The savages of the island are a tenacious lot, attempting to flank Lara at any turn and frequently moving within melee range and trying to force you from any nice cover spots you might snuggle into. Here are some top tips to make fighting these ruthless opponents slightly more manageable.

Cover & Stealth

Lara will automatically crouch and take cover behind any waist-high walls, crates, and boxes when enemies are within range. This gives you some fair warning of when to take it slow and when the area is clear, since she will automatically stand up when all enemies are defeated. Keep under cover as much as possible and only aim when the enemies are facing away, since Lara will pop up out of cover when she goes to fire.

While firing from cover is sometimes the best option, Lara can sneak up behind and enemy when their back is turned to perform stealth kills. Simply approach them carefully and pressing Triangle/Y to grab them and then tap Square/X to strangle them to death.

Stuns & Finishing Moves

When an enemy takes damage they may fall over stunned, usually when shot in the lower portion of the body. When this happens an attack indicator will appear over the enemy’s head that allows Lara to perform a finisher. Simply run up to the stunned enemy and press Triangle/Y and Lara will perform a deathly finisher, unique to the type of weapon she has equipped.

Dodge, Roll & Counter

Lara can dodge attacks by pressing O/B or roll by pressing it twice, allowing her to get further away from attackers. In addition, if you have purchased Lara’s counterattack abilities in the Brawler section of her Survival Skills, an attack indicator will show up and allow Lara to defeat the enemy. This works great on shielded enemies who block your attacks, allow you to avoid their attacks and then kill them quickly.

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