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The Last of Us
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 23-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 06-06-2020 / 17:28 GMT

The Last of Us Guide

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The Quarantine Zone

The Cargo

Items to Find

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons and Ammo** **Crafting/Upgrade Items**
Firefly Pendant x1 Wooden Stick Binding x 2
Blades x 7
13 Parts

Enter the office and chase Robert as quickly as you can; if he gets away you'll have to try again. When you've caught up with him, a scene plays. Afterwards, search the table in the middle of the area for [(1/2) BINDING] , [(1/4) BLADES] and [7 PARTS].

There's also a [WOODEN STICK] near the car wreck should you need it. Follow Marlene through the alley and go up the fire escape's ladder. Drop down through one of the roof's windows that Marlene enters and search this room for [3 PARTS] . Help open the heavy blue door and follow Marlene outside.

You'll have to sneak past (or strangle) several guards in this area. Go upstairs and sneak into the building. When you strangle the one guard, Marlene will take care of the other. Search one of the cabinets in this room for [(1/2) BLADES] and move to the far back. Hop through the window to sneak up on the guard standing close to the crates (not the one further away) and stay crouched.

A guard in the distance will execute someone and stand in the middle of the street. There's also one final guard who patrols the stairs. Whenever he's going back down, first dispatch the guard closest to you (also near some crates) and then take out the other guard out in the open.

Wait for the last guard to return while hiding behind some crates near the stairs and sneak up on him; and that's that! You can have an optional dialogue with Marlene if you walk towards the bodies of the executed Fireflies on the bridge.

Head downstairs and follow Marlene through the building until a scene plays. After that, Ellie will join you. Check on one of the bodies in the street to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (PHILIP LIU - 105)].

$$$item 3042

Move down the steps and head through the alley. In order to reach the fire escape, pull the container near the fence towards it. Simply head up and make your way to the room at the end of the halls.

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    Sony Computer Entertainment
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    PS3, PS4
  • Genre
    Action-adventure, Survival Horror
  • Guide Release
    23 June 2013
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    21 May 2020
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    James Bowden

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