Once you enter, use the nearby Bird Statue. Toss some Bombs into the bowls of the statues along the western and eastern walls on the room to find a few Rupees within. You’ll also find a few Arachas on the floor - they are those enemies that are easy one-hit kills, but can damage you if left alone. Go to the northern quicksand pits and drop a Bomb in each to kill the Electro Spumes. Then drop a Bomb via the Hook Beetle into the bowl-holding statue in the northwestern corner. Dash across to the platform on the other side of the pit. Jump up the wall to grab a switch and open up the door. Go back across the pit afterwards. You can do the same with the northeastern pit to find a Red Rupee within a chest, then go north to the next room.

In this room, go forward to the intersection. On both sides, you’ll find some Staldras – remember, kill one head, then hit all three heads after they line up for the easy kills. Afterwards, head to the northwestern corner of the room for about four Arachas. Push one of the blocks here eastward, against the wall, and dash-jump to the platform above. Go north to the next room.

Utilize the nearby Bird Statue and go east. Defeat the Yellow Chuchu along the narrow path, then get your Hook Beetle out. Grab a Bomb Flower nearby and go along the path you’re on, dropping the Bomb Flower on the four crates. Dash-jump across to the ledge and ascend the ladder. Open up the chest at the top to find a Small Key. Go back down the ladder and across the gap, then leave to the previous room to the south. There, go through the eastern door.

Follow the path and across the inactivate conveyor belt. In here, also note you’ll first encounter the Froak species of enemy – whenever they are hit, they bounce backwards, and will explode during this time if they hit something. Quite the blowfish, eh? Go to the other end of the conveyor belt and defeat the Arachas on the wall. Climb the vinery to the upper level and go right to a ladder. Using the Hook Beetle, grab a Bomb Flower (there is one above the entrance you used) and go to the top of the ladder you’re at and blow up the crate atop it.

Climb the ladder now and stand on the weight-sensitive switch to lower the bars around a Timeshift Stone. Do not move or you’ll need to get on the switch. Use the Hook Beetle to hit the Timeshift Stone. Climb down the ladder to encounter your first Beamos. Use a few horizontal slashes to bring its head to the ground and then thrust your sword into its eye – that is how you beat them! Dash across the nearby conveyor belt to the other side. Defeat the Beamos and dash across this conveyor belt. On the other side, ascend the ladder and grab the switch on the wall. This opens an alcove.

Anyhow, descend the ladder and look at the conveyor belt. Dash across and dodge the rocks while grabbing the Stamina Fruits – the latter is quite required. On the other side, go left and up that ladder to find another chest with a Red Rupee. Then take the path lead to the right from the conveyor belt. Go upstairs to find a locked door. Dash up the nearby conveyor belt, as before with the Stamina Fruit and all. At the other end, defeat the Beamos and grab the switch on the wall to open the door from earlier. Go back to the conveyor belt and ride across to the door. Go through it.

In there, look to the right and drop down. Climb the ladder and get onto that platform. You’ll now need to make your way across the room by jumping across the platforms (the ground-level path is blocked by spikes). Along the way, you can use Froaks to clear the rock piles on some of the platforms, or Bombs (I prefer the former, so as to conserve Bombs). Head to the northern end of the room and go up the ladder. You’ll find a chest, inside which you’ll find the Gust Bellows. This item allows you to blow high-speed winds at things, often to clear sand, stun enemies, and trigger switches. You can also use it to move around Froaks more easily (if you have a steady hand).

Drop down to the platform below you. Go off it, to the right, and you’ll find a chest with a random treasure within. Get back onto the platform and jump to the platform to your south. Look to your right and blow the Arachas off that platform. Jump there and Bomb the pile of rocks. Then blow the Arachas off the next platform via the Gust Bellows. Jump onto that ledge and you’ll find a ladder. Ignore it for the moment, continue along and push the block off of the platform for use as a future shortcut. Return to and ascend the ladder. Use the Gust Bellows to get rid of the sand, then go through the door.

Back in here, push the block out of the way, then climb the ladder to the lower level. Defeat the Thunder Keese nearby, then climb down and jump over the gap. Defeat the Yellow Chuchu and continue to the Bird Statue. Use it if you want, then exit to the south.

Here, drop down and head to the sandy area in the northeastern corner. Defeat any Arachas that appear, then use the Gust Bellows to clear the sand away. Be sure to clear it from around the block. After doing that and finding the switch beneath the sand, push the block onto the switch to unlock the way to the western room. Go through that door now.

In this room, go across the quicksand, dashing from platform to platform and resting when possible. Head to the southeastern corner and you’ll find a Timeshift Stone beneath the sand (blow it away with the Gust Bellows) and hit the Timeshift Stone. After the mass transformation, get onto the nearby platform. To use it, hit the wind vanes on its top with the Gust Bellows to move in the direction desired. Move to the platform in front of you, the one with the gate.

Ignore the gate for the moment and go to the right. Use the Gust Bellows to get one of the platforms closer. Jump onto this platform and go across to a small ledge with a chest on it. Open it for a random treasure, then jump back onto the platform and go back to the gate. Look up and you’ll spot a pinwheel. Blow on it with the Gust Bellows until the gate fully opens. Then go through and defeat the Beamos at the end of the linear path. Afterwards, go down the ladder to find a new enemy, the Sentrobe. Use a shield bash to bounce back any kind of projectile shot at you, then slice the two orbs it shoots along the blue lines; do this twice to defeat it.

Afterwards, use the Gust Bellows to blow the nearby platform to the other end of the track. Once it’s there, get onto it and blow it over to where it originally was. Jump off here and go up the ladder further along the path. Defeat the Beamos here – trust me, it is much easier – then use the Gust Bellows on the pinwheel upon the door to unlock the door. Go on through.

Once you enter the room, the door locks behind you. Go to the lower level and kill the two Staldras. Blow away the sand around here to find some Arachas. Defeat them, then blow away the sand around the northern block. Push/Pull this block along its slightly-depressed path to the end. Afterwards, use the block to reach the upper ledge. Hop across the ledges on your left to find some Arachas beneath the sand and an Amber Relic on the final ledge (you can just use the Hook Beetle to get it, though). Afterwards, go to the barred gate with the huge pile of sand. Blow the sand away to find a Timeshift Stone – use your Slingshot to trigger it.

In doing so, the room gets cleaned up and the Armos below awakens. To defeat one of these, use your Gust Bellows to turn the wind vanes on its head, which opens its mouths. Hit the two crystals within – one can be simply struck, but the other requires a thrust. After getting rid of the Armos, you can go through the door it was guarding, as well as the chest on the upper level. Grab the Dungeon Map from the chest, then go through the aforementioned door.

And we’re back here again! Anyhow, go forward and step on the switch on the floor to create a shortcut to the Bird Statue. Use if you need to, then return to the western portion of the room. Examine the map – you’ll be able to notice some submerged pathways beneath the northern quicksand pit. Hint hint. Go ahead and begin crossing.

As you do, take note of the sand-covered western ledges. Upon blowing the sand off of the first one, you’ll find a tunnel; crawl through it to find a chest with a random treasure. You can also blow away some of the sand in there to find an Amber Relic. Go back through the tunnel and continue crossing the sand pit. You’ll find another sand-covered western ledge as you do. Blow away the sand covering the ledge, then go through the newly-revealed tunnel to find a new room.

Oh, fun. You’ll firstly notice the large amount of sand here; you’ll have to clear a fair deal of it soon. There are also spikes that pop up when you’re near them (much like the ones in the room where you found the Gust Bellows). Clearing the sand in the northwestern corner will yield a switch you need to press. I think a Red Rupee-yielding chest was in the southwestern corner. Anyhow, go through the door.

Here, clear away the sand here to find a mine cart that has a Timeshift Stone trapped inside. Hit it with a sword thrust and the cart will begin moving. Follow it – it is safe, as it creates ledges beside it where there are gaps. On the ledge across the first gap, you’ll need to defeat a Sentrobe. After you do, you can use the Gust Bellows on the pinwheel above the barred door to continue forward. As it crosses this gap, use the cart as a shield from the first Beamos you find. Defeat the Beamos further ahead, then use the cart as a shield from the remaining Beamos.

On the platform here, use the Gust Bellows on the pinwheel above the barred doorway to make another future shortcut. Use the Bird Statue on the other side if you want to, then return to the cart and go east along the path. Blowing away some more sand reveals another Timeshift Stone-carrying mine cart. Hit the Stone and we’ll do more of this.

Begin by hanging on the left side of the cart to avoid the Beamos’ fire. Past them, stay on the right side of the cart and as far ahead as possible. You’ll soon pass a pinwheel, which is only active when the Timeshift Stone is close enough. As soon as possible, blow on the pinwheel to open up the door behind the platform-based Beamos. Then continue to the end of the track and hit the Timeshift Stone twice to cause it to move in the other direction. On the platform with the Beamos, go through the door behind it – this is possible, and more convenient, when the Beamos is inactive.

In this room, go along the inactivate conveyor belt while avoiding the air spurts from the pipes. On the other end of the conveyor, you’ll find some vines. Blow the Arachas off of it, then climb up and right. OH - YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRY AVOIDING THE WIND GUSTS! Anyhow, at the top of the platform, go left. There, go forward to find some Thunder Keese. Slice them and continue to the wall switch. Grab it and a platform will move to your location. Go to the other end of the large platform you’re on to find some of the bowl-holding statues. Toss a Bomb into the first one, jump on the ledge, and jump the next statue to go across the gap.

At the other end, use the Gust Bellows to get rid of the sand, which reveals a Timeshift Stone. Of course, you have to strike it. Jump back across the statue platforms to the other side. Then, for the conveyors, you’ll need to cross them all, so dash across while angled slightly towards them. On the other side, hop onto the platform on your left and use the Gust Bellows to blow it to the other side of the room. Get off here and throw some Bombs into the statues’ bowls to reveal a solution to a puzzle: read it as “2, 3, 1”.

Defeat the nearby Sentrobe and look over the gap. You’ll find another one of the Gust Bellows platforms, parallel to your own. Blow it to your right, then blow your own over there to get onto it. Jump onto the new platform and ride on across. At the far end, push the block aside to be able to use the ladder (it is a future shortcut). Run across and onto the eastern wall’s platform.

Here, you’ll find another three bowl-holding statues. Throw Bombs into each one of them to reveal some crystal switches. Now, don’t hit any yet. Once you have them all revealed, hit the leftmost, rightmost, then the center switches – it mirrors the order given by the statues on the other side of the room. After this, a door on the northern side of the room is unlocked. Ride your platform over there and go in there.

Here, you’ll find two Armos to defeat. Defeat them and open the chest in the next room to find the Ancient Circuit, the key to the boss door. Leave this small room and go down the ladder by the block in front of you. Defeat the Beamos you find along the path to reach the conveyor belt. Run up it while avoiding both the rocks and the air spurts while grabbing Stamina Fruit when possible. At the other end, go through the door to reach the big central room we’ve visited so many times before.

Here, climb the first ladder nearby – you’ll find a Red Rupee in the chest at the top, as well as some Thunder Keese nearby. After defeating them, pull the block at the end to make another shortcut. Go back to the door and use the Bird Statue. Activate the Timeshift Stone in the nearby mine cart, then hop onto the other platform parallel to it. You’ll need to move it when it activates by using the Gust Bellows, but keep it within the effect of the Timeshift Stone so as to be safe from the powerful whirlwinds.

At the other end, go to the northwestern corner of the room and save at the Bird Statue. Afterwards, make sure the Timeshift Stone from earlier is at your end of the room and activate. Insert the Ancient Circuit into the large door nearby. In the next room, you’ll find your next boss.

Boss: Moldarach

For the first part of the battle, you’ll initially be fighting the boss’s two pincers. The pincers’ weak points are the eyeballs within. You’ll have to hit the eye at a certain angle when the pincer is open – the angle is pretty easy to guess at, and the game is rather generous with this. If you notice a red eyeball at any point, back off or you’ll be hit with a tail sweep attack. Continue hitting the claws until both are destroyed. Additionally note that the boss may, with one pincer left, use its tail to hit you from above.

After destroying both pincers, the real fight begins. You’ll notice a third eyeball open up where, I guess, the boss’s head is. You can only hit this one with a thrust. After a few hits, the boss will dig into the sand.

Now, you’ll be able to note where the boss’s body is. Try to stay away from there, or you’ll be hit with its tail. Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the sand near the boss to eventually bring it aboveground again. Continue to thrust at its eye and later dig it up until it is defeated.

After defeating the boss, grab the Heart Container nearby and go through the door that is revealed.

In this final room, approach the mine cart. Launch your Hook Beetle in the wide hall ahead and trigger the Timeshift Stone located high up. Ride the mine cart to the other side of the room, then go through the door to leave the mining facility.

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