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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Final Boss: Demise

Vincent Lau

Unknown Location

After meeting with Demise and watching a scene, you’ll begin the final fight!

Final Boss: Demise

During the first part of the battle, Demise more or less only swings his sword at you, usually as a counterattack, but sometimes otherwise. Either way, you will want to shield bash it to stun him and get a hit in.

Offensively, you should keep up your shield and wait for the attack to shield bash, or just repeatedly attack. The first several strikes will be blocked, but the fourth or the fifth strike will get through.

Note that, by strike, I mean an actual slice – Skyward Strikes are disabled here. After making your hit, he’ll counter, you’ll (hopefully) shield bash and get another hit in.

That’s pretty much all for the first part of the battle – a block-and-hit session. Remember to keep your shield up at all times, in case he makes an unpredicted strike at you.

For the second part, a thunderstorm moves in and Demise, now and at random points in the battle, will let his sword be struck by lightning, effectively electrifying it and removing your original method of striking.

He also can now do a pseudo-Skyward Strike that is long distance, but can be shield bashed (except perhaps by the Iron Shield and its upgrades).

Your only method of attack would be to raise your sword into the air and walk around, hoping to catch a lightning bolt. However, as you do, Demise will likely rush at you and knock you down – if you did catch the bolt of lightning, it just left your sword. So, be ready to shield bash at any second and keep an eye on Demise, not Link.

Now that you have your sword electrified, you have to wait for Demise to launch his own lightning disc from his sword, or you won’t hit him. Once his sword is unelectrified, launch your disc of lightning and hit him. Once you do, move in and hit him a few times with your sword.

You’ll need to repeat the process above until your lightning disc actually knocks Demise over. The first time, completely ignore the option for a fatal blow, as it is very likely to miss. Instead, just charge up another bolt of lightning. The second and later times, do go for the fatal blow. Link’s sword will be infused with lightning and, hopefully, pierce Demise’s chest, ending the battle.

Soon, you will see the ending scenes for the game and the credits, effectively ending your gameplay.

Congratulations! You have beaten The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

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Long ago, on a dark day, the earth cracked and evil forces rushed out of the fissure. These forces mercilessly attacked the people of the earth, slaughtering them and destroying their land. They did this in search of the ultimate power, a power capable of granting any wishes of its holder. This power, passed down from the gods of old, was guarded by Her Grace, the goddess of the land. The goddess gathered the surviving humans on a piece of earth and sent it skyward, beyond the clouds. With the humans safe, the goddess joined the land dwellers and fought the evil forces in a war of unmatched scale and ferocity. They eventually sealed the evil forces away, restoring peace to the surface. However, the humans remained in Skyloft, as Hylia knew that the seal on the evil would not hold forever.

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