Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe

Since the Pry Axe is too weak to move the wheel you’ll need to strengthen it, but don’t do that just yet. Before upgrading the axe you’ll need to talk to Whitman multiple times, until the conversation bubble no longer appears, to make progress on the trophy/achievement Chatterbox.

Once you are done speaking with Whitman, check the right side of the gate for the final Totem (10/10) and the left side for the Endurance Officers - Whitman: Don’t Leave Me document.

Speak with Whitman if you want to get a trophy/achievement later (left) and then complete the Ghost Hunter challenge (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Unfinished Business

Complete one challenge.

Trophy icon

Using the Gate day camp, upgrade the Pry Axe with Strengthen and open the large metal container at the camp for Salvage .

Open the Large Gate

Before you return to Whitman head south through the arches, across the bridge, and straight to the Salvage beneath the tree bridge you crossed earlier. You can now return to the Base Camp to find another metal case with Salvage at the top of the stairs before returning to Whitman to open the gate. [400 XP]

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