Right as you land, the Eldin Volcano will erupt and some weird stuff will happen. Long story short, you’ll end up in a Bokoblin prison. You’ll have ABSOLUTELY NO EQUIPMENT (except the Goddess Harp scoffs) and be nearly dead (I went from eighteen hearts to TWO). Pick up some of the stuff around the room and smash it against the walls to find a few hearts (two or three), then lift the barrel. A Mogma will burrow into the cell and, after a short conversation, you’ll receive your Mogma Mitts back. I’d prefer my Master Sword, especially considering what you’ll learn in about five minutes with this guy and the general current circumstances.

Burrow into the ground nearby, then go straight through the tunnel and out the other end. You’ll find a chair nearby. If anything was worth taking a few seconds of your spare time (game-wise), it would be this chair. Heal yourself and exit through the tunnel. Outside, use the Bird Statue and the video-hint Sheikah Stone if you want.

Afterwards, go along the path and you’ll find the Mogma from earlier. He’ll show you the spots where your gear is, then mention how you need to avoid the guards here. (Kind of like the early Forsaken Fortress in Wind Waker, okay?) Turn around and face the ledge you jumped from. Take the left path and go along it AFTER the Bokoblin turns around. Follow it until you can reach the lower area on the left.

Go there when possible and burrow underground with the spot nearby. Break the breakable, lighter boulders, then smack the Bomb Flowers to get rid of the darker boulders. Emerge through the northern hole and climb the ledge, heading uphill. You’ll find a wooden tower. See that light around it? It is a no-enter zone. Just remember to stay out of the light – anything beyond the yellow ring is relatively safe. Anyhow, drop to the lower area and underground. Ignore the Moldorm and go north to emerge.

Here, climb the ledges you find nearby and open the chest for the Gust Bellows. Use it so as to get rid of the molten rock on the ledge below you. Continue up tthe path around the other side of the tower to find two Bokoblins patrolling the next path. Follow the first one (when going away from you), then, when it stops, use the fences for cover – they cannot see through hole-riddled fences. At the last fence, wait and stay on the left side, then start moving once the other Bokoblin begins walking away. Go around the left side of the fence to avoid it, then use the nearby dirt patch to burrow underground.

Underground, shatter the boulders to eventually find another Moldorm ahead. Ignore it and continue east. Break the boulders and get out of the tunnel. Aboveground, drop down the ledges nearby to find a chest, in which you’ll find your Clawshots. Look around to find four or five Peahats just floating around and Clawshot along this chain of them. At the last one, Clawshot to the vines nearby and get onto the ledge below the vines. Go around this ledge to soon find some platforms floating along the lava current (you may have to wait, but they WILL come).

Jump onto one when possible. When possible, exit onto a ledge on your right. Follow the path to get a better view of the bridge ahead. Go along the path and a Bokoblin will be patrolling the path above this ledge. Wait for it to turn around, then speed by it on its left side and go behind the fence. Pull out your Clawshots and Clawshot to the vines on the ledge near the bridge. You will find some Bomb Flowers nearby. Do a 180 from the bridge-gate combo to find a wooden tower. You are to use one of the Bomb Flowers nearby to knock over the tower. Once you do, get the chest near the fallen tower to find your ever-trusty Whip.

Return to the bridge and use the Whip on the Peahat plant on the other side of the gate, then Clawshot to the Peahat. Land on the other side and utilize the Bird Statue. Go to the elevated path on the right side – it leads to the whirlwind tunnel, but is blocked. Continue along the path to find a patch of Bomb Flowers. Grab one and clear the boulder blocking the cave entrance, then get another one to unblock the whirlwind tunnel. Then float up to the above area.

Here, go left and across the bridge. Go down the path and ignore the Fire Keese in the cave – you’ll be fine if you run. On the other side of the tunnel, go across the fallen tower and look to the left. You’ll find a Peahat. Clawshot to it and go along the apparent chain of them to the last one. Above the incline, fall onto one of the magma platforms that come across. Get onto the non-tower ledge next. There should be a few Bomb Flowers nearby; situate yourself near one. As the next magma platform comes across, grab a Bomb Flower and jump onto the platform, then toss the Bomb Flower at the tower. Once it topples, jump onto the nearest ledge and go back to the fallen tower’s ledge via ANOTHER magma platform, where you’ll find a chest. Inside is your Slingshot.

Use the Clawshots now to go back up the Peahat chain, dropping to the ground at the other end. Go uphill to find an encampment, the one near the Earth Temple. This area is guarded by Bokoblins – you can make things easier here by stunning the guards with your Slingshot. Dash past the first one, utilize the Bird Statue, then go past the second one in a similar manner. During this time, you’ll find some Red Chuchus – at this time, it is impossible to deal with them in a reasonable manner. At the watchtower, shoot the Bokoblin atop it with the Slingshot and move quickly over to the dirt and underground.

Here, break the boulders and smack the Bomb Flower to the east to clear out some impeding rubble. Emerge via the nearby hole. You’ll find your Bomb Bag in the chest nearby. Dig nearby as well to find an air spurt. Ride to the above ledge and refill your Bomb Bag if needed, then throw a Bomb Flower at the tower to knock it over.

Now, backtrack through the Earth Temple entrance area, using the Slingshot as before to stun the guards before going past. Go through the encampment and across the fallen tower. Continue along the linear path to the wind tunnel exit room, then go towards the super-heated room. Clear the path ahead of you with the Bombs and go up the incline to the Volcano Summit.

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