Once again, upon arriving, you’ll receive your Spirit Vessel and Fi will offer to explain the basics to you. The only thing here to mention is this – the Waking Water here is special. Take the places where the lakes are, for example. You cannot swim in it – only walk atop it. Just FYI.

Anyhow, to the Sacred Tears!

– Go due north and you’ll find a Sacred Tear.

– From there, go north and upstairs. At the top, watch out for the Watcher; let it move towards the buildings. Once it does, run onto the left platform and grab the Sacred Tear beside the Guardian.

– Go to the other side of the aforementioned Watcher’s path and let it move towards the platform you were on mere moments ago. Once it does, dash to the east and grab the Sacred Tear near that Guardian.

– Go to the eastern side of the Bazaar. Near a tree should be another Sacred Tear.

– Go north to the long staircase north of the Bazaar, atop which you’ll find another Sacred Tear.

– Next, head towards the Knight Academy. You’ll notice a box, a Sacred Tear, and a Watcher. Whenever the Watcher’s patrol does not cover the box, pull it back; you might need to do this two or three times as long as your cover isn’t blown. Once the box is far enough away, climb onto it and grab the Sacred Tear.

– Go around to the left side of the fences and climb onto the ledge next to the wall. Follow it to the overhang over the Knight Academy’s ground floor doorway. Go along the path to the vines and start climbing. Avoid the Watcher and grab the Sacred Tear near the Guardian.

– Drop down from the roof, onto the overhang again, and go along the path back to the large staircase north of the Bazaar we ascended earlier. Go east and drop down the ledges. Keep your eyes to the northwest to find a wooden bridge. Go along it, when the Watcher is facing away, and carefully climb on the support beam to the Sacred Tear.

– Return to the main bridge and go back across the bridge to where you started crossing. Continue east to the open area to find another Sacred Tear in an open area.

– Dash CAREFULLY across the four rock platforms nearby towards Waterfall Cave. There is some Waking Water below you; again, be careful. You’ll find the Sacred Tear on the other side.

– Go back across the platforms and head south along the main path. You should soon come to the bridge over the river. When the Watcher isn’t patrolling the middle of the bridge, run up and get the Sacred Tear.

– Now, stand on the railing of the bridge and, if you’re lucky, the Watcher won’t notice you. Go across to the east side and uphill. You’ll find a bunch of Watchers nearby in the pumpkin patch. You’ll want to carefully analyze their patrol paths to find an easy path to the Sacred Tear, as well as a path out. (Of course, you could just dash in, get caught, and all that, but it is very risky.)

– Go back downhill to the bridge. Now, look southeast and you’ll find a low path between two of the houses. Look carefully at the alleyway before going through, because it WILL fill up with some Waking Water on occasion, so be sure your path is dry before crossing. The Sacred Tear is past the alleyway next to the Guardian.

– Go back through the alleyway and go south to the graveyard. A Watcher will be patrolling the hill near the entrance there. Avoid it and dash into the graveyard; the Sacred Tear is near a Tombstone.

– Okay, the last one. This one is actually atop the Light Tower. Go north and get onto the bridge railing, then CAREFULLY crossing. Once you do, go south to the ring of light. Climb up the ladder and watch the above the Watcher. Wait for it to pass before climbing up. At the top, grab the Sacred Tear.

Once you have the Sacred Tear, take a nice long DASHING jump off of the Tower to hit the ground below (it won’t terminate the trial). Then just walk a few steps into the circle of light. There, you’ll receive the Stone of Trials.

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