The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Farore's Silent Realm

Vincent Lau

Faron Woods

Heart Piece 16 Not Obtained

If you didn’t collect Heart Piece 16 after getting the Bomb Bag, you may want to get it now. Warp to the “Faron Woods Entry” Bird Statue.

(1 of 2) Remember the place where you befriended the first Kikwi?

Remember the place where you befriended the first Kikwi? (left), (right)

Once you land, go east and across the gap by swinging with the rope. On the other side, go along the fairly linear path to the mushroom-filled area, using the shortcut if possible. Around here, go along the northern portion of the area and you’ll find a rock blockade; Bomb it to find the Piece of Heart!

Afterwards, go east and up the slope, avoiding the Quadro Baba part-way up it. At the apex, continue going along the path and take a left turn. Continue up the hill ahead and follow the path to the Great Tree. You want to reach the northeastern temple ruins.

Heart Piece 16 Obtained

Otherwise, if you already have the Heart Piece (or don’t care), warp to the “Viewing Platform” Bird Statue instead. Then jump over the ledge and go up towards the Great Tree.

(1 of 2) Look for this area with Blessed Butterflies between the Great Tree and the Deep Woods entrance.

Look for this area with Blessed Butterflies between the Great Tree and the Deep Woods entrance. (left), Again, Z-target the area you need to use the harp, then strum your harp. (right)

Anyway, on this side of the Great Tree, you’ll find a bunch of Blessed Butterflies surrounding a lit-up portion in the path. Go there and catch a Butterfly or two if you want (this kind of thing won’t affect anything), then take out your Goddess Harp.

A scene is then triggered, with another circle of light expanding and contracting. Play the harp in time with it and, eventually, you’ll need to thrust your Goddess Sword into the circle – hold A and shove the Wii Remote down vertically (but not into the floor … or your crotch.

And so, you have found the Trial Gate, sending you to a new area…

Farore’s Silent Realm

(1 of 2) The silent realms are pretty spooky-looking…

The silent realms are pretty spooky-looking… (left), You’ll need to fill your Spirit Vessel with 15 tears. (right)

Okay, so some basics about what the heck is going on here. Firstly, you are in a mysterious parallel world built just for testing your courage, in this case. To prove your courage and receive a gift from the goddess, you must collect the 15 Tears of Farore throughout the area.

This is not called a trial for nothing, though. As soon as you ever step out of the illuminated circle, Guardians (warriors meant to hit you) will chase after you. If you are hit by one, you instantly have to restart this. No pressure. :)

However, upon grabbing a Tear of Farore, you get 90 seconds in which the place is just like it was at the start. This 90 seconds can be observed with the spirit vessel’s (flower’s) petals: one petal equals ~10 seconds. This flower also shows how many Tears of Farore you’ve collected.

Additionally, throughout the area are these whitish bulbous plants, similar to Stamina Fruit. They cause the Tears of Farore to beam up green light, like a beacon, for 30 seconds. Also be wary of touching multicolored water – it will instantly remove the 90-second protection given to you by the last Tear of Farore you received. Okay, I think that’s it. Let’s get to collecting!

(1 of 5) 1. Straight ahead. The guardians will all start moving, but you’ve plenty of time to get it.

  1. After the initial scene, go straight to the temple steps for the first Tear of Farore.

  2. Next, go around the ledge and to the back. Ascend the staircase to the viewing platform and you’ll find another Tear of Farore.

  3. Face the Great Tree and jump off of the ledge and hang to the right. You will see a floating Watcher - stay out of the light or the 90-second protection instantly evaporates! Nearby, however, is another Tear of Farore.

  4. Further ahead is a large root you can use as a platform. Run up it and climb and leap across the vines to a higher ledge, atop which you’ll find the fourth Tear of Farore.

  5. Drop back to the ground and, nearby, you’ll find some multicolored water, or Waking Water. Avoid it and use the log to reach the island. You’ll find a Dusk Relic (basically, a purple Amber Relic) and a Tear of Farore nearby.

(1 of 5) 6. Travel forward (anti-clockwise around the Great Tree). Near a Guardian, before the tunnel.

  1. Go back across the log and head in a generally southwesterly direction, near a Guardian, to find another Tear of Farore.

  2. Nearby should be a tunnel. Crawl through and go along the path, but be wary of the Watcher. Soon enough, you’ll find a ramp going overhead. Go along the ramp and take the rightbound path. Follow it to a tree; around here, you’ll find another Dusk Relic and Tear of Farore #7.

  3. Return to the elevated pathway from earlier and go across to the other end, near the Great Tree. Go across the tightrope to another Tear of Farore.

  4. Go back across the tightrope and jump off to the lower area. Go southward and you’ll eventually come across two Watchers in a grassy area. Dodge them to find a Tear of Farore near the Waking Water.

  5. With your back to the Great Tree, go right. Then jump down to the lower ledge behind the tree. There is a Tear of Farore here.

(1 of 5) 11. Jump down from the ledge. Up ahead, there’s a tree surrounded by Waking Water. Wait for the water to disappear.

  1. Below, there is a westbound path to a tree surrounded by Waking Water. Wait for the water to go away completely, then dash across to the Tear of Farore.

  2. From here, go south when possible, avoiding the Watcher. You’ll find a Tear of Farore to the south, near a gate.

  3. Go northeast to an incline. Run up it for a Tear of Farore.

  4. Continue along this path to a gate. Go left to the nearby grassy area and you’ll find a Tear of Farore and a Dusk Relic in the corner.

  5. Go up the northbound hilly path to the Great Tree. You’ll find a couple of ledges to your right. Ascend them to find the last Tear of Farore.

(1 of 2) After collecting all the tears, you still need to go back. But you’ve got infinite time.

After collecting all the tears, you still need to go back. But you’ve got infinite time. (left), With this, you can swim like a fish! (right)

So, you now have 15 Tears of Farore. To finish the trial, you need to return to the illuminated circle of light from earlier. Assuming you followed the guide, push the nearby log off of the ledge, then jump off yourself. Go straight ahead to the circle of light, successfully finishing the trial.

As a reward, you’ll receive the Water Dragon’s Scale. This mystical item will let you swim underwater! Soon after receiving, you’ll return to the main woods.

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