Once you board the ship, go left and through the doorway. There is a chair here, so restore your health if you want to, and there is a Bird Statue, which it is a given that you should use it. Go down the nearby stairwell. Down here, you’ll find some Blessed Butterflies nearby, on the left. Play the Goddess Harp when near them to find a Goddess Wall. Take the other hallway (the one farthest from you) and defeat the Thunder Keese down there. Then go through the door nearby.

Here, Bomb the Electro Spume and go across the quicksand. Go all of the way down the hall to another stairwell. Descend and go through the door. You’ll then find a hall just packed with Arachas. Defeat them and go to the Bird Statue. Use it and nearby chair. Ignore the nearby large door (it is the boss door, to which we lack the key) and continue all of the way down the hall and through the doorway.

Man, I’m never going to the beach again… Yeah, this room has a bunch of sand in it. Get rid of it with the Gust Bellows, then get rid of the Arachas that managed to survive your hatred for sand. You’ll see four patterns on the floor. Observe them to learn the pattern for the weird lock nearby. The number of red prongs indicates the ordinal number and are meant to be at the top; the blue marking is kinda obvious. If you don’t get it, the lock’s pattern is down, up, down, right. Go through the now-unlocked door to find a Small Key.

Now, you will have to go to the top floor within the ship (the one you originally entered into). There, save and heal if you need to, then go through the door for a boss.

Boss: Scervo

Well, more of a mini-boss – but it doesn’t really matter. I highly would prefer you stand for this (it is much easier). Raise your shield and target Scervo. Shield bash him as he tries to hit you, then hit him a few times with your sword. Continue doing this to push him off of the plank. As he gets close, he’ll also pull out an electrified club. At the end of the plank, he’ll push you back and the gate (which damages you if touched) will move closer to you. Repeat this same process a few times to end the battle, making a chest appear.

Inside the chest that appears, you’ll find the Bow! This is controlled like the Slingshot. Point the Wii Remote to aim, then hold A to draw and charge up a shot, or hold C and draw back for a faster version of the same. Fi will then point out an eye switch on the other side of the ship. We’ll go there now to hit it. Return inside the ship, heal up, then exit out the other door.

Here, shoot at the eye switch on the central mast to reveal a Timeshift Stone atop the ship. Shoot an arrow at the Timeshift Stone, transforming the ship to how it looked a millennium ago, complete with enemies, including some Bokoblins on the deck. One of them has locked up the Timeshift Stone. Defeat the Bokoblins nearby, then start shooting at the Bokoblin Archers above you, or at least the majority of them. Climb the ladder on the central mast to find some more Bokoblins. Kill them, then go to the zipline. Look up to the other end of the zipline, then shoot the eye switch near it. Now you can ride the zipline up some. Repeat this on the other side when you land, then go to the power node thing nearby. Get rid of any nearby Bokoblins, then thrust your sword into the switch, then rotate it ninety degrees counterclockwise, then insert the switch the open up the Timeshift Stone and open up the door below you.

Afterwards, look east – you should be able to find another zipline. Shoot the eye switch at the other end, then ride the zipline to the stern of the ship. Drop to the ground and look east to the Clawshot target. Hit it with the aforementioned item to the hidden deck, where you can find a group of Blessed Butterflies (Goddess Wall) and a chest (Piece of Heart). Snatch your rewards, then Clawshot up to the main deck, then back into the ship via the “newly” opened door.

$$$item 2317

Now, you’ll have to proceed to the area where you blew away the bunch of sand and unlocked the weird lock (it’s the last room of the ship in its currently linear form). Along the way, beware: you’ll find some Technoblins, a Beamos, and that may be it. In the destination room, you’ll find the other side of the room is a jail cell for the robot’s ship crew. Speak with the nearest one to obtain information about the power generators to the engine room; the generators are on the floor above you. Go back there (you have to go back through the ship and past the first stairwell you come across).

In this area, go across the quicksand and to the northwestern room. Defeat the Technoblins and look up in the aforementioned area, through the vent, to find the Timeshift Stone, which you can hit with a high-powered arrow. Do so and go into the room next to you to find a chest with the Dungeon Map inside. Hit the wall switch nearby. Now, whenever you have to hit the Timeshift Stone, just come back here and shoot another arrow.

Anyhow, go down the long hall and keep an eye on the wall to your right. You should spot an inactive fan along it. Target through it with the Bow, then unleash an arrow on the eye switch. You’ll unlock a room; go into it and defeat the local Thunder Keese. Climb onto the ledge nearby and pull the crate along the depressed path. Go to the other side of the room and step onto the floor switch, then unsheathe your Bow. Aim for the eye switch in the opposite room, then fire the arrow to hit it through the fan hole. Exit the room.

Once you do, go across the quicksand and shoot an arrow at the Timeshift Stone using the same method as before, then go into the room you recently unlocked. There, defeat the Technoblin inside and face the power node. Thrust your sword into it, rotate the switch ninety degrees to the left, then insert the switch. Exit the room and go into the unlocked room across the hall. There, grab the Amber Relic (I think it is there in either the past or present, but it IS there) and pull the crate onto the pressure switch. This opens the portholes to the outside, but they’re useless at the moment.

Anyhow, exit the room and head outside to the main deck. There, look to the left and forward to find a lifeboat hanging next to the above ledge. Work your way over there and, while OUT of the boat, shoot the eye switch with your Bow to lower it to the right porthole from earlier. Then blast the Timeshift Stone with an arrow. Drop into the lifeboat and go into the porthole.

There, walk into the room next to you. Jump at the wall switch, unlocking the door for future perusal. Then look up through the ceiling. There should be a vent here – launch an arrow through it and to the Timeshift Stone. Thrust your sword into the nearby, active power node and rotate the switch ninety degrees to the left, then insert the switch. The engine room is now fully active and ready for us. Go into the porthole room and through the left of the portholes. Climb/Drop down the ladder and go along the path and through the door to the engine room.

Here, go down the ladder in front of you. You’ll find some pistons (I think; mechanics never was my strong point) going up and smashing down; obviously, you want to avoid the latter and run forward during the former. At the set of two further ahead, immediately run when the first piston rises and be ready to continue after the second also does so. Then climb up the ledge.

There, use your Whip on the swinging post to go over the gap. Hold B and turn to the ledge on the right. Go upstairs to find five chests. I’m pretty sure the treasures are not random for these: a total of 200 Rupees and three Evil Crystals. (Yeah, you can tell why I’m more confident in this.)

Return to the swinging post and swing to the other unused ledge. For these, immediately after the first piston rises, run across. On the other side, use the Whip on the nearby swinging post and swing yourself onto the first of the pistons. Dash across them to the opposite ledge and jump to the wall switch. Crawl through the tunnel nearby to a ladder. Ascend to the jail cell and pull down the wall switch. This allows the crew to escape, and you get a reward in the form of a Small Key. This one is meant to be used on the (absent) ship captain’s quarters, which is now marked on your map.

Anyhow, go back to the engine room and through the unused doorway. Go along the path and back to the door. Go along the path and up the ladder to the porthole room. There, get into the lifeboat and shoot the eye switch to get back up to the main deck. On this very ledge, you can find the captain’s quarters. Go inside.

Here, head downstairs and around the corner to the Bird Statue. Use it and approach the barred doorway on the left. In this room, you’ll find a Beamos. Shoot its eye with an arrow for a quick end. Then head upstairs, outside, and hit the Timeshift Stone with an arrow. Go back inside and continue through the now-unelectrified doorway.

You’ll find some Arachas in here. Slice ’em up, then look through the vent in the roof. Shoot an arrow at the Timeshift Stone, then get rid of the nearby Beamos and Technoblin. Stand on the floor switch to open up a panel; stand there and shoot an arrow at the now-revealed eye. Then go through the newly opened room. Defeat the remaining Beamos in here (you can go into the nearest corner on the right upon entering to barely avoid being hit with the lasers) to open up a mini-room. Open the chest there to find the boss key for here, the Squid Carving.

Return upstairs, to the main deck, through the other doorway, and head to the floor below you with the Bird Statue. Use the aforementioned, as well as the chair, then go to the large door. Insert the Squid Carving, then get ready for another boss fight.

Boss: Tentalus

You will begin by only seeing the boss’s tentacles briefly strike the control room. Exit this room and continue your way to the upper deck. As you proceed through the hall, you’ll find two of the boss’s tentacles staying in the wall. Be wary – if you get too close, you’ll be grabbed and launched out of the ship. Use a Skyward Strike to get rid of both tentacles, then go through the doorway and upstairs.

Here, go along the hall and avoid the barrels; they fall in a left-to-right pattern that is easy to predict. Continue along to the top floor of the ship. Use the nearby Bird Statue, then go through the door to the deck to find your next boss (the actual fight).

Now, for the first phase of the actual fight. You’ll initially have to Skyward Strike some of the tentacles that break through the deck – whenever this thing starts to happen, always have a Skyward Strike at the ready. Move around the whole time and avoid being grabbed and hurt by a tentacle. Slice four down to continue.

Tentalus will then rise from the water on one side of the deck. Ready your Bow and aim at the boss’s yellow eye, shooting when possible. Note that you can still move around while aiming with the Bow (so as to avoid the arm slams). Once you hit the eye, Tentalus will slump onto the deck. Run up to him and start slicing the eye directly. You’ll repeat this, starting from the above paragraph, until Tentalus’s eye is damaged enough.

Once it is, the second phase begins. The tentacles will literally ravage the deck, similar to Bowser from Yoshi’s Island, and you’ll have to dash jump on a nearby crate to the higher ledge. Tentalus will focus on using its head tentacles to attack. Slice the tentacles until you can find a time of relative peace, in which you can hit Tentalus’s eye with an arrow. Once this opening is found, blast an arrow at him, then start slicing his eye. Repeat the process if needed until dead.

After the battle, the thunderstorm will disperse, a crest emerges from below, and a Heart Container falls from the sky. Grab the Heart Container, then hit the crest with a Skyward Strike. You’ll soon purify your Goddess Longsword in Nayru’s Sacred Flame, allowing you to dowse up to eight targets, thereby transforming your sword into the Goddess White Sword.

Fi will tell you that it is time to learn another song from the Isle of Songs. We will automatically appear on the Lanayru Sand Sea. After the quick talk there, use the Bird Statue to return to the sky.

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