Find Roths Pack

With Roth and Lara now reunited, Lara will gain access to the Village Plateau Base Camp and have to track down the wolves to retrieve the transmitter to radio for help.

The village is an expansive area with lots to discover and collect, but much of the area is currently inaccessible at this time. Jump into the water and search the base of the large waterfall for the GPS Cache 1 and then return to land.

Light the Statue (1/10) at the center of the village to begin the Challenge: Illumination and then check the courtyard for a crate of Salvage before entering the nearest building to find netting with additional Salvage .

Check the waterfall for a GPS Cache (left) and then light the statue at the village center to start a challenge (right).

Return to the statue and wall scramble the building to the south to reach the roof for the GPS Cache 2 . Jump to the roof above the statue and then across the hanging crate to reach the lower floor of the large building.

Grab the Salvage and Silver Flask on the first floor and then take the stairs up and check near the barricaded door for the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: First Impression document. There is some Salvage in the next room and a netting of Salvage upstairs, which may require you to backtrack a bit to light your torch.

Don’t miss the Silver Flask on the base floor and the document on the second floor.

Exit onto the balcony of the building, toward the camp, and climb onto the roof to your right. Hop the gap to the western section of the roof to find a bird nest with some Eggs (1/5) inside to begin the Challenge: Egg Poacher .

Hop to solid ground next to the roof to find the GPS Cache 3 and then drop to the ground on the unexplored side of the building. The GPS Cache 4 is next to the tombstones, near the stone lantern.

Climb up the front of the crashed plane and run through the body to reach an island via the plane wing to find some Salvage near the tree trunk with rope around it. Head back up the wing and find a well-hidden Salvage on a small ridge next to the stairs leading up to the tree that got hit by lightning.

The salvage near the wing tip is easy to find (left), but the other salvage is extremely well-hidden near the burning tree (right).

Climb up to cross the body of the plane and jump to the opposite side, climbing up to reach the area near the wolves den. Instead of entering the den, turn right and cross the bridge to find the GPS Cache 5 near the entrance to the cave at the base of the waterfall.

Return to the wolves den and head inside to find the radio. [500 XP]

Bring the Transmitter to Roth

As Lara exits the cave the large wolf will attack, triggering another QTE: quickly wiggle the L Analog, press Triangle/Y when prompted, and repeatedly tap Square/X and then Triangle/Y to kill the beast.

You can now exit the cave and walk right toward the fence, looking down at the wooden rooftop with the flashing GPS Cache 6 . This can be reached by jumping over the fence before you return to Roth for a scene, in which you’ll obtain the Climbing Axe . [500 XP]

Kill the wolf on the way back to Roth, grabbing the GPS Cache off a rooftop.

Reach the Top of the Falls

Use the Base Camp to unlock the Lara’s Journal: Prepared for the Worst document and then speak with Roth multiple times to progress the Chatterbox trophy/achievement.

Making your way to the top of the falls is much easier now considering you can now climb rocky walls, including the one left of the waterfall that can be climbed to quickly reach the top of the falls. With the Climbing Axe now in hand, enter the cave behind the waterfall to find the first tomb.

  • Tomb of the Unworthy -

Being the game’s first tomb, it’s incredibly easy to reach the treasure at the end of the tomb. Head past the day camp in the cave and head through the waterfall, which puts out your torch. Jump over to the cage and immediately jump over to the other side and ignite your torch. You can now hop back to the cage and burn the three cocooned corpses to lighten the cage.

With the cage lighter, push the other cage down to raise the first cage and climb the elevated cage to reach the rocky wall. This will lead to the treasure , gaining [250 XP] for completing the tomb and collecting another [1250 XP] , [250 SALVAGE] , and the Mountain Village Relic Map .

Inside the tomb you’ll need to burn down the corpses to raise the platform.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

One Smart Cookie

Complete one optional tomb.

Trophy icon

Head back outside and climb the rock wall next to the wolf den, then leap towards the rock wall in between the two waterfalls and climb to the top.

Hide behind the crates and wait for the men to finish their conversation to take out out each of the guards silently with headshots and move towards the building of the two guards and turn around to kill the third one in the building across the river.

In the building where the third man was you’ll find a crate of Salvage and the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: Discoveries document, while the opposite side has the GPS Cache 7 . You may also notice the salvage hanging outside the window, but at the moment you don’t have a torch.

Wait for the enemies to finish their conversation to easily kill them (left). You can then pick up the collectibles in each house (right).

Climb to the balcony of the upper level to find a Food Cache and then scramble up again to find the Yagen relic. You can now scramble up to the roof, where there are some more Eggs (2/5) and from which you can finally reach the top of the waterfall.

Light your torch via the stone lantern near a net of Salvage and then light the Statue (2/10) on the opposite side of the waterfall. You can head back down to get the Salvage hanging from the netting you skipped a bit ago, but return to the stone lantern and jump to the roof of the nearby building for the GPS Cache 8 .

Don’t miss the eggs on one roof (left) and the GPS Cache on the other (right).

From here, climb the rock wall nearby until you reach the bridge. You’ll need to run left quickly, since the bridge begins to break, and attach your axe to the rock wall as you leap towards it. [100 XP]

Find the Bunker

Climb up and listen to the communication with the other survivors and then slide down the zipline to initiate a firefight. One of the enemies throws molotov cocktails at you and a second has a bow, so take out the molotov throwing bastard and the archer, then finish the third one that enters.

Use the fire to release the Salvage from the net and then continue through the tunnel to reach the Broken Tunnel Base Camp .

The enemies will be aggressive, so don’t hesitate to use your pistol.

A Bronze Chinese Coin can be found next to the tree near the camp, while the GPS Cache 1 can be found on the right side of the disabled truck right next to the camp. Once clear, continue forward while checking the left side of the path for a Plant and take cover behind another old truck.

There are plenty of guards up ahead, but a stealth approach is definitely possible by killing the man attending the searchlight with a well-placed arrow. [100 XP] .

After getting the GPS Cache (left), shoot the man on the spotlight to make the rest of this area fairly easy (right).

Find a Way into the Bunker

Stealth kill the man outside the bunker, if you haven’t already, and move to the far right (east) side other the concrete tower to find a Plant before your enter the bunker. Slowly sneak up to the welder and break his next and then head upstairs for a Bronze Japanese Coin behind the staircase entrance.

The guard on the spotlight may be dead, but there is another guard just around the corner that you’ll want to carefully kill with a melee stealth kill before you take cover and look across the way to find two more guards. One of the guards moves away for a few seconds and then returns, so wait for the right time to kill the stationary guard and then kill his friend when he investigates the body.

Melee kill the guard near the spotlight (left) and then kill the other guard across the way when his buddy is off to the left (right).

Leap over to the concrete tower to find a Food Cache and GPS Cache 2 around the corner and then move to the top of this tower by scrambling up the wall. At the end you’ll find some ammo and can then zipline straight to the next area. [100 XP]

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