The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Get Junior (Part 2)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Key to Whoreson Junior’s Estate
Balton Dubis’ Notes
Gwent Players in this Area
Herbalist - Random Card

Collecting Debts

Dijkstra, a former political animal himself, would certainly love to know what you discovered about Junior. First however, you should pay Cleaver a visit (if you decided to help him) as well as the King of Beggars (if you freed Rico) as both might just owe you for helping them out. Cleaver will suggest that Whoreson Junior will not be wise enough to keep his head head down after his casino and arena were raided and proves that he pays generously. The King of Beggars, for his part, also proves he’s not stingy. For saving Rico you’ll score the Silver Sword “Eirlthrad” and some “Freya’s Warriors’ Armor” . This completes the quests “The Gangs of Novigrad” and “Honor Among Thieves” , respectively.

Objective Reward
For helping Cleaver raid Whoreson’s establishments 50 XP / 300 Crowns
For returning to the King of Beggars after saving Rico 100 XP / Eirlthrad / Freya’s Warriors’ Armor

Return to Dijkstra’s bathhouse and head into his office to find the portly former spy and tell him about Junior’s Redanian connection. Dijkstra will instruct you to pay your old Temerian buddy Vernon Roche a visit, as he might be able to help find Whoreson Junior. Since you’ve already visited him, you just need to fast-travel to the “Temerian Partisan Hideout” signpost. Turns out you’re in luck, too, as Vernon was just about to meet with a Redanian contact, and he’ll kindly invite you to meet him near Oxenfurt.

Objective Reward
For getting aid from Vernon Roche 150 XP

Herbalists Hut

Now, you could just fast-travel somewhat closer to your destination, but let’s use this time to cover new ground. Head south and slightly east from the Temerian Partisan Hideout to find the “Herbalist’s Hut”, the location and the signpost. Inside you’ll find a well-stocked halfling Herbalist who plays Gwent, albeit with a rather pedestrian Scoia’tael deck. Expect a few “Muster” cards and some weather cards, but little else. Beat him, take his card, then ask him about “master formulae” to start the quest “Practicum in Advanced Alchemy” , which requires you to travel to Skellige.

The huckster sells a fanciful story on the origin of basilisks… to a Witcher, of all things (left). When his ruse is exposed you have no choice but to put down the poor Wyvern (right).

A Bogus Basilisk

The Herbalist’s Hut got you around halfway to your destination, now it’s time to continue on to meet with Vernon. Make your way south-west along a road from the Herbalist’s Hut to reach the coast, then follow another road along as it runs along the river until you find a bridge leading to Oxenfurt’s smaller, eastern isle.

One more diversion before you talk to Vernon, however, who is patiently waiting to the south-west. Instead, however, head up to the road to the north-east to find a merchant showing off a “basilisk” to a crowd of Redanian soldiers. Talk to him and Geralt will point out the fraud, at which point the soldiers get upset at being swindled by a somewhat less exotic beastie. During the commotion the Wyvern will escape its cage, forcing you - with the aid of the Redanian soldiers - to put the malnourished beast (level ten) down.

Objective Reward
For killing the bogus basilisk 25 XP

Crowns and Complications

Return back south-west and talk to Vernon Roche at the end of this bridge, then follow him to the meeting place, where Vernon astutely notices that something is amiss. Inside you’ll find a person… most well-suited to speak of matters concerning Redania. Indulge the ramblings of your new acquaintance and he’ll practically hand Whoreson Junior to over to you on a silver platter. As you leave Roche will ask you for a favor, starting the quest “An Eye for an Eye” .

Objective Reward
For talking to Radovid 150 XP

Travel to Oxenfurt with Vernon Roche and meet his Redanian contact (left), then assault Whoreson Juniors estate (right).

Raiding Juniors Estate

Head north-west along a road from the house Radovid was in to find a bridge leading into Oxenfurt, marked by the “Novigrad Gate” signpost. Cross it, then head to a house just north of the “Western Gate” signpost, easily spotted as some of Whoreson’s goons are out front in their typical mask-and-paint getup. Greet them, first with words, than with swords and loot their bodies for a “Key to Whoreson Junior’s Estate” .

Use the key to open the gate, where you’ll find that Whoreson didn’t come to Oxenfurt alone, and he doesn’t intend on going down without a fight. Or at least, without making his henchmen fight. Head east, killing as you go, to reach his estate. Enter the house and kill a few more henchmen, then go through a doorway to the north-east and up some stairs to discover that Radovid was understating when he claimed that Whoreson hasn’t been kind to the women who were being sent to him. Investigate a dead woman at the end of the hallway to the south, then go through a door to the east to find Whoreson. Geralt will give him the beating he deserves (well, as much of one as possible while still allowing him to breathe) then he’ll ask about Ciri, which prompts Whoreson to relate his tale of Ciri…

Confront Whorseon Junior in his estate (left) then witness (and replay) his earlier interactions with Ciri (right).

Ciris Story - Visiting Junior (Level 9)

As Ciri, respond to Dandelion however you wish, then climb a nearby ladder and scale a number of ledges to reach the roof. Continue across the roof to the south-east until you’re over-looking a balcony. Drop down onto the balcony and go through a window to the north to find Junior picking on Dudu. Here you’ll have to face Whoreson Junior (level sixteen) in a fight. He hits pretty hard and has a poisoned weapon, but just wait for him to attack and after you parry, dodge behind him, then land several fast attacks. Just don’t attack him while he’s got his guard up, as he’ll parry the second attack, and somehow his parries inflict poison. Afterwards you’ll have to fight your way through the building, killing henchmen on each level. Whoreson Junior’s recollection will end when you walk out the front door.

Objective Reward
For killing Whoreson Junior 500 XP

A Favor for Radovid (Level 9)

After the recollection Geralt will get to choose whether to kill Whoreson or not. Either way, the quest “Get Junior” is over, and the quest “The Play’s the Thing” begins. Grab and read “Balton Dubis’ Notes” from the bookshelf near the door, then leave the estate. As you go you’ll be accosted by some Redanian soldiers who take you to meet Radovid again. Radovid makes a request of you (and a request from a king is a demand in reality), which starts the quest “Redania’s Most Wanted” . Everything from leaving Junior’s estate to talking to Radovid - which included very little autonomous gameplay - encompassed the quest “A Favor for Radovid” .

Objective Reward
For meeting Radovid… again 50 XP


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