Entrance Room

Once you enter, you’ll be notice a Bird Statue and treasure chest nearby. Save with the former, and open up the latter to receive the Dungeon Map. This will update itself automatically – you’ll understand what I mean momentarily.

Anyhow, go into the adjacent room to find a control panel. This panel will control the locations of the rooms throughout the Sky Keep. There are eight rooms and one gap arranged in a 3x3 square, with you being able, with this panel, to move the rooms into the gap. Begin by…

  • Move the central-right room down one space.

  • Move the center room right one space.

Then go into the next room.

Forest Room

When you get into the next room, go to the right and defeat the Deku and Quadro Babas. Go to the gap ahead. Look up and you’ll notice a swinging post. However, the gap is too big for just your Whip alone. Launch the Hook Beetle across the gap and cut loose the rope found on the opposite ledge. Hit the swinging post with your Whip, swing to the other rope, then swing to the ledge. Cut down the above Skulltula with an Arrow or something, then hit it with a fatal blow.

Go around the corner and use your Bow to shoot down the Furnixes across the gap nearby. Clawshot to the rotating column, then go to the other rotating column, then to the Clawshot target to the west. Drop down and you’ll notice the streams of fire leaving the alcoves further along the path. Look near the bottom of the vinery of the second rotating column to find Bomb Flowers. Using your Hook Beetle, take a Bomb Flower from that column and run into the Pyrups inside the alcoves to kill them – this may take two or three tries because there are three Pyrups total.

Afterwards, swing across to the wooden platform nearby via the rope. Face the next hanging wooden platform and blow the Gust Bellows at it. Repeat a few times, jump to the platform, then repeat this to get to the ledge. Here, go to the group of Blessed Butterflies to summon a Goddess Wall. You’ll also find a Bird Statue nearby. Pull the wall switch nearby, then go into the next room.

Timeshift Orb Room

Use the nearby Bird Statue if you want, then look to the left. You should find a Timeshift Orb down there. Go there and pick it up. Go back down the hall and through the now-open doorway, thanks to the Timeshift Orb. Defeat the Technoblins that pop up as you do so. Go downstairs and defeat the Sentrobe nearby. You’ll find a differently-designed tile nearby; drop the Timeshift Orb there. Climb the ladder nearby and pull down the above wall switch, opening the below gate.

Drop down and snatch up the Timeshift Orb, going into the newly-unlocked room. Step on the floor switch here and toss the Timeshift Orb through the opening. Go around and climb the ladder to the top, then go across the room. Over there, step on the floor switch to drop out the Timeshift Orb (once the conveyor belt gets it there).

Next, carry the Timeshift Orb over to the platform above the gap, transforming it into one of the wind vane platforms. Drop it there and start blowing it with the Gust Bellows across the gap. At the bars, you’ll need to go forward yourself and step on the floor switch, then continue blowing the platform across the gap. Once it is at the end, an eye switch should open up on the opposite wall. Shoot it with an Arrow. Continue along the path yourself and pull on the wall switch to completely move the platform across. Jump onto the platform, grab the Timeshift Orb, and take the Timeshift Orb into the next room. Pull the wall switch next a barred doorway as you do, to make a future shortcut.

Here, step on the nearby floor switch and throw the Timeshift Orb onto the conveyor belt. As it moves along, go around the corner and defeat the enemies that arise due to its influence. Ignore the lever nearby for the moment as you continue going across the room. Once the Timeshift Orb is at the opposite end, and all of the enemies here are defeated, look above the Timeshift Orb and you should see an eye switch or two. Shoot it/them down, then go to the level. Use your Whip to move it the other way, reversing the direction of the conveyor belt. Continue looking up with your Bow – as the Timeshift Orb moves, more eye switches are revealed. Shoot down each one – you can repull the lever as you need to. Once all five switches have been hit, you’ll be able to go to the control panel in the adjacent room.

Here, make the following changes to the area:

  • Move the top-center room down one space.

  • Move the top-left room right one space.

  • Move the central-left room up one space.

  • Move the bottom-left room up one space.

  • Move the bottom-center room left one space.

  • Move the central room down one space.

  • Move the central-left room right one space.

Afterwards, go back through the room with the eye switches and all that to the hallway you originally entered into. Go back into the forest room, then, using the shortcut opened earlier, go back through to the next room.

Fiery Room

Once you arrive here, utilize the Bird Statue nearby. Go along the path to the left, defeat the Red Chuchus as you go. Cut down the grass at the end and you should find a tunnel in the wall nearby. Crawl along it, going left at the fork, to find a room with a lone Bomb Flower. Restock your supply if needed, then roll a Bomb Flower into the tunnel to clear the other branch of the fork. Go down that path now and you’ll find a giant Red Chuchu. Defeat it, then burrow into the dirt in the corner.

Here, go north and break the boulders. Hit the switch to move the gate aside, then resurface from where you entered.

Back up, go through the tunnel to the entrance area, then go along the right path this time. Defeat the Dark Lizalfos further ahead, then read the stone tablet to learn about hitting the switches found behind the statues from low to high. Nearby is a bowl-holding statue beside some lava – toss a Bomb into the bowl to reveal a switch. Ignore it for the moment, because it is the SECOND switch.

Turn around to find a circular ledge overlooking a winding hill. Climb up to that ledge and roll a Bomb onto that hill, straight onto it, and it should land into the statue’s bowl, revealing the switch. Hit this switch with an Arrow or something, then do the same with the other switch we’ve revealed. Dash down the hill to the low switch, then climb the vinery nearby.

Up here, turn and look ahead – you’ll find a bunch of trees surrounding a Bomb Flower. Use your own Bombs or Skyward Strikes to cut down the trees, then you can send a Hook Beetle over there to crash the Bomb Flower into the other trees there. Also use the Hook Beetle to use the Bomb Flower to destroy the trees on the ledge to the left. Afterwards, use the Hook Beetle to grab the Bomb Flower and drop it into the high bowl-holding statue; trigger the switch with something afterwards, which opens up the barred gate below. Drop down to the ledge nearby and dash across to the gate. Go on through.

Go in there and burrow into the dirt in the corner. Here, smack the Bomb Flower to the left, dash-crawl around it, then smack it upwards, clearing the rubble. Crawl along this path to the switch and smack it. Go back along the path and emerge from underground.

Backtrack along the path to the gate. Go into the other room and you’ll find another patch of dirt – burrow into it.

Here, go forward and the gate will close behind you. You’ll have to defeat them much as you have before. Once you go, crawl to the northeastern corner and get back aboveground.

Here, pull down the nearby wall switch to make another shortcut. Ignore the control panel nearby; just go into the next room instead.

Mini-Boss Room

Once you arrive, you’ll have to fight Scervo again. Sort of.

Boss: Dreadfuse

Afterwards, Clawshot across the gap and open up the chest to get a small key. Use the Hook Beetle, if you want, to collect the five or so hearts around the edges of the room. Afterwards, go further along to a control panel. Make these changes:

  • Move the top-left room down one space.

  • Move the top-center room left one space.

  • Move the top-right room left one space.

  • Move the central-right room up one space.

  • Move the bottom-right room up one space.

  • Move the bottom-center room right one space.

  • Move the bottom-left room right one space.

  • Move the central-left room down one space.

  • Move the top-left room down one space.

(Just to check: the room with the green Triforce emblem needs to be to the left of the central room (the one you’re in).)

Afterwards, continue down the hall to the next room.

Triforce of Courage Room

Once you go forward, Fi will notify you that the mark of Farore is behind the barred doorway. Nearby should be a locked door; go through it with the Small Key. In the next room, you’ll find two Moblins. Use the dash-jump technique to jump over both of them, then start killing them from behind one at a time. If you find this troublesome, use your Bow (with charged shots if possible). After getting rid of them, continue into the next room.

Here, you’ll want to keep your shield up as you enter – there are a bunch of Bokoblin Archers along the walls. From the somewhat-shielded entrance alcove, shoot down as many as you can, then proceed into the room and take down any that remain. As you do so, some Bokoblins and Stalfos will come up. Defeat them, too, then continue into the next room. By the way, if you need some healing, send the Hook Beetle through the eyes of the skull head in the wall to find several hearts.

In the next room, you’ll have to fight a bunch of Cursed Bokoblins alongside a Stalmaster. Take care of the Cursed Bokoblins first, through the fatal blow method as usual (you can also repeatedly hit them, but that might take too much time). Afterwards, start attacking the Stalmaster much like you would a Stalfos. Eventually, it’ll bring out two more arms and swords, but that makes it no more than a stronger Stalfos – you’ll lose two hearts per hit, by the way. Anyhow, defeat it and the door nearby will open.

Here, go into the next room to find the mark of Farore on the floor. Go to it and thrust your sword into it to reach an alternate realm, where you can simply walk up and grab the Triforce of Courage! This will also, thankfully, heal all of your hearts. After returning to the real world, pull down the nearby wall switch. Return to the mini-boss room.

Mini-Boss Room

Use the panel to make the following changes to the layout:

  • Move the top-center room left one space.

  • Move the top-right room left one space.

  • Move the central-right room up one space.

  • Move the bottom-right room up one space.

  • Move the bottom-center room right one space.

  • Move the bottom-left room right one space.

  • Move the central-left room down one space.

  • Move the top-left room down one space.

(Just to check: the room with the red Triforce emblem needs to be to the left of the central room (the mini-boss room).)

Afterwards, go into the next room.

Triforce of Power Room

Here, use the nearby Bird Statue. Fi should point out the river of lava nearby. That is your only viable path for now, so go towards it. Launch your Hook Beetle and go down the river. At the wall near the end, turn around and you should see a crystal switch above the statue head – hit it. Next, return to controlling Link. Hit the water plant above the river of lava with the Hook Beetle or something to make a platform, then ride it down the river. Kill the Fire Keese along the way.

Close to the end, look up to find a water plant on the other side of the fence. Hit it and, when near the end of the path (beside the short fence), jump across and get onto it. Start riding. As you do, there will be a lava waterfall at the other end – hit the crystal switch above it before you get there.

At the end of that path, jump onto the platform and use the wall switch to make another shortcut. Shoot the water plant nearby and start riding. As you do, a crystal switch will be above the statue you pass – hit it. Also, be sure to hit the nearby water plant, to make another riding platform. At the end of the path, get onto the rock and, using your Hook Beetle, backtrack along the path and retrigger the switch. Afterwards, send the Hook Beetle into the alcove on the wall with the two statue heads whose lava flows you’ve been messing with to find a Silver Rupee.

Next, hit the water plant near Link, on the other side of the wall, and jump across onto the platform. Continue riding the platform. As you do, you’ll find some Cursed Spumes – guard with your shield, or Bomb them. At the end, Clawshot to the above ledge and, there, thrust your sword in Din’s marking.

In the alternate realm, you’ll find the Triforce of Power. Grab it to return to the real world. There, climb the nearby vinery and go along the path to a barred doorway. Pull down the wall switch nearby to clear the way. Go down to the entrance room from there, then to the mini-boss room.

Mini-Boss Room

Back here, go to the control panel and start moving each room in a counterclockwise manner until the blue Triforce room is due north of you, with the top-left and central-left rooms making a path from you (the center) to the blue Triforce room. Then go into the western room.

Fiery Room

Here, go north and through the shortcuts, then into the northern room.

Entrance Room

Go along the path and through the other doorway.

Triforce of Wisdom Room

This room houses the mark of Nayru, which Fi point out to you. Anyhow, defeat the Electro Spume in the quicksand nearby, then dash across to the hill, atop which you’ll find the Timeshift Orb. Grab the Timeshift Orb and hit the ground. Since the quicksand becomes grass and all that, work your way to the other side of the room, where you’ll find a differently-designed tile. Place down the Timeshift Orb there.

Go to the top of the hill on the other side of the room and stand onto the platform. On the far high ledge, you can find an eye switch across the room – hit it with an arrow, which lowers the bars to the left of the Timeshift Orb. Go back to and grab the Timeshift Orb, then go through the newly-opened doorway.

Here, go along the path, defeating the Deku Babas and Quadro Baba as you do. Now, at the end of the path, we need to drop the Timeshift Orb somewhere where the platform you saw on the way is not raised, and the fan at the end is not blowing. Do so – I put mine in the corner nearby – and stand in front of the fan. Shoot an Arrow through the fan to the eye switch on the other side, which can only be seen if you’re on the floor switch (which you probably already are).

Afterwards, grab the Timeshift Orb and underneath the ledge on the east side of the room. Defeat the Technoblins there. Drop the Timeshift Orb so that the platforms nearest the ledge have risen. Dash across the quicksand and go up the hill nearby. Get onto the platforms and Clawshot the ledge, then go into the room nearby. Thrust your sword into the alternate realm.

Here, grab the Triforce of Wisdom, completing the Triforce. After a few scenes, you’ll end up back in the Sealed Temple on the surface. We’ll continue into the next section.

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