Cross the Bridges

Take the zipline and Mathias will make it clear that he’s not happy with your attempt to escape. After running from the Solarii and making a desperate jump across the bridge, wiggle the L Analog and press Triangle/Y to kick off last man. You now need to run across the bridge will hoping over the gaps create by the cannonballs to reach the tower. [100 XP]

Climb the Tower

As the tower crumbles, make your way through the linear platforming section while preparing to hit Square/X a lot to grab ledges and climb rocky walls. When you reach the top and think you’re finished the floor will crumble, but after a slow-mo run and jump to the helicopter you’ll complete the chapter. [100 XP]

Cross the bridge under fire and then climb the tower as it smolders. Be careful and keep moving to reach the top and escape.

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