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The Last of Us
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 23-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-11-2019 / 04:13 GMT

The Last of Us Guide

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Tommys Dam

Hydroelectric Dam

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons & Ammo** **Healing Items** **Crafting/Item Upgrades**
Firefly Pendant x 1 El Diablo None 35 Skill Pills
Foreign element (Comic) Handaxe Blades x 10
Power Plant Map 9 Handgun Ammo Binding x 1
Plant Schematics 2 Arrows Rag x 4
3 Rifle Ammo Alcohol x 10
Smoke: Chemistry (Training Manual) Explosive x 3
Lead Pipe 100 Parts
2 El Diablo Ammo Sugar x 1

Follow the road until you reach a dead end; search the soil near the car to find [(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL], as well as the [EL DIABLO] , a scoped handgun. Drop down and follow the trail until you get fairly close to the bridge, then look for a vehicle to your right and collect the [FOREIGN ELEMENT] comic.


Travel underneath the bridge until you reach a hydroelectric power plant.

Upstairs is a valve which creates half of the improvised walkway. The closed door can be unlocked with a Shiv; inside are [10 SKILL PILLS] , [(3/4) ALCOHOL] , [50 PARTS] , [5 HANDGUN AMMO] , [EXPLOSIVE] and [2 ARROWS] . Back outside, hop over the railing and dive inside the reservoir. Swim inside the cabin and grab the raft - which is part of its roof - to get Ellie across the reservoir. She’ll turn the valve allowing you to cross as well. Give her a high five for the effort.

Search the grassy field for [BINDING] near the rubbish and check the grave to trigger an optional conversation. Head up and move underneath the tree, then search behind the bulldozer for [10 SKILL PILLS] . Search the cabin for [(3/4) RAG] , [5 PARTS] and [(1/4) BLADES] , as well as the [POWER PLANT MAP] .


Check the Plant’s gate to trigger a scene.

Proceed to the horses, then go inside the building and approach Tommy; talk to him for a conversation, then head upstairs. Check the room to the left for [10 SKILL PILLS], [(3/4) ALCOHOL], [10 PARTS] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Head outside and follow Tommy to the other side.

If you walk to the right side of the overlook you can have an optional conversation (a flirt?) with a woman on watch. When you’ve reached the other side, search the crates in the far right corner for [5 PARTS] , then pet the nearby dog if you wish, then continue.

Inside, steal the [5 SKILL PILLS] and [(1/4) BLADES] from the table and look for the [SMOKE: CHEMISTRY (TRAINING MANUAL)] on the nearby machines, which makes Smoke Bombs last 10 seconds longer.


There’s also a Workbench in the other room.

Head all the way downstairs and move towards the back of the generator room to reach a storage room that contains a [LEAD PIPE] , [2 EL DIABLO AMMO] , [10 + 25 PARTS] and a [FIREFLY PENDANT (RYAN OLIVERIO - 194)] . Follow Tommy inside the room near the stairs to trigger a scene.


Afterwards, start taking out the bandits one by one. In the room where two guys were previously standing over a table, grab the [PLANT SCHEMATICS] after wasting all bandits first.


You can find a [HANDAXE] outside, which is a pretty good weapon, but your Lead Pipe is probably slightly better (especially when you’ve upgraded it). There are several bandits out on the bridge, so take cover and start making your way through them; this is best done by moving via the lower side.

Inside the building, dispatch even more bandits downstairs and look for ammunition any of them dropped. You can also find [4 HANDGUN AMMO] and [3 RIFLE AMMO] . The other room can be searched for [SUGAR] , then a scene triggers.

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