's kind of part of growing up, really). Move over the planks to reach the hotel.

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