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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 Family Matters: Walkthrough, Best Choice & Investigate Explained

Craig Robinson

The Family Matters is one rather long quest chain, which sees players begin to learn more about Ciri’s whereabouts and the connection to the Bloody Baron. However, to get that information, you have some family matters to attend to, as it seems the Bloody Baron has messed his life up with this family. So, Geralt will need to play Witcher and Councilor, before he can get to his main task. Ciri. To get you through the Witcher 3 Family Matters Walkthrough, we will provide tips and tricks along the way, address awkward quest stages like investigating all remaining leads in Family Matters final stages, and explain the endings and the best choice you can make here.

At the start of the quest, players will start looking for items in Anna’s room to discover what happened.

Witcher 3 Family Matters Walkthrough

When you get to speak to the Bloody Baron and begin the main segment of this chapter, players will need to start working out what happened to the Baron’s family and why they disappeared. When the quest starts, your first main task is to investigate the room the baron has you look into. You need to find four main objectives:

  • a damaged candlestick,
  • waiting wall,
  • dresser,
  • and spilled wine.

We recommend leaving the wine till last, as you need to follow the scent to the stairway using your Witcher Senses and find a floorboard you can move to get an item.

Once that’s done, speak to the Baron, and then he sends you on a fetch quest to find witches and a mane called Pellor. When you meet Pellor, you’re tasked with herding a goat called Princess. So, use your Witcher Senses to find the goat, and then you need to keep making it follow you until you get back to Pellor. Be aware as there is a bear guarding a cave in this area. If you fancy some extra chances at loot you can go into the cave if you want to. Once it is all done, you get insight that the Bloody Baron was abusing, and his wife, Anna, and daughter, Tamara, fled. You’ll also learn that Anna had a miscarriage because of the abuse.

With that done, head back to the Baron, and confront him as his estate is on fire. Help out if you can by getting into the stables and freeing the doors and stable hands. The stable hands remember your deed and give you something later on, but its optional nonetheless. Now that’s over, you’ll have a scrap, but it is merely a brief emotional tussle. After that, the Baron lets you know some insight into what happened. Either way, you tell the Baron he’s got a botchling to deal with, and he needs to be a part of the ritual.

Go to the meeting point and wait till night time. Once it is done, you will get a challenge. The Baron has to calm its demonic cursed child while you escort the baron. However, a few ghastly ghosts turn up to attack, so you have to deal with them before the Botchling gets angry and starts killing everything like it normally does. You can calm it with Axii, though. Failing to calm it will result in it going feral, and you will have to kill it. Once you get it back to the High Perch area, you can do things to remove the cursed fetus.

The Witcher 3’s Best Choice for Family Matters: Kill or Bury the Botchling?

Now it’s time to make a choice on whether to kill or bury the Botchling.

The first is to kill it and give its blood to Peller Or, you can save it, and in turn, it becomes a good spirit and grant the Baron some remorse. It will also guide you to a fishing hut for the next major clue. In the quest line.

On the other hand, if you attempt to kill the Botchling, it will go Super-Saiyan, turn into a big demon, and attract even more Wraiths for you to fight. Once you do dispatch the Botchling and its mates you collect its blood and take it to Peller. Here you take him through a cursed forest for a ritual, with even more Wraiths. You’re essentially playing a mini game of protecting Pellor while he does the ritual and keeping the ritual fires going by killing Wraiths and using Igni on them to put them back on.

However, the results of the Botchling kill or bury option largely remain the same. Both options will lead to this mysterious fishing hut. So, the option is either morality or difficulty relating. Morally, you’ll give the baron peace of mind by burying his unborn child properly. Or, if you’re on Deathmarch and don’t fancy making ten million anti-Spectre potions and prepping up on healing items, then the bury option is also very much the ideal choice to make.

Either way, this fishing hut reveals a man named Voytek, who acts dumb. But his son reveals that Tamara is staying with Voytek’s brother in Oxenfurt, and is safe and sound. The result of the decision will lead you to the most accurate knowledge you have of Tamara and complete that stage of the quest

Investigate All Remaining Leads for Family Matters

Players must investigate future leads and complete their associated storylines before completing Family Matters, such as the Hunting the Witch Quest.

Now you’re onto the final stages of the quest. Here you need to investigate the leads you have. The first is to report back to the baron and let him know you know about the daughter, in which he gives you a doll to go and visit his daughter in Oxenfurt. You will also need to go to Midcopse and investigate the town’s leads on a witch in the area.

You should start off with the Oxenfurt, as that has the least troubles and is largely just dialogue. However, the Midcopse has its own quest called Hunting a Witch. This is its own major quest chain, which involves meeting a new witch called Kiera Metz. You also do magical things together involving magical ancient ruins in a quest line called Wandering in the Dark, which we have a walkthrough on. You will also need to complete these quests to get more information from Tamara in Oxenfurt.

So, while all this is playing out, the Family Matters questline will stay paused while you investigate all the leads on Ciri through Tamara’s and Keira’s. Once that’s all done, Family Matters will complete itself, and you’ll start going down the Hillockand Bog quest, which will conclude this major section of the storyline.

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