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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

How to Reach Goron City

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to reach Goron City, which is where you’ll find the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

Path to Goron City

This Divine Beast Vah Rudania is located atop Death Mountain and was championed by Daruk of the Gorons. The yellow dot west of Zora’s Domain is our destination.

Lanayru Tower

The fastest way to travel there is to fast travel to Lanayru Tower and Paraglide north, heading for Eldin Canyon. A word of warning: Getting to the Goron City involves dealing with heat. A lot of heat. Without any protection, you will begin to burn from the heat and radiation and you will rapidly lose health. This won’t be a problem now but soon it will be.

The Foothill Stable marks the checkpoint where things begin to heat up. There is an NPC named Gaile sitting by the fire. If you have nothing to shield yourself from the fire, you can buy Fireproof Elixirs for 150 Rupees apiece. If you have the money on you, buy a few and save them for later.

(1 of 2) It’s not hot yet, but there are a lot of fiery enemies to contend with here

It’s not hot yet, but there are a lot of fiery enemies to contend with here (left), The bottom half of Eldin Tower has no platforms (right)

Eldin Tower

Your next destination is Eldin Tower, which is perched up high above the Eldin Canyon. This tower is a bit lopsided. It has no platforms close to the bottom, meaning that you will need a lot more stamina if you intend to climb from the bottom. Alternatively, you can Paraglide from the tall rocks or use Revali’s Gale to save on time and stamina.

(1 of 2) You can see it’s starting to heat up

You can see it’s starting to heat up (left), These hot springs will cool you off and heal you (right)

Look to the north and you can see that it gets hot. Do you see the hot springs lining the path? They are only at the beginning of the road, but use those for now to keep yourself cool during the first leg of the journey. After you no longer have access to the hot springs, pop a Fireproof Elixir or be prepared to eat food.

Southern Mine

You will pass through the Southern Mine, a mining area with a lot of Gorons. For now just run through. One of the Gorons, Kima, will give you Firebreaker chest armor if you find him 10 Fireproof Lizards but they are tedious to find and as of right now you can’t afford to waste your Elixirs or food.

Up ahead you might begin to encounter avalanches of falling, burning rocks. Dodge them if you can. If you get hit and ragdoll physics kick in, pause to eat so you have more health to potentially lose, or just reload a previous save file and try again.

As you pass through the gate indicating that you have arrived at Goron City, a cutscene will play introducing you to Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

Before we seek out the elder of Goron City, turn right and go straight for the armor shop. The shop owner will suggest that you need to buy some fireproof armor like right now. Sell everything you need to and buy minimum two pieces of Flamebreaker Armor. The cheapest way to do so is to buy the chest and leg pieces. With two pieces, you have maxed out resistance and you will not die of heat unless you actually fall into the lava. Now we can go and talk to Bludo, the elder of Goron City.

(1 of 2) Let’s start this next main quest so we can save Goron City

Let’s start this next main quest so we can save Goron City (left), Our first objective is to find Yunobo (right)

Speak to Bludo. He is distinctively older and is standing in the center of the city. He will tell you that the Divine Beast Vah Rudania has made Death Mountain extremely volatile and dangerous, hurting the mining business and endangering the city. With this, the next main quest, Divine Beast Vah Rudania, will kick off.

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