The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Exploring Skellige - Sailing to the Whale Graveyard (Part 2)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Diagram: Superior Griffin Armor
Diagram: Superior Griffin Boots
Diagram: Superior Griffin Gauntlets
Diagram: Superior Griffin Trousers
Thief’s Journal

Smugglers Cache(s) (Levels 13 and 18)

Return to the water, ye salty dog, and make your way to the north-east to find a Smuggler’s Cache guarded by Drowners (level eighteen). Another nearly identical event can be found to the south-east, while a third such event - this time guarded by Sirines (level thirteen) - is to the north-east.

Three more Smuggler’s Cache events can be found in a line, with the first (western-most) one to the north-east. This first Smuggler’s Cache - the western-most of the chain - is south of the island with the “Urialla Harbor” signpost, the middle of the island’s three peninsulas are pointing south at it. The middle one is south of the island’s eastern-most peninsula, while the third and final Smuggler’s Cache is near a tiny island. As for the monsters guarding these events, the first one is guarded by Drowners (level eighteen) while the last two are protected by Sirines (level thirteen).

The third of these locations is the most interesting. For starters, there are FOUR chests at this Smuggler’s Cache. For another thing, the Sirines dwell on the island to the east, and you can avoid provoking them if you’re careful. You want to provoke them, however, as along the northern end of the island you’ll find another chest you can loot, you need merely swim to shore on the western end of the island to find a grassy slope and kill the flock of Sirines guarding said chest.

Bandit Camp/Smugglers Cache (Levels 16 and 18)

From the third (eastern-most) of this northern chain of Smuggler’s Caches (just west of a small island) sail south-west to find a larger (but still rather small) island. Along the western coast of this island you’ll find a Bandit Camp, populated by… well, Bandits (levels thirteen, fourteen and sixteen), of course. Kill them and loot some chests under a shelter, then set out to sea again.

Smugglers Cache (Level 18)

West of the island you’ll find another Smuggler’s Cache protected by Drowners (level ten)… although this event isn’t marked on your map, it is basically just like any other Smuggler’s Cache event. Maybe this is just treasure belonging to the Bandits on the island, though? Fair enough, sail around the island to find another, legit Smuggler’s Cache to the east of the island. Kill the Drowners (level eighteen) swimming around here and let none doubt the authenticity of this Smuggler’s Cache event!

Smugglers Cache/Guarded Treasure (Levels 13 and 16)

East and slightly north of here - a fair distance off - you’ll find a pair of islands. Along the western edge of the larger, southern island you’ll find a Smuggler’s Cache event near an abandoned ship of continental origin. Scatter the Sirines (level thirteen) polluting the air, then loot the chests. Sail between the two islands and land on the northern shore of the southern island to find a Guarded Treasure event. Kill the Bear (level sixteen) then loot a blue-shirted corpse to complete the event.

Smugglers Cache(s) (levels 13 and 18)

South and slightly west of these two islands is an atoll, noteworthy only as a landmark… although some Sirines (level thirteen) do lurk in the watery interior of the atoll. South-west of the atoll you’ll find a triangular assortment of Smuggler’s Caches consisting of three events in a line running to the west, and one event to the south. These caches are guarded by the usual assortment of Drowners (level eighteen) and Sirines (level thirteen). North-west of the western-most points of this triangle are four more Smuggler’s Caches with Drowner (level eighteen) protectors. The four events that make up the triangle are just west of the large island south of the atoll, while the four western-most events that make up the square are just north of the eastern-most tip of Ard Skellig.

Bandit Camp (Level 14)

Loot and pillage these eight Smuggler’s Cache events, then, from the north-western most of them, sail further north-west to reach the north-eastern coast of Ard Skellig, where a Bandit Camp event can be found. Kill the Pirates (levels twelve to fourteen), who aren’t isolated to just the area around the map marker, bur rather are spread up and down the coast. Kill the Pirates, then loot the numerous chests and sacks around their campsite. Once done, make your way back east to the shore, then swim north along the coastline to find a chest in the water. Two more chests can be found to the north-east, near a conical, tooth-shaped rock.

Superior Griffin Armor

Loot the chests then return to shore and continue north up the coast until you find another group of Bandits (level twenty-four) near a camp. Kill them, then search along the western cliffs to find a chest nestled on a boat, behind some rocks. Inside said chest you’ll find the “Diagram: Superior Griffin Armor” , “Diagram: Superior Griffin Gauntlets” , “Diagram: Superior Griffin Trousers” and the “Diagram: Superior Griffin Boots” .

Kill the Bandits along the coast north of the Giants Coast signpost and loot a chest to find a set of Superior Griffin Diagrams (left). Kill the Bandits at the Whale Graveyard to finally claim the sword Kuliu (right).

The Family Blade (Level 15)

Return south to the “Giant’s Toes” signpost and make your way east to the waterline, which you should follow south until you find the remains of a shipwreck, near which you’ll find two more chests in the water. Loot them, then continue south along the waterline until you find another shipwreck, in the water near which are more parcels, as well as a half-submerged chest near the remains of the ship’s deck. More parcels await you to the south, near some whale bones.

Keep heading south along the shore until you find some Drowners (level eighteen) you’ll need to dispatch. Loot your way to the south until you find the Whale Graveyard, where you’ll find some Skelligers and Renegades (levels fourteen and fifteen). Kill and loot them to find another “Thief’s Journal” and the sword “Kuliu” . If you’re feeling homicidal, there are more Bandits as well as another camp to loot further south.

Finally, you’ve chased down this sword! Grab it and head to the nearby “Whale Graveyard” signpost and fast travel back to the “Kaer Trolde Harbor” signpost, then make your way towards the keep. On the covered bridge running over the harbor you’ll find Olaf. Talk to him and hand over the sword to finally, mercifully, end this quest.

Objective Reward
For returning the sword Kuliu to its owner 75 XP / 20 Crowns

While you’re in Kaer Trolde, you might as well also continue onto the keep and talk to the Blacksmith. Show him the letter you found at the site of the Cyclops attack to complete the quest “Hard Times” .

Objective Reward
For delivering the letter to the Blacksmith at Kaer Trolde 25 XP / 20 Crowns


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